Sunday night wind turbine construction? What’s the hurry, Samsung?

9:00pm Sunday, Feb 2, 2014
South Kent Wind, Samsung Project, New Scotland Line

2 thoughts on “Sunday night wind turbine construction? What’s the hurry, Samsung?

  1. This is a spectacular sight nevertheless! Evening construction is not uncommon, as seen in Clear Creek ON six years ago. Pairing this with the roar of the generators, one may imagine they are observing the launch of the space shuttle in Cape Canaveral! I guess it depends on what you are drinking or smoking or whatever it is they do over there lol.
    ….trying to be positive folks…I expect it is a bit chilly on the field this morning!

  2. I guess this proves Samsung will be a terrible neighbor to anyone and everyone if they have to do construction on a Sunday night. I feel sorry for the neighbors. Samsung is a disreputable company and it is no surprise that Wynne and her liberal cronies made deals with these types of companies. They have to hurry to get these turbines in before the government gravy train derails and runs out of our money.

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