Thanks Kathleen, I’m Breathing Easier Now

mcwynnetyChris Cooke, First Monday
So, here is how this works. The huge scrubber worth about a billion dollars towers over the idled Lambton Generating Station. Nothing is coming out of it because the generating station took its last coal in September and premier Kathleen Wynne would like me to believe that I can now breathe easier.

It’s a Sunday and I’m northbound between Wallaceburg and Sarnia. In the distance the billion – dollar scrubber can barely be seen. The crap coming out of Detroit Edison’s Belle River power plants at Marysville, Michigan is obliterating it. They don’t have scrubbers and by the emissions on this Sunday I question whether they are even using low sulphur coal. I can assure the premier I’m not breathing easier.

A few kilomtres away in Wyoming my printing presses are running but I’m paying a king’s ransom to power them. The total is $20,000.00 per month more than my competitors in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. I’m doing business in nanny state Ontario, home of tree huggers and green energy and a premier so far removed from reality that it is impossible to comprehend. At home my wife is bracing for the power bill. Neither of us is breathing easier. Read article

5 thoughts on “Thanks Kathleen, I’m Breathing Easier Now

  1. Next to hydro electric clean coal is the cheapest. C02 isn’t a greenhouse gas, and that’s what’s emitted with the scrubbers. None of the green energy plan makes sence because its not ment to help the environment or provide reasonable energy. Addenda 21.

  2. Ontario is on the same path as Europe is and will end up in the same situation as Europe is in.
    Welcome to the new “green” economy.

    And those million dollar homes along the lake won’t be worth much either.

    At least some of the big oil companies got into renewables to keep the environmentalists off their backs and won’t sue them.

  3. Big oil got into renewables to be ready for cap and trade/carbon tax. They can own these wind farms and make money from the subsidies and then use their output to offset the carbon from oil sands.

  4. Those million dollar lakefront homes…..not only will they not be worth anything, many of the people living in these homes will get sick and die. Gas chamber would be less painful.

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