Wind Warriors

DSCF4650The Bairds Tale, by John Budinsky
One might come to suspect that Ontarians simply hate electricity, in all its forms. The ongoing scandal following the Province’s 2011 cancellation of the planned Mississauga gas power plant is a fine example of the immense public outcry that inevitably blights any Provincial attempts to increase energy production. Led by a vanguard of enfranchised middle-class activists, the groundswell of organised protest groups never fail to make their mark. In the case of Mississauga, the conflict boiled over and put an end to the proposal, at great financial and political cost.

A simultaneous struggle has been simmering in rural Ontario for the past decade, where community organisers from across the province are virulently resisting the growth of wind farms. Unlike their suburban counterparts, this immense network of individuals and groups opposed to wind power seem to be fighting a losing battle. Backed by generous provincial incentives, every new turbine signifies another minor defeat. But new projects continue to recharge the movement’s base while galvanizing its long-time members. Read article

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  1. Dr. King is not the only Ontario health professional supporting IWTs

    OWR provides information from reliable sources which is the proper way to provide information in case mr. Budinsky dosen’t know this. OWR does not pretne to a “research” website.

    Urban and rural interests are different and this is not somthing new either.

    Have spent some 15 years post secondary and across half dozen universities aquring my education. So am not fooled about the damage that IWTs can do to humans, wildlife, the environment and the economy of Ontario because of the present governments policies. Mr.Budinsky thinks that rural Ontarians are dumb?

  2. Mr.Budinsky thinks that rural Ontarians are dumb?

    You be the judge:
    these are some of the terms used in the article to describe us:
    – NIMBYs, ignorant traditionalists, and possibly hypochondriacs.
    – [not] cogent, [un]reasonable, and [not] persuasive
    – dramatic…[making] implausible health claims
    – anti-wind lobby group
    – [not] original
    – easy to laugh at anti-wind crusaders
    – single-minded rural folk who are stressed to the point of illness by a mere change in scenery.

    And unless you’re in “the establishment”, Mr. Budinsky might think you’re “dirty”:
    ‘[excerpt] Wilson, and the WCO as a whole, represent the establishment wing of the wind opposition movement, presenting a cleaner, more professional appearance than some other grassroots groups,’

  3. It gets creepier: you’re being “followed”

    ‘[excerpt] one follows the activist community.’

    ‘[excerpt] It is difficult for anyone to gauge the scope of the movement, or see how many individuals are actually involved, because it has expanded far beyond the local level, and many online contributors are effectively anonymous.’

  4. ‘has extended far beyond the local level…’

    seems like a strange way to say
    “the problems are the same all over the world”

    ‘[excerpt] Thousands of Ontarians believe it is raising their energy costs, harming their health, endangering their children, killing wildlife, destroying property values, failing to reduce the province’s net CO2 emissions, and contributing next-to-nothing to the power grid. Innumerable stymied attempts to prevent development approvals have undermined their democratic initiative and divided communities. As they see it, they are forced to live among these towering white edifices that scar the landscape, constantly remind them of their political impotence, and threaten to explode into a spray of fire and deadly metal shards in heavy winds. Not all opponents feel this way, but to some, wind power is an unmitigated blight.’

  5. Anyway – Laugh Out Loud!
    Apparently this is how a Torontonian tries to relate:

    ‘[excerpt] Sitting in downtown Toronto, amid the constant hum of the city, looking from the 22nd storey at a spot 550 metres away, I find it hard to imagine that the sight or sound of a turbine could really cause me any discomfort.’

    Envisioning a looming, spinning, noise-emitting industrial wind turbine as “a spot”! How droll!

  6. Now an article on wind trolls…by Mr. Budinsky or anyone else?
    Dr. Colby, Mike Banard, Kathleen Wynne, Enbridge, Suncor, Samsung, Nextera,…CANWEA. And try to dig deeper than just the spin they deliver, get the the “psyche” and motivation of such individuals 😉 None are more deeper than a puddle.

  7. Blessed are the free thinking – for we have inherited the earth

    ‘[excerpt] INQUEST
    Ashley Smith

    Office of the Chief Coroner | Ontario
    Verdict of Coroner’s Jury

    Name of Deceased
    Ashley Smith

    Date and Time of Death
    October 19, 2007 at 8:10 a.m.

    Place of Death
    St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener

    By what means

    Coroner’s Name
    Dr. John Carlisle
    Date Signed

    R. v. Phibbs et al., Preliminary Inquiry, November 26, 2008 at p.67 l.8 – p.68 l.2
    ‘[excerpt] Evidence of Sherri Fairchild (Correctional Officer)
    Q: Okay, you’ve also been given direction that you’ve told us about; don’t go in if she’s breathing?
    A: Correct.
    Q: What did you – let’s start with this. What did you take that direction to mean; don’t go in if she’s breathing?
    A: Exactly what it was. Don’t go in as long as she was breathing.
    Q: Well, if somebody’s not breathing, what does that mean?
    A: Pardon me?
    Q: If somebody’s not breathing, what does that mean?
    A: It probably means that they’re not breathing.
    Q: Okay. In your mind, does that mean that perhaps they’re dead?
    A: No.
    Q: So you can be not breathing and still alive? Clearly the, the don’t go in if she’s breathing can’t mean go – wait until she’s dead, correct? Would you agree with me?
    A: You know what? The direction at GVI was absolutely disgusting. What was going on there was disgusting. I didn’t agree with any of it from the very beginning and nobody did. Everybody screamed. Everybody did everything they could. Nobody agreed with this.’

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