Wind turbines kill

Sun NewsEzra turbines kill

2 thoughts on “Wind turbines kill

  1. Its about time they spoke up/out about the siting of these killer bird blenders. Now if they’d quit using the mortality rates put out by the industry themselves, as though they would be honest, duh.
    My guess is if one multiplies their numbers by at the very least 10, you’d be much closer to reality.
    Allowing Wind Weasels to do their own counting is so unfrikken-believably stupid, it’s a serious insult to ones intelligence. One of Wynne’s many such incidents/insults.
    I wonder if this guy knows and is doing anything about the Whooping Crane deaths (100 or so missing/unaccounted for), being hidden by Wind Weasels. They’re very nearly extinct. Or the 100s of eagles being killed in several areas in the US. I think they’ve got some catching up to do….ASAP!

  2. Of course they kill and go on killing year after year.
    Just consider a country without song birds –it’s on it’s way!
    Thank you Liberal Party of Ontario and every misled naive voter putting them in power.

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