Wynne fixes your sky high power bills with National Sweater Day – today!!

ugly sweaterWhen I read “Protecting the Environment one Sweater at a Time” I thought it was a joke – an early April fools. Or someone cheekily messing with parody – that would make sense. But nope, it’s our government at work saving your money for you. Telling you to put a sweater on, even if your pipes are freezing and your houseplants have met a frosty death…

The Minister of Environment, Jim Bradley:
“Just one act symbolizes the difference we can all make in fighting climate change. Simple actions like turning down the thermostat and wearing a sweater demonstrate we are all united in tackling this environmental challenge.”

Thanks mom.

“On Feb. 6, 2014, Ontario is joining WWF-Canada for National Sweater Day, which encourages Canadians to conserve energy. Ontarians can play an important role in fighting climate change by:

  • Putting on a sweater and turning down the thermostat. If every Canadian turned down their thermostat in the winter we could save 2.2 megatonnes of carbon dioxide per year — equal to taking 350,000 cars off the road.
  • Using less water. There is a close connection between water use and energy use. Many pumps and equipment are needed to get water to your home and to heat it up.
  • Replacing all those old light bulbs with new compact fluorescents or LED lights. They last and last and save you money too.
  • Installing power bars for your appliances and turning them off when not in use. Read more garbage

64 thoughts on “Wynne fixes your sky high power bills with National Sweater Day – today!!

  1. Funny….go into Queen’s Park, and see how damned hot it is in there. All I could think of was, how much is it costing us to heat this place like an oven? No sweater necessary. It was like the tropics…..

  2. So, MoE Jim Bradley thinks Canadians, for all these years, haven’t had the brains to wear sweaters to keep warm during the winter?? What an insult to our intelligence!

    • What a Maria Antoinette “Let them eat cake” type of comment. When the peasants were pounding at the palace gates because they had no bread to eat, the great princess suggested they could eat cake.
      When the citizens of Ontario are upset because of the increasing cost of electricity, the Minister of the Environment suggests we should “Put on a sweater”! I’m all for dressing appropriately and energy conservation, but please the escalating energy costs are due to mismanagement of the Energy Portfolio by the provincial government – cancelled gas plants, Smart meters, transmission lines, industrial wind turbines, generous FIT contracts, etc, etc
      Citizens of Ontario are being mistreated while Mike Crawley – National President of the Liberal Party of Canada – has a Industrial Wind Energy contract with the Liberal Government that will personally benefit him $375 MILLION – to be paid by the ratepayers of Hydro One.
      I say it is time to turn up the heat.

  3. Liberal Sweater – arrives @ Queens Park;
    to demonstrate – Whaaaaaat?
    ‘wearing a sweater demonstrate – we are all united’;
    and, we love – the communist way of life!

    For clarity:
    ‘[excerpt] The Minister of Environment, Jim Bradley:
    “Just one act symbolizes the difference we can all make in fighting climate change. Simple actions like turning down the thermostat and wearing a sweater demonstrate we are all united in tackling this environmental challenge.”’

    Feel the love!
    Down to Queens Park – two by two

    Bring Ms. Wynne a sweater!…….or two!

    • Liberal ‘slippery pig’ – while Ms. Wynne dines

      Ombud flooded with Hydro One customer complaints

      ‘[excerpt] TORONTO – Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin’s office has been flooded with calls from upset Hydro One customers since announcing a special investigation into the publicly owned utility.

      More than 500 complaints were received between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Wednesday, bringing the total to more than 1,000.

      “Just finishing answering @HydroOne calls with the Early Resolution Officers. Got first hand earful of the distress ppl are feeling,” Marin tweeted. “Extremely high volume of complaints coming in thru web, mobile devices and calls.”

      Marin unleashed his Special Ombudsman Response Team (SORT) on Hydro One’s billing and customer service Wednesday after receiving more than 600 complaints in less than a year.

      Customers told the ombudsman that after receiving excessive, delayed or inaccurate bills from Hydro One, they were unable to resolve their issues through the utility’s customer service process.

      Marin said his own office experienced similar stonewalling while trying to resolve public complaints.

      “Like wrestling a slippery pig,” Marin said.’

  4. WWF is an extremely corrupt organization, I let everyone know that. These are not honourable “charites”. WWF, United Way…. please add to the list of supporters of wind turbines.

  5. David Miller, head of WWF-Canada, is part of the Nicholas Parker-Maurice Strong network of “green” venture capitalists who make money off from “green” investments. And this network operates in Canada and the U.S.

    These people make money off from “climate” change”.

    This information is available in writing so there is no doubt this and this information should be in the hands of MPPs.

    The MSM ignores these issues and thinks that rural Ontarians don’t know about these kinds of activities.

  6. Also former CEO of WWF is one Gerald Butts, head honcho to Dalton McGuinty and now chief advisor to Justin Trudeau. Federal Liberals have both Butts and Mike Crawley in influential positions both are enthusiastic supporters of wind energy.

  7. And these lunatics have been elected by our fellow Ontarian’s to govern us and may well be again, next time around. This story leaves me speechless…………
    There’s no intelligent response to insanity.
    Andrew Watts


  9. I am trying to fit in more with the Queens Park Energy High flyers — so I will be getting a light coloured lavender sweater in hemp cloth…

    Hoping to score some energy contracts.

    Catcha later love!

  10. Council of Canadian Academies/CCA
    Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Pres. & CEO.
    Also on Chicago Climate Exchange Board along with Maurice Strong.

    “The Expert panel on the Potential for New ans Innovative Uses of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for Greening Canada
    Panel includes:
    David Miller, WWF-Canada
    Jatin Nathwani, U.Waterloo engineeing
    Jane Pagel, Pres. Ontario Clean Water Agency

  11. ThinkProgress, Dec.6, 2013
    “How marijuana Prohibition Drives Up Energy Costs”
    “In California where cultivation accounts for 3 percent of the state’s energy use…”
    “Now, Colorado growers with utility bills of $20,000 to $100,000 per month are warning that indoor growth may not be sustainable.”

    Does Ontario have an energy conservation plan in place for this industry?

  12. Soon Ontario residents will reduce their energy use to zero–we won’t be able to afford it.
    Then Wynn et. Al. Will have achieved their goal.

  13. Royal Nickel Corp., Toronto
    Board includes:
    Scott Hand, WWF_Canada and Board of Manulife Financial Corp.

    Manulife Financial Corp. Board includes:
    Scott Hand, Executive Chair. Royal Nickel & WWF-Canada Board
    Andrea Rosen, Emera Inc.Board

    Doesn’t Manulife Financial Corp. lend money for renewable energy projects?

    Mining intersts present at WWF-Canada include:
    David Miller on Board of Northern Iron Corp.
    Scott Hand, Royal Nickel Corp.

  14. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
    Minister, Michael Gravelle
    Deputy Minister, George Ross also on the Board of Cleantech Group, LLC along with Nicholas Parker and Maurice Strong.

    Northern Iron Corp., Vancouver
    Operates in the Red Lake Mining Division
    District of Kenora, ON
    Board includes:
    David Miller, WWF-Canada & Enwave Energy Corp.

    • Barbara:

      When you post these links it is not clear to me why you are posting them.

      What is the relevance to the current story?

      What action do you want me to take with the information?

      On what basis should I make a complaint to these fellows?????

    • Corporate Social Responsibility – a novel thought

      ‘[excerpt] ….Sonya Fiorini, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Loblaw Companies Limited remind Canadians to turn down the heat and put on their sweaters to support action on climate change….’

      ‘[excerpt] In anticipation of WWF’s National Sweater Day on February 6, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited; David Miller, the President and CEO of WWF-Canada; Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of the Environment and Sonya Fiorini, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Loblaw Companies Limited remind Canadians to turn down the heat and put on their sweaters to support action on climate change and energy conservation. © The Canadian Press Images PHOTO/Ontario Ministry of the Environment’

      …..nothing radical – just Corporate Social Responsibility

      • In an election year!

        Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
        a call – over, and above the call of duty;
        Whatever floats your boat!

        [excerpt] ….Sonya Fiorini, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Loblaw Companies Limited remind Canadians to turn down the heat and put on their sweaters to support action on climate change….’

        ….convincing the masses!

  15. These posts reveal their connections and people are not on boards just for decorations.
    This kind of information is knowledge information about the present situation in Ontario.
    How could Wynne not know who the people are that she deals with.
    Just reflect for a moment who is running WWF-Canada? And who are they connected to?

  16. Global Acceleration Partners Inc., Toronto, Founded 2012
    Core Team includes:
    Nicholas Parker, Managing Partner
    Kenneth Strong, Managing Partner and son of Maurice Strong

    Network for Business Sustainability
    Ivy Business School, Western University, London, ON
    Advisory Board includes:
    Karen Clarke-Whistler, TD Bank Group
    Gordon Lambert, V.P., Sustainable Development, Suncor Energy, Inc.
    Nicholas Parker, Corporate Knights
    Ed Whittingham, Executive Director, Pembina Institute

    • We are family!

      Oh – so that’s why Maurice Strong sent Paul Martin
      to help Premier Social Justice – with finances.

      Election Time!………….Drive the Liberals nuts!

      Yes! Toronto’s underground hit of 2010, our exclusive Vote For Rob Ford – He’s Not A Communist shirts are back, by popular demand (thanks to a mayor who can’t stay out of the news). Unofficially issued in limited numbers during Ford’s winning election campaign, this one has been unavailable since then. Members of Ford Nation can show their support for their beleaguered Mayor by buying one and wearing it around “left-wing pinkos”! (as Don Cherry puts it).

  17. Oh – those ‘prayer breakfasts’ equal ‘diversity’
    – they do – don’t they?

    ‘[excerpt] WASHINGTON – Who could blame her? After decades of walking a landscape of empty promises on climate change, Elizabeth May is taking time off for prayer.

    The Green Party leader and MP from British Columbia is in town to participate in U.S. President Barack Obama’s annual National Prayer Breakfast with about 4,000 dignitaries from 103 countries.

    She has been making the three-day pilgrimage for some years now. “There is no better opportunity to find out what is going on in the U.S. than those prayer breakfasts,” she says over a lunch of sushi, a meal she accidentally over-ordered turning a few fishes into the proverbial 5,000.

    No problem. She tucks in with the customary high-energy enthusiasm she summons for just about everything. In between her sentences and paragraphs, the massive platter quickly dwindles to a handful and then a second arrives. Oh my! There goes the expense account.

    She marvels at the irony of a Canadian politician indulging in the common American pastime of prayer.

    “If you are a U.S. politician and you are not prepared to talk about your religious faith in Jesus Christ, you are not going to get elected,” she says, fast-talking between bites because she has only an hour before her next meeting. “In Canada if you do that your chances of getting re-elected are reduced.”

    But she’s not here just to commune with the Holy Spirit. Her agenda is packed with meetings with U.S. lawmakers and environmental groups. The topic? Global climate change negotiations and Keystone, of course.

    I wonder what they said about Stephen Harper?

  18. If you can move your “people” into key positions in government, organizations and companies, then your agend is easy to put over on the public.

    Another tactic is to create organizations to promote your agenda. This has
    become rather obvious in Ontario.

    Get the public engaged in less important issues so they don’t discuss the reaally important issues.

    By the way did anyone check out,including myself, the issues with CFL bulbs excepting for the mercury issues?
    An internet search reveals the issues of using CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs should never have been banned as they are better for many situations than CFLs are.
    But there is not as much money to be made off from incandescent bulbs as there is to be made off from CFLs.
    CFL may require users to install whole house surge protectors. One reason is lightning strikes.

  19. Elizabth May has a known connection to Maurice Strong.
    Does anyone need this writen reference?

    • Oh the American Elizabeth May with Here American Partner in the Green Party in Parliament… ??? That Ms May? The one who might as well be and NDP social Activist member? That one?

      I wonder if she takes American Funding — like the American Charities Funding American Dominated Environmental groups — the one she aligns with and admires — that Elizabeth (greenie) May?

      Just askin’

  20. Premier Social Justice, and, the OFA (representing the nobles)
    have united in a common cause;
    and, they’re not done yet!

    Note: ….the ordinary farmer – will get left behind

  21. The Chronicle Herald, Jan.21, 2013, Atlantic Canada
    “Study warns of dark side of energy-efficient CFLs”
    Study is about mercury issues and CFLs.

    An Environment Canada study which cost $47,000 about these issues and obtained by Access to Information Act was heavily censored.

    Why was it necessary to have to use Access to Information to get this information? And why was information about CFLs HEAVILY CENSORED?


    • You pays your money you takes your choice…

      3 X 60 Watt incandescent were running us about $87 per year for the dining room and the kitchen — based on our usage estimates…

      3 * 13 watts or 3 * 11 Watts CFL bulbs will cost us 39/120 or about 1/3 of the cost.

      We have decided we don’t care about the other environmental issues.

      Sucks huh?

  22. Due to this extremely cold weather, many rural Ontarians need to let their water run to keep the pipes from freezing thus using more electricity.
    In rural areas that do have “city” water supply the same is true as water meters cost about $700 to replace plus the cost of replacing broken pipes.
    This is the kind of nonsense that rural Ontarians have to put up with from MPPs and organizations like WWF-Canada.

  23. For Sale: One lavender sweater — Lana Turner Style. Made of beautiful and functional burlap.

    Must sell quickly. Guys are knocking on the door and Hitting On me!

    Al energy saving plans cancelled effective today. No more sweaters…

    WillR — peace baby!

  24. Wynne is telling us to wear a sweater if we are too cold…Shades of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his misbegotten son. Oh puhlease!

    Maybe it is time for Wynne to take a walk in the snow and contemplate other futures.

    PET had the NEP — she has the OEP — both were millstones to their originators…

  25. Who wanted the Thomas Edison light-bulb banned?

    Thomas Edison demonstrated his invention on Dec. 31st – 1878
    and, it has served us well.

    Now – we have Earth Day – to celebrate Lenin…..by sitting in the dark;
    and, thinking romantic thoughts.

    I love Costco!

  26. – but, some of us just want the facts

    August 10, 2013

    ‘[excerpt] This is a four part series covering the unreported health hazards surrounding CFLs, which should be considered the most dangerous bulbs in the world.

    Part 1 covers the Mercury vapor hazard

    Part 2 covers the UVC radiation hazard

    Part 3 covers the Blue wavelength light hazard (depressions of melatonin) and increased risk of cancer

    Part 4 covers the manmade electromagnetic radiation hazard both from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) elevated exposures, directly and indirectly, additionally compounding the cancer risk from UVC and Blue wavelength light exposure.


    The public’s general ignorance surrounding the actual workings of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) is only surpassed by the government’s, “public interest” environmental groups, and the lighting industry’s blatant collusion in suppressing the multiple health hazards of these bulbs, along with the flat-out distortion of their energy saving capabilities.’

    • ‘Pope’ Suzuki. CBC’s front man for telling us all how good they are for the environment!
      Remember all those ads…………?
      Since it has been acknowledged that if a CFL bulb breaks in your home it needs a full Hazmat Team to actually clean it up properly those ads have disappeared and Suzuki never talks about them!
      Deleting parts of replies to documents released under the FoI Act makes one wonder just what a disaster these ‘environmentally friendly’ CFL bulbs are now recognized to be by those who imposed them on us.
      I consider myself a relatively sane ‘environmentalist’, but try to live in the real world.
      Like most who read these posts I would be far happier if I we could really enjoy our lifestyle without relying on nuclear or fossil fuel power for the foreseeable future. We can’t.
      To impose ethanol, other bio fuels, CFL bulbs and wind and solar energy, which all bring their own catastrophic impacts on the environment, when not a single one of them is proven to be beneficial to our environment is nothing more than insanity!
      Welcome to the world of the true ‘environmentalist’!
      We are screwed folk, as long as we continue to believe we can fight this stupidity by debating within their rules.
      Andrew Watts
      PS. The only honest thing Wynne and Chiarelli have endorsed is this ‘Wear an extra Sweater’ message. Their energy policies are ensuring that for a growing number of Ontarian’s that will be the only possible way to survive.

  27. Environmental groups, government agencies and companies that make money off CFLs sell their sipleton schemes to the public and the vast majority of the public are too lazy to look up reliable information on this subject.

    One way to deal with this situation is to do just what was done on this comment page. Don’t let them get away with this!

  28. Hmmmm ….Sweaters eh?…now I get it…this has the potential for creating 50,000 Green Knitting jobs in Ontario. Ontario’s children could be required to learn to knit in the vote-buying free-babysitting disguised as all-day kindergarden. Later, in French Immersion, they could learn to knit in French…and could produce knock-offs of the sweaters from St Pierre and Miquelon. Wonder when this new Green initiative will be announced?

  29. If you can mange to get key people into organizations like WWF-Canada and then get this organization’s endorsement on environmental issues then you win.
    Both mining and renewables involve environmental issues.

  30. ‘[excerpt] On Feb. 6, 2014,
    Ontario is joining WWF-Canada for National Sweater Day….’
    check the closet – or, else!

    ‘[excerpt] Earth Hour’s primary purpose is not to “raise awareness” about climate change, or give people an opportunity to see the stars, but to demonstrate the power of organizer WWF. Such power is not merely cherished for its own sake; it comes attached to the potential for earning big bucks.

    I came across an example of the WWF’s earning power at the recent Globe conference on business and the environment in Vancouver. The Cement Association of Canada had just produced its second “Sustainability Report.” At a related session, earnest industry representatives emphasized the many steps they were taking to reduce their environmental footprint. They committed — like the doomed carthorse in Animal Farm — to do more and better in future.’

    Transparency – and, criticism – a must
    ‘[excerpt] The Lafarge executive on the dais suddenly looked like a deer in headlights. He didn’t have a clue what meeting the WWF’s demands was costing. Moreover, he would presumably rather have chewed off his own arm than criticize the WWF.’

    Primary purpose…………cash!

    • “The two most important
      days of your life are
      the day you are born and
      the day you find out why” – Mark Twain

      ‘[excerpt] Highly-regarded former Toronto Mayor David Miller says he is “very excited” about becoming the new President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund-Canada in September.

      “They’ve made such a difference,” Miller told The Toronto Star, “and to be part of an organization that knows how to make real change is a unique opportunity.”‘


      In summation – sexier together!

  31. Just got our latest electricity bill in the mail today. Usage this month, over the same period last year, is UP 1% in spite of undertaking more recommended conservation measures. Amount owing on this month’s bill…… up 20%. Glad I’ve still got a pair of insulated coveralls! Sweaters just won’t “do the job” anymore!!

  32. A – 3 year contract & closer to the United Nations –
    so, why not………..as needed!

    ‘[excerpt] Former Toronto mayor David Miller is bringing his “expertise in city-building” to New York.

    On Tuesday morning, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University announced it was taking on the former mayor for a three-year contract as a “Future of Cities” fellow. Mr. Miller will lecture and draft new courses for the engineering school, with a focus on technological solutions to urban problems.

    “His insight will accelerate our historical mission of employing New York City as our urban laboratory in which we advance education, discovery and innovations that benefit the urban centres that are home to more than half the world’s population,” said university President Jerry M. Hultin in an official release.

    The university touted Mr. Millar’s record of boosting Toronto’s “environmental sustainability” and “social integration.”

    Mr. Miller was mayor of Toronto from 2003 to 2010. Since stepping down last year, he has worked as a counsel at the Toronto law firm Aird and Berlis. He has also been appointed as an advisor to the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

    Mr. Miller will continue to live in Toronto, and will commute to the Brooklyn-based university as needed.

    Along with joining a high-end law firm or embarking on a speaking tour, taking up a university fellowship is standard fare for ex-politicians.

    After stepping down from the Alberta premiership, Ralph Klein spent time at the Woodrow Wilson Institute in Washington, DC. Former Prime Minister Joe Clark still logs hours at McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development.’


    Go Mayor Ford!……..'[excerpt] Mr. Miller will continue to live in Toronto, and will commute to the Brooklyn-based university as needed.’

    Toronto law firm Aird and Berlis – too

    Again – Go Mayor Ford!

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