ACW Resident Wants Flooding Problems On His Property Addressed

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An Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh resident is asking his local council to address a flooding problem on his property. Shawn Drennan told council water from property owned by K-2 Wind Energy is flooding his property. Drennan further claims K-2 dug a ditch to take excess water from their property to the road allowance and from there it flowed on to his property.

He also points out under the Drainage Act it is illegal to collect and direct drainage water and K-2 was told specifically by the township not to build a ditch that would direct water onto the road allowance and K-2 has ignored both directives. Drennan has asked council to put a stop-work order on the property until the drainage issue and subsequent flooding on his property is addressed.

3 thoughts on “ACW Resident Wants Flooding Problems On His Property Addressed

  1. The majority of councillors in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh have contracts with Capital Power/ K-2 for turbines on their property – Reeve Ben Van Diepenbeek, Neil Rintoul, Murray Curran and Connie Black. These township officials don’t care about damage to nonparticipating landowner’s property. They want to expedite this 140 turbine project as fast as possible in order to collect their checks from Capital Power! Hopefully the remaining 3 councilors do their job and enforce the law!

  2. ACW, the only township within a 100 km radius that hasn’t declared itself “Not a Willing Host” to IWTs.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for remedy Shawn, you’re likely way down at the bottom of ACW council’s to do list.

    Big Wind’s wants and needs come first.

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