Huron County couple denied wind turbine appeal

ERTJohn Spears, Toronto Star
A tribunal has rejected a Huron County couple’s claim that a nearby wind farm will violate the Charter of Rights by threatening their health. Shawn and Tricia Drennan have a 300-acre farm in the area where K2 Wind Ontario proposes to develop a wind farm with 140 turbines.

A dozen turbines and a big transformer station will be within two kilometres of their farm, and high voltage wires will cross the area. The Drennans appealed to the Environmental Review Tribunal that the development could harm their health. Failing to do so, they said, could threaten their right to security of the person under the Charter. But the tribunal has released a decision rejecting the claim. Read article

13 thoughts on “Huron County couple denied wind turbine appeal

  1. Really feel bad for all these people in this area. Capital power already had a turbine catch fire and burn out of control!

  2. Julian Falconer has won so many high profile cases against seemingly impossible odds that he has given the impression that he’s almost invincible.

    His loss here seems to indicate the reality: ERTs are a farce and the deck is stacked in favour of Big Wind.

    Here’s hoping this gets appealed and taken to a real court. If so, my cheque’s in the mail.

  3. In view of what has been learned now about ERTs is anyone really surprised about the outcome of this ERT?

  4. Is this true???

    ‘[excerpt] The Drennans were asked about their understanding of compliance testing conducted by the MOE. The Drennans agreed that nothing could be done if the Project is found to have met the 40 dBA threshold.’

  5. Are you serious ???

    When in doubt – just say everything.
    Let the Tribunal pick and choose – at their convenience.

    ‘[excerpt] [23] The Appellants submit that, although s. 7 of the Charter often relates to criminal or penal matters, the courts have afforded s. 7 protections to areas relating to civil and administrative law. Neither the Director nor the Approval Holder seriously challenged this position.’

  6. Paging Tim Hudak! Anybody home?

    ‘[excerpt] [35] In this matter, the Approval Holder states that there is no government prohibition on the Appellants that interferes with their rights, and thus, the Appellants’ claim is fundamentally a positive rights claim. The Approval Holder states that the Appellants are seeking to change the REA regime, and this is not the role of a s. 7 Charter claim, but is a role for the legislature.’

    • Believe it or not – in an election year
      you can vote for Mr. Hudak!

      He would appreciate your vote.

      Thank you – for paging.

  7. “Believe it or not – I’m not home!”
    I was laughing with myself earlier today..
    I was busy, chastising an elder, when he interupted me.
    “Why am I so bad?” he asked.
    So I began to explain why.
    And he got mad! He didn’t want to know!

  8. What about – mind pollution?

    School turns lights out during Earth Week

    ‘[excerpt] It’s Earth Week and the hallways were dim as staff and students at Bluewater Coast Elementary began their week-long campaign to create awareness for the state of the environment and what we can do to help protect it.

    Monday’s morning announcements began like this:

    “Remember every day is Earth Day,

    Whether it’s cold or wet or hot.

    Pitch in to save the planet,

    It’s the only one we’ve got.”

    And that was just the beginning. In addition to a one-hour lights out campaign, students dressed in blue and green and Ms. MacDonald’s Grade 2-3 class was even spotted picking up litter in lieu of their regularly scheduled gym class.

    Our kids are watching us. If you care about the next generation and the future of our planet, make a commitment to form an earth-friendly habit today.

    Everything we do does have an impact on the future, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time.’

    Take Action –
    boot this council out – it’s an election year!

    2014 – it’s an Election Year!
    Good Luck!

  9. Don’t think — drink!


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