Wind Energy Meeting Silences the Public

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I live in a small town. A company called Capital Power is erecting 59 wind turbines on the outskirts of my community. This is known as the Port Dover and Nanticoke Wind Project.

Earlier today, my husband drew my attention to a story in the local newspaper (accompanied by a quarter-page advertisement). The Port Dover Maple Leaf is a weekly, distributed by the postal service to subscribers every Wednesday. The edition published two days ago informs the public about a meeting associated with the above-mentioned wind project that will take place next Tuesday, February 11th.

According to the government of Ontario, the primary purpose of this meeting is the facilitation of:

two way communications between the Company and members of the public with respect to issues relating to the construction, installation, use, operation, maintenance and retirement of the Facility [bold added, see page 15 of this document]

But no genuine two-way communication appears to be taking place. A headline on the newspaper ad says the meeting is “Open to the General Public for Viewing.” The third paragraph says the meeting “is open to the general public for observation.”

Oh, wait, that’s not quite true. According to the ad – which appeared in a newspaper distributed on Wednesday Feb. 5th – members of the public can seek permission to speak at this community meeting. Here’s the relevant section from the ad:

Brief depositions may be presented by members of the public. Please note that depositions will be selected at the discretion of the [committee facilitator, Capital Power, and other committee members]. To be considered for a public deposition, a written request, which must include the written deposition, must be submitted before Thursday, February 6, 2014, to the CLC Facilitator [bold and italics added].

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11 thoughts on “Wind Energy Meeting Silences the Public

  1. This should not be allowed. You do not have to follow their rules. Demand answers to your questions. You have the right to know, what they are planning to do to your community. The fight begins….

  2. Capital Power Corp., Edmonton
    Also trades Over The Counter/OC in the U.S.
    Donald J. lowry, Board Chair. since July 9,2009

    Stantec Inc., Edmonton
    Board includes:
    Anthony Franceschini, also on the Board of Aecon Group Inc.
    Donald Lowry

    Nice cozy connections? Stantec did the ER on this project.

  3. U.S. Securities And Exchange Comission
    Stantec Inc.
    Form F-40
    Dec.31 2012 filed Feb.21, 2013
    Exhibit 99.2
    Management Discussion And Analysis
    Page M-14
    “Board succession”
    “On February 20,2013, the board passed a resolution appointing Mr. Donald Lowry of Edmonton, Alberta, to our board. His appointment will be effictive May,8,2013. Mr. Lowry is currently the president and chief executive officer of EPCOR Utilities Inc.,and will be stepping down from this role later this year. He is also the non-executive Chair of Capital Power Corporation and Canadian Oil Sands, Ltd.”
    Enter: Stantec Inc. for this information.

    This is an official U.S.Government record should there be need for such a record.

    Donald Lowry is a board member of both Capital Power Corp. and Stantec Inc. Capital Power is seeking to install IWTs in Ontario and Stantech Inc. has been engaged to do the EA work.
    ds, Ltd, and a member of the board of Hydrogenics Corporation.”

  4. Capital Power Corp.
    CIBC Global Asset Management Inc, 8.7 M shares
    BMO Asset Management, 2.4 M shares
    TD Asset Management, 2.4 M shares
    BlackRock Asset Management Canada Ltd.,.5 M shares

    Stantec Inc.
    Royal Bank of Canada, 1.5 M shares
    TD Asset Management Inc, 1 M shares
    Alberta Investment Management Corp., .6 M shares

    Above is background information as to who owns shares in these companies.

  5. The Globe And Mail, Jan.30,2011
    For Epcor’s Don Lowry, it’s all about ‘water and wires’
    “Alberta is a water-challenged province: Ontario is severely water-challenged.”

    “will you still use that 60-percent ownership of Capital Power to fund growth?”

    Ontario severe water shortange?
    As of Jan.30,2011, EPCOR owned 60% of Capital Power.

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