MPP Anticipates Wind Study

health_canada_logo_01Bayshore Broadcasting, by Fadi Didi
The controversy surrounding the health effects of industrial wind turbines comes to a head this year when Health Canada releases their findings in later 2014. The Conservative MPP for Huron-Bruce says she expects the results will be in line with what she feels she has known all along.

Lisa Thompson tells Bayshore Broadcasting News she feels the Federal study will further suggest there are negative health implications associated with living near turbines. The Health Canada study is the first of it’s kind commissioned by the Federal Government. It was spurred by residents living near industrial wind projects reporting that the turbine noise was having an effect on their personal health. Read article

8 thoughts on “MPP Anticipates Wind Study

  1. So what happens if it’s determined that there are negative health effects? Will the government require turbines in close proximity to homes removed?

  2. The Ontario Liberals, if still in power, will simply say “OK, but it will only affect a few people. So for the Greater Good we’re going to continue anyway”. Thus, the destruction and $$$ flow would continue, all for no real benefit to the Environment.

    • forgot to mention another point:
      The “First Law of Bureaucracy” is that any and all bureaucrats will do whatever they can to avoid ever having to actually do anything, or commit firmly to anything. So we should expect the final report to be vague and wishy-washy. The chances of finding anything that might help the cause of people and communities affected aren’t slim and none.

      • All politics – are local politics!
        For example:
        Would you like Stephen Harper to come to Dufferin County –
        and, tell the county – to stop negotiating with communists?

        I still do not see a coalition of mayors –
        taking a stand against the Green Energy Act
        Do you?

  3. It is my belief that the wind turbine problem is an Ont problem, initiated by an Ont government and must be solved by a different government. The jurisdiction over energy, natural resources, and electricity generation is clearly a provincial responsibility.
    For this reason I have never favoured the federal study. If it is wishy washy which I suspect it might, Liberals like Wynne will seize on it to support their agenda,
    It it is scathing on her wind program, Wynne will simply ignore it. Ont will not accept federal interference anymore than Quebec would over hydro development.
    Finally the study will be far too late to help Ontarians already suffering from turbine construction; they will not order any turbines to be removed.

  4. Prime example of the Liberals putting the cart before the horse – so to speak!! – I don’t know how they can hold their heads up in public!!!! – they are all a complete embarrassment !!!!!!!!!

  5. From federal correspondence to me:

    “Health Canada is currently working with Statistics Canada and other external
    experts to design and conduct a multi-year research study that will explore the
    relationship between exposure to sound levels produced from wind turbines and
    the extent of health effects reported by, and objectively measured in, those
    living near wind turbines…. ….The results of this study will not provide definitive answers”

    They have already determined what the outcome will be before they started.

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