One solar panel can’t connect to grid, but over 100 wind turbines can…

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It was a $100,000 investment in a greener future, but four-years after Rita Van Geffen invested her retirement savings into a ground mount solar panel, she’s only now seeing a return and not the kind she was looking for.

In April 2010, Van Geffen invested in a solar panel, which has yet to be connected to the grid. “It’s doing absolutely nothing. I can’t get it connected,” she says. “I believed in green energy and I thought it was a good return on my money.” Read article

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9 thoughts on “One solar panel can’t connect to grid, but over 100 wind turbines can…

  1. I wonder, what is the annual salary of the person who approved this? More than Rita’s investment, I bet.

  2. On one hand I’m sympathetic to someone getting taken — on the other hand the Solar Panel was put up to make a killing — by taking us.

    Kind of a wash I guess.

  3. If a MPP is involved, it will find a spot to connect her solar panels no problem, but what about us? why the MPP not asking questions about these wind monsters in front of our houses? we don’t want the wind turbines around us why the MPPs don’t fight for us?

  4. i read the agreement years back when the snake oil salesmen were promoting the solar panels. my take was you could spend the $100,000 and jump thru all the hoops but there was NO guarantee that the OPA had to give you the final OK to connect. many never considered talking to a lawyer first cuz they trusted the government…or they were blinded by the get rich quick scheme and chose not to consider the risks.

    once they lowered the feed in tariff for solar, those same $100,000 units got installed for $75,000.
    The units met the mandated Ontario content requirement by promoters skimming $25,000 ++++ off the top. No place like Ontari…..ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  5. Why I hate this story!

    The lady bought into a Liberal scam:
    $100,000 – invested,
    and, the thinking – of free hydro
    plus making a few bucks –
    off the backs of ordinary citizens………..
    sounds glamorous.

    ‘[excerpt] It’s a question MPP Monte McNaughton has asked himself several times.

    “I’ve had a number of complaints from residents in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex who have paid over a $100,000 for a solar panel and weren’t able to get it hooked up to the grid,” says McNaughton.

    McNaughton helped her get a refund through the OPA and a co-operative company that will move the panel to another location.’

    OPA/Liberal problem – quietly goes away!

    And – the lady will probably vote for the Liberals – again;
    provided – the deal – sounds glam.

  6. Welcome to the Life of Tim Hudak!
    Where’s it always an election year–
    and – we don’t say anything in an election year–
    for fear we might ‘mess it up’.


    ‘[excerpt] The damage that we speak of is 3 fold. First The Nature Conservancy of Canada displaces the families that lived in these homes and secondly they reduce the Municipal Tax bill by turning good agricultural land into so called managed forests or receive a tax free status for Heritage Forest after 10 years. With the house and building value off of the tax bill the brunt of tax base is forever lost and passed on to the remaining Citizens. The third aspect of damage is one felt Canada wide…. 40 farms no longer producing food for families, nor growing food for livestock. 40 farms worth of lost local product.’

  7. Ontario Financing Authority/OFA
    Gadi Mayman, CEO
    “We continue to have constructive discussions with investors, underwriters, interested issuers of green bonds, and other stakeholders including third-party environmnetal experts such as CICERO and CBI, for their input on the program. We are planning to launch our first issue domestically to help establish a Canadian dollar green bond market.”

    CICERO/ Center for International Climate and Environmental Research,in Oslo
    CBI/ Climate Bonds Initiative

    What do the PC MPPs know about this issue/green bonds?
    Another means of financing “green” investments.

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