DSC03485Date: Feb 24, 2014
Time: 11:00am
Place: Queen’s Park, Toronto

Mothers Against Wind Turbines is putting the challenge out there to show MPPS and Toronto that the years of abuse of provincial power has to stop! Let’s rise to the occasion and send a very clear message to MPPS that industrial wind turbines cannot continue to desecrate our health, homes and communities.

Bring your signs! Bring your noisemakers! Bring your megaphones!

Plans are for a few speakers and a march to the Royal York/Fairmount Hotel to OGRA – Ontario Good Roads Association, handing out information along our way. March will be for 30 – 40 minutes in length. Municipal and provincial elected reps will be at OGRA to see that this issue is not going away simply because the current government chooses to ignore it!

There will be a provincial election soon. Now is the time to let the potential new leaders know, we will NOT vote for any party, that continues to abuse rural Ontario.

Join us Monday Feb. 24th @ Queen’s Park. We will bring our complaints and criticisms to the politicians…… “in their back yard.” WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!


Buses information (please send in your areas info to onwindresist@gmail.com )

Chatsworth – Orangeville
We will leave Toronto at 3:00pm. Cost of $35.00 per person covers bus and simple lunch, lunch to be supplied for the ride home.
Pick Up Times:
Chatsworth Arena: 8:00
Markdale, across from Foodland: 8:25
Flesherton, across from Munshaw’s: 8:35
Dundalk, Esso Station: 8:50
Shelburne, No Frills Parking Lot: 9:10
Orangeville, in FRONT of Walmart: 9:40

lpcgillis@bmts.com for more details

We need to know numbers as soon as possible. The bus will depart at approx. 9:00am. and return approx 2pm.
Cost: $30.00 per person
shelliecorreia@gmail.com, or 905-386-0765 for more details

Protest Sponsored by: Mothers Against Wind Turbines
More info, contact Shellie Correia: shelliecorreia@gmail.com / 905-386-0765

Pick up at the Ranch, on Ski Hill Road north of Bethany at 8 a.m with return by 6 p.m. Each bus holds 48 people.
Price $25.00 per person.
We need confirmation by Wednesday evening . This is a firm cut off for confirmations please as we have only until this Thursday to cancel if we don’t have enough riders.

Please either call Kathy at 705 277-2751 or e-mail her at kmorton131@gmail.com


  1. Sorry but am not able to attend,if you have any petition in this regard I am more than willing to sign it,thank you and all the best,andrew

  2. Happening at Queen’s Park:

    ‘How to fleece Rural Ontarians and get them to vote for Progressive Cons:

    Number 1: tell them “we’ll end the Feed-in-Tariff program,”
    but neglect to tell them we’ll replace it with “Green Bonds.”‘

    It’s not that complicated folks.
    But it does require you to do some reading
    and ‘critical thinking.’

    ‘[excerpt] These central warehouses of expert environmental opinions would enable investors to become aware of and educated on the degree of environmental benefit (or harm) of various proposed eligible Green Project Categories permitted under each Taxonomy. Investors could then base their decision to invest in a particular Green Bond on these expert environmental opinions.

    These Central Forums would also present a valuable resource for issuers looking to come to market, by debating which of their proposed eligible Green Project Categories are viewed as viable by the environmental community. The issuer’s decision about which eligible Green Project Categories to include in the Use of Proceeds for their Green Bond could be guided by these expert opinions.’


    Or, do you prefer to be treated like you’re stupid?

    • Or, do you prefer to be treated like you’re stupid?

      Stupid would be good — it’s better than Moronic — the current Liberal treatment option for the rural brethren.

      As for the rest — you have convinced me. Liberals Bad, PC’s bad — vote NDP — OK is that what you wanted me to say?

      Should I read their party platform first — or just take your word?

  3. But who can we trust???

    Bill Davis — rolling in his grave????
    Didn’t forget – he endorsed Dalton McGuinty in 2011.

    John Tory – Davis protege…

    And now, Tory’s LLP perpetrates harm…

    ‘[excerpt] Torys LLP
    79 Wellington St. W., 30th Floor
    Box 270, TD South Tower
    Toronto, Ontario’

    ‘[excerpt] We are counsel to Kerwood Wind Inc…’

    ‘[excerpt] …other examples of activities by wind opponents that give rise to personal security concerns for those participating in REA appeals on behalf of approval holders and the government.’

  4. How to get what we want:

    Every riding must find a local willing to run as an independent candidate.

    This way we can dictate ‘how it’s gonna be’,
    ie –

    “all the wind turbines taken down: ‘in the public interest’, fraudulent,
    and, no compensation for wind turbine fraudsters.”

    “Stealing votes from Progressive Cons” ???
    Hardly… They don’t deserve them in the first place…

      • s&d is right. All parties are pushing the same agenda. If you’re going to play the voting game, it is a game, then the only chance is for an independent candidate to run in every rural riding. These candidates need to lay everything down. If they accept contributions from any NGO, they cannot be trusted…if they belong to any organizations where they’ve sworn an oath outside of public interest, they cannot be trusted! Period.

        If this can’t be accomplished, then civil disobedience is likely the only other option

        It amazes me how long people have been voting for and still haven’t figured this out. The majority just switch ponies when they’re fed up only to find the same long term results with the new party. It’s mass insanity really.


  5. Or, maybe we should just – “disappear”
    And Tim Hudak can say something like this:

    Ahem, ahem. I’d like everybody’s attention:

    There’s a serious problem in Ontario. For many years now, we’ve been ignoring the fact that industrial wind turbines have been built too close to homes and schools and caused harm to many people, families and communities.

    We should have known better. We have allowed wind turbine operators like Mike Crawley to behave recklessly, and have put hundreds of millions of dollars in his pockets doing so. It’s the worst kind of aggravating offense.

    In the cities, and even in some rural areas, many have not been aware that this has been going on. And now, you ask, “how could all this have happened, and I didn’t know about it?”

    Well, this is a reflection of all of us, and our society. How we could be so insensitive, stupid, naive, and gulllible?

    But don’t be too hard on yourself. No doubt you are busy, raising a family, building a career, paying taxes. And you expect that your government would not have allowed, indeed–to have perpetrated, these horrific tragedies.

    And that’s why I stand here today, as an example. I admit that I’ve let you down. That I could have done better. And this is why you should trust me…”

  6. Don’t the various Ontario agencies have offices away from QP where meetings can take place without others knowing about there activities?

    • The 3R’s – took a break today.

      Social Justice – code for communism

      ‘[excerpt] So when the Grade 7 student at Pine River Elementary School in Angus served up the idea of holding a soup kitchen as part of the school’s social justice committee’s activities, he knew everyone would get on board.’

      ‘[excerpt] The soup kitchen is the most recent example of the kind of activities the 15 students on the school’s newly formed social justice committee have been doing to help their community.’

      ‘[excerpt] To help with their activities, the students secured a $1,000 government grant last year through the Speak Up program. They also recently held a stuffed animal sale, which raised about $200.’

      Tax dollars @ work!

    • Education in Ontario!
      WWF – encouragement
      Climate Change – role playing

      [excerpt] MIDLAND – Students at Mundy’s Bay Public School bundle up to participate in National Sweater Day on Feb. 6. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) initiative encourages schools to conserve energy by turning down the thermostat while asking staff and students to wear a sweater.

      “National Sweater Day is a day to think about where our energy comes from, what we can do to use less, and how we all play an important role in the fight against climate change,” Jessica Kukac, the Simcoe County District School Board’s environmental systems co-ordinator, stated in a press release.

      According to the WWF, if all Canadians lowered their thermostats by 2 C, it would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by about four megatons, or the equivalent of taking nearly 700,000 cars off the road.’

      Life must suck!
      …..initiatives designed to create better places to learn; (and,
      then the lobbying starts……….)

      ‘[excerpt] NORTH SIMCOE – Two local high schools have received provincial SpeakUp grants for initiatives designed to create better places to learn.

      Midland Secondary School will use its $2,000 in grants for two programs, Giving Mental Health a Voice and Storytelling Along the Journey.

      Penetanguishene Secondary School’s $1,000 will go toward Gay-Straight Alliance initiatives.

      Across the Simcoe County District School Board, a total of 54 student-led projects are slated to receive $52,942 in SpeakUp grants from the Ministry of Education.

      What a time waster!
      A nice Liberal education.

  7. Cleantech Canada, Jan.23,2014
    “Export Development Canada issues ‘Green Bond’ to fund cleantech loans”
    Follow the link to EDC’s Green Bond framework.

    E&E Publishing, LLC, Feb.7,2011
    “Green bonds seen among Europe’s options for paying hefty $3.93 billion for clean energy–study”
    Scroll down to:
    Wind and solar take most capital”
    In general wind and solar will eat up 66% of the development capital.

    This is what’s next for Ontario?

  8. Tom: All parties are most certainly not pushing the same agenda, not even close. At least the PCs.
    The others are pretty much the same, Loony, Leftists, Fools & all over the map Lying Liberals.
    S&D: What does John Tory, the radio host, and failed would-be Cons. politician, (but successful CEO of several major companies, I believe) have to do with Tory L.L.P., the large (75+lawyers on staff or so?) Toronto legal firm?
    Also wonder exactly what John Tory, who’s not running for the prov. P.C. party, last I heard, would have to do with considering for whom to vote?
    Unless something has occurred that I’m still not privy to, the PCs are still the only party to elect?? The others are all as bad as the Lying Liberals, on renewable energy issues. Only a leftist windy, would elect any of them.
    Electing a bunch of independents may work eventually, but you may want to talk to Preston Manning, ask him about how long it took to go from the creation of the Reform party, an excellent party obviously, to majority government under the excellent guidance Stephen Harpers’ Cons.
    Another huge advantage of voting PC, aside from the energy file, is the Health, Education, Economy, Good jobs as (opposed to non existent green jobs) and all other files to be overhauled and fixed.
    But please correct me if I’m wrong/missed some news or something?

    • Just read Barbaras’ last post and the EE news story on Green Bonds. Did Hudak say he’ll introduce them or something? Not up on news this week.
      All this huge money in pursuit of false goals, based on BS science, what a sad spectacle!

    • Yes, please do call me Doug(some other dm was using Doug already).
      Thanks for answering my question (at google) on what John Tory, the radio host, has to do with Torys LLP. I’m an Albertan, so not familiar with Ont. who’s, who’s, so to speak.
      But I’m still not sure what occurred / was said, and by whom to put the Cons. out of the running for the reins of power at Queens Park, given the choices presently available?
      We don’t have time to start a new party/initiative that could be successful. And we can’t chance letting the NDP Liberals in again. That’s suicide! Isn’t it?
      After we win against these Wind Weasels crooks, I’m never paying attention to politics again.

      • How about the Liberals latest attack on Catastrophically injured victims of MVAs. Attendant care benefits slashed & even deleted in some cases.
        These are paraplegics etc. who need 24hr care.
        Basically we no longer have any protection. I’ll vote for the party who’ll reverse all this kind of perversion, enacted by the lying Liberals.
        Along with the IWT crap of course.

      • The problem, Doug, is what the PCs aren’t saying and have never said…so in the end, some of us are left with a strong feeling of those speaking out of both sides of their mouths, and a profound continuing silence on IWTs and the paving over of Rural Ontario continues apace!. Also, as we continue to see ongoing suppression of Information as well as all ERT and other legal challenges by anti-IWT taxpayers end up being crushed by the corrupt system at play, especially when you see how the MoE and MNR produce new facts, law, permitting and rule changes almost on a daily basis in favour of the Wind Industry Bullies?Well, how stupid do you think we are??? Having participated in the fight against here in Prince Edward County, and having attended Ostrander Point ERT Hearings, Town Hall Meetings, All Candidate meetings, marches to Queens Park, I now feel so stupid and naive realising how far up the chain of ALL parties this wind nonsense goes. Hudak’s hands are tied by his Masters in Ottawa as are McWynnty and Horwath, so why don’t we just get those kinda facts right out there in the open before the next Elections Provincial and Federal because none of the Dear Leaders is speaking a word of Truth!!!

  9. Export Development Canada, Ottawa, Crown Corporation
    The above is a restricted access page and not public.

    Export Development Canada/EDC Board includes:
    David Runnals, Sustainable Development Technology Canada. Also known connection to Maurce Strong.
    Plenty of connections with this group of people. Good background information.

  10. John Torry, the radio host, is a cousin of the Tory law firm.

    Much if not all of this green bond affair is taking place out of public view which could also include Ontario PC MPPs not having any knowledge of this as well.

  11. Now that’s a well-oiled machine!

    After asking (indeed, begging) for nearly 5 years for the Pro Cons to put forward something more substantive on the wind turbine front–
    it takes less than 12 hours for PC enforcement to respond to criticism! (while ignoring the issues, of course.)


    Let’s try this again……

    Can anybody explain to us how rhetoric like:
    “The Pro Cons have committed to ‘get rid of the Green Energy Act,'”
    “Hudak’s legislation will end expensive wind and solar subsidies that drive up costs and punish both manufacturers and families in Ontario,”

    translates into a ‘fix’ for the emergencies, err, industrial wind turbines in your backyards – or, about to be – in your backyards???

    And how come we must rely on “Barbaras” to tell us what’s going on at our Ontario government?
    Our tax dollars pay for our sitting, Opposition MPPs and their large staffs too, y’know.

    Gee whiz – here I thought this was the Information Revolution!
    Is it too much to ask OUR government to enable us with information?

    What’s the point of paying a lawyer if they’re not going to give you the information you need?

    Are we to act as though the Pro Cons are ‘doing us a favour’?

    Ho hum, business as usual……

    • Hey shocked and disgusted,
      you say,
      ‘Now that’s a well-oiled machine!’……….

      and, if you’re talking about the – local level of government (closest to the citizens};
      then, yes I agree.
      It’s a well-oiled machine:
      Mayors and councils shout – they can do nothing; except hand out building permits;
      and, negotiate deals – behind closed doors.

      It’s all so transparent – and, diverse.

      Oh those – portfolio’s!

      • You just have to follow out from UN activity and then, just down the street is Wall Street and that whole nonsense with hedge funds, corrupt bankers who seem now to have to commit hara kiri when they screw up. Follow IWT stories to Denmark where good ol’ Jamie Dimon and Goldman Sachs almost upset the Danish government, I’d say the stink and corruption associated with IWTs is Worldwide and owns us all! It is truly nauseating to see the power and corruption of the Wind Industry and it’s hold over ALL Western Governments at this time! Very scary indeed. Who are we the Little People, to question IWTs going up over our heads?

    • The rot runs deeper than the political parties. The bureaucrats at the MOE are the enablers by lying about how MOE keep us safe by following WHO recommendations ( they DON’T) and covering up that many wind farms are not in compliance with the rules as poor as the rules are. The MOE watered down the British ETSU-97 rules so that the IWTs could be fit onto Ontario farm lots. This was in the works before McGuinty. The minister maybe a political animal. The deputies and underlings are not. Environmental commissar Miller is a-political (He was appointed by the CONs) and provides cover for the malfeasance by the MOE.

      This wind agenda is being imposed from way up high thru the auspices of the UN. The UN itself serves to impose the agenda of the global elites. Political leaders sign onto the UN programs. The programs are given legal effect thru gov’t policies and regulations enforced by the bureaucrats at the ministries. The politicians can squabble where the crumbs fall per party ideology but when it comes to the big ticket items determined by the ruling elites, the politicians served as nothing more than mere puppets.

      Harper ended the wind power production incentives-WPPI. He replaced them with tax credits. That way the wind farm developments were no longer subject to federal environmental assessments. During the WPPI years, the Fed Cons still deferred to the MOE wrt to windfarm EAs.

      • Hey Ray Matt,

        You bring up an interesting topic.
        ‘…… malfeasance by the MOE.’
        Re: Ontario
        ….got anybody in mind?
        and, is she cute?

  12. Perhaps much of the green bonds affairs have gone on out of public view which could also include PC MPPs not knowing.
    Same also true with the Green Energy Act?

  13. Canadian Business, Oct.30,2013, Toronto
    Scroll down to:
    “It won’t nesessarily get the province cheaper financing in the short term, but it will attract new investors, said Toby Heaps, president of Corporate Knights Inc. who joined Wynne in making the announcement.”

    But is not all that Ontario green bonds are going to finance and without the public’s knowledge until it’s too late.
    Just more background information.

    • Leadership – where is it?

      ‘[excerpt] Green bonds were not among the levies recommended by the provincial transit agency Metrolinx to raise the estimated $2 billion a year that’s needed to improve transit in the Toronto-Hamilton area.

      Wynne also appointed a panel last month to examine those proposals, which included a jump in the HST, a five-cent-a-litre regional gas tax, a $350-million-a-year business parking levy and $100 million a year in development charges.

      The premier said the green bonds don’t preempt the panel’s work, because they address the broader issue of building infrastructure across Ontario. But there may be some “overlap,” she acknowledged.’

    • Oh – I just found the leadership!
      Since 2003, Ontario, a member of The Climate Group…….

      ‘[excerpt] NEW YORK: The Canadian province of Ontario has released its Long-Term Energy Plan, which boasts a surge in renewable energy to total half of the state’s installed generating capacity by 2025.

      The Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), Achieving Balance, lays the strategy for cleaner energy in the province of Ontario based on public surveys.

      Compared to Ontario’s previous LTEP, the plan reduces projected cost increases by over US$15 billion from 2013-17 and US$66 billion to 2030, despite its commitment to phase out coal-fired generation by the end of 2014.

      Ontario’s LTEP also lists the following:

      Implementing conservation programs and standards to offset growth in electricity demand over the next 20 years.
      Reducing costs for consumers, with industrial consumers forecast to pay over US$10 million less up to 2030.
      Introducing financing tools for consumers in 2015 such as energy efficiency retrofits.
      Increasing wind, solar and bioenergy, with 10,700 more megawatts online by 2021 compared to last year’s LTEP, and about half of Ontario’s installed generating capacity to be renewables by 2025.

      The plan is the result of input from almost 8,000 Ontarians who contributed their ideas on energy issues online and in person earlier in the year.

      Since 2003, Ontario, a member of The Climate Group, has invested almost US$20 billion in cleaner generation. Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy for Ontario commented on LTEP: “This plan reflects what we heard from thousands of people and dozens of organizations right across the province. Our vision for Ontario is to create a clean, affordable and reliable energy system that focuses on conservation and addresses regional needs.”’

      • …… and just WHO are these “thousands of people and dozens of organizations” you’ve heard from?? I’m only aware of a number of Liberal/NDP MPPs, some foreign multinational wind companies, and a few greedy rural Ontario landowners. Where are you finding the “thousands” of others pray tell??

      • Well, you know how Chiarelli throws out those wildly exaggerated inaccurate remarks – remember the TV interview a couple of months ago? I think it was on The Agenda on TVO.

      • Ontario – Wake up!

        VW workers at Tennessee plant reject union

        Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/2014/02/14/3290425/vw-workers-at-tennessee-plant.html#storylink=cpy

        CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Workers at a Volkswagen factory in Tennessee have voted against union representation, a devastating loss that derails the United Auto Workers union’s effort to organize Southern factories.

        The 712-626 vote released late Friday stunned many labor experts who expected a UAW win because Volkswagen tacitly endorsed the union and even allowed organizers into the Chattanooga factory to make sales pitches.

        The UAW for decades has tried without success to organize a foreign-owned plant in a region that’s wary of organized labor. The loss now makes it even harder for the union to recruit members at another Southern factory.

        “If they can’t win this one, what can they win?” asked Art Schwartz, a former General Motors labor negotiator who now is a consultant in Ann Arbor, Mich.

        UAW President Bob King, in a 2011 speech to workers, said the union has no long-term future if it can’t organize the Southern plants.

        King, however, stuck to statements he made earlier that the union would seek a vote and respect any decision made by workers.

        “While we certainly would have liked a victory for workers here, we deeply respect the Volkswagen Global Group Works Council, Volkswagen management and IG Metall for doing their best to create a free and open atmosphere for workers to exercise their basic human right to form a union,” King said in a statement.


      • Ontario – Wake Up!
        The union fight is on……

        Green Jobs? Green Economy?
        New union Unifor – unites Canadian workers…..

        ‘[excerpt] Volkswagen workers reject union at Tennessee factory

        The 712-626 vote surprised many labor experts who expected a UAW win because Volkswagen tacitly endorsed the union and allowed organizers into the Chattanooga factory to make sales pitches.’

        ‘[excerpt] CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — In a defeat for organized labor in the South, employees at the Volkswagen plant here voted 712 to 626 against joining the United Auto Workers (UAW), even though the company did not oppose the unionization drive.

        The UAW’s loss — in what was one of the most closely watched unionization votes in decades — is expected to slow, perhaps stymie, the union’s plans to organize other auto plants in the South. Two other German-owned plants, Mercedes-Benz in Alabama and BMW in South Carolina, have been among its top targets.

        The loss now makes it even harder for the union to recruit members at those other factories, a key priority of departing UAW President Bob King. He has said that the union has no long-term future if it can’t organize the Southern plants.

        “It is pretty devastating” for the union, said Kristin Dziczek, director of the labor and industry group at the Center for Automotive Research, an industry think tank in Michigan. “If this was going to work anywhere, this is where it was going to work.”

        The vote this week came in a region that is traditionally anti-union, and as a result many said the UAW faced an uphill battle. The union saw the campaign as a vital first step toward expanding in the South, while Republicans and many companies in Tennessee feared that a UAW triumph would hurt the state’s welcoming image for business.

        For the union, the effort occurred with one highly unusual — and highly favorable — circumstance. Unlike most American companies, Volkswagen did not oppose the unionization drive, pledging to remain neutral and in ways offering quiet support to the union.

        Nevertheless, Republican politicians in Tennessee and some outside conservative groups made sure that the plant’s nearly 1,600 workers heard plenty of anti-union arguments.’

      • Ontario – Wake up!
        Niagara’s big mistake……….

        TORONTO – PC Leader Tim Hudak has “big labour” in his crosshairs after losing a byelection in Niagara Falls to a union leader carrying the NDP banner.

        Hudak, who hails from the Niagara Region, blasted public sector unions who turned out in force to support the NDP, and the Working Families Coalition in particular, a union-funded group that has run several ad campaigns criticizing the Ontario Tories.

        The PCs have set up a website to “expose” who is behind what they say is a union plan to milk the taxpayers by driving up government wages and spending.

        “They basically run the Liberal party,” Hudak said Friday, adding the NDP are also influenced by these unions.


        Again……….Ontario – Wake Up!
        ‘[excerpt] Patrick Dillon, of the Working Families Coalition, said the organization represents working families from across the province and all sectors of the economy.

        “We see Tim Hudak as the voice for corporate Ontario and workers don’t think that the corporate voice is what’s going to be in their best interest,” Dillon said.

        Hudak has bashed unions and promoted right-to-work policies to attract business donations to his party, an agenda that the Working Families Coalition will likely fight in the next provincial election, he said.

        NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said her party won in Niagara Falls because it heard the voices of average citizens who are worried about holding a job and being able to make ends meet.

        Their volunteers came from all walks of life, not just the labour movement, she said.

        “Each month more families are being squeezed out of the middle class,” she said.

        Horwath has twice kept the minority Ontario Liberal government alive through budget confidence votes, but refused to say if that lifeline will be cut off going forward.

        “I’m not going to be spending time talking about whether of not we’re going to be in an election, whether or not we’re going to be having that election this spring,” Horwath said.

        Premier Kathleen Wynne said the outcome of any future provincial election cannot be extrapolated from the results of Thursday’s byelections.

        The premier said she does not know when that election will be and she intends to proceed with a budget this spring.

        “Folks, I’m going to continue to do my job,” Wynne said.

  14. CBI/Climate Bonds Initiative
    The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused NGO working to mobilize debt capital markets for climate change solutions.
    Toronto advisors:
    Matthew Kiernan
    Nelson Switzer
    Cynthia Williams
    Franz Maritsch

    Governors include:
    Cynthia Williams, Osgoode Hall Law School, York Univrsity
    The Norwegian government established CICERO by royal decree in 1990
    Webpage 2012 photo includes:
    Hillary Clinton
    Meg O’Neill, ExxonMobile, Norway

  15. iGreenBuild, Feb.4,2005
    “Worlds Top 100 Sustainable Companies Awarded In Davos, switzerlan”, by Dr. Matthew J. Kiernan

    “The Global 100 sets out one crisp butbut the best all-around global companies, trailblazers that are potential allies in helping to create a better world, ‘said Toby Heaps, Editor of Corporate Knights’, a Toronto-based media company.”

    Matthew Kiernan of Climate Bonds Inittiative/CBI, are connected.
    Just more background information.

  16. The New York Times, Feb.8,2009, Davos, Switzerland

    “U.S. and Britain top list of green companies”

    The list is compiled by Corporate Knights, a Canadian magazine, and Innovest Strategic Advisers, a New York investmnet research firm.

    Matthew Kiernan is CEO of Innovest

    Innovest Stategic Value Advisers was aquired by RiskMetrics ~Feb.19,2009

    More information on the connection between Corporate Knights and Matthew Kiernan of CBI.

  17. Get Rid of the Wynne/Martin duo

    It’s an Election Year!
    Ontario – Wake Up!

    Climate Change and Sustainable Development Team

    Inflection Point Capital Management
    100 King Street West, Suite 5700
    Toronto, ON M5X 1C7

    Canada (by company name)
    North America

    Date joined: 10 November, 2012

    Members in Canada:

    A Maurice Strong/Martin duo – and their venture – perhaps.

    Again – Get Rid of the Wynne/Martin duo!

  18. Can the government issue green bonds without the approval of the OLA?

    These kinds of bonds remove investor risk and shifts the risk onto the taxpayers if something goes wrong with the investment.

    • Let’s pause for a moment –
      and, – let the insult sink in.

      Bob Chiarelli ‏@Bob_Chiarelli 32m

      MT Good #conservation tips! “@TorontoStar: Want to cut your hydro bill? Try an energy monitor. http://bit.ly/1bVjjhI

      Deep breaths – slowly let out
      and, repeat.

      I just noticed – I didn’t call him a moron.

  19. Roses are red – my love
    [you know the rest]

    ‘[excerpt] Any threat to undermine the mechanism that has prompted this growth and diversification creates investment uncertainty and undermines confidence in our economy. Most importantly, the financial institutions that will underwrite these investments need long-term certainty in order to build the capacity to deliver the financial services required by these projects. To that end, it is also imperative to honour all existing contractual obligations.’

    What’s in a name?
    Citizens Climate Lobby

    • Go Canada!
      God keep our land – glorious and free
      Go Stephen Harper!

      Climate Hope-A-Dope:
      ‘[excerpt] Media Release January 29, 2014

      On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, President Obama said in his State of the Union Address,”Climate change is a fact. And when our children’s children look us in the eye and ask if we did all we could to leave them a safer, more stable world, with new sources of energy, I want us to be able to say yes, we did.”’

      ‘[excerpt] In the House of Commons, on Thursday, January 30, 2014, MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay, ON) will debate the Environment Minister……’


      Thursday, 30 January 2014
      Carbon Fee and Dividend to be Debated in Canada’s House of Commons tonight
      Canadian Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, will be delivering a speech in support of a Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal being championed by Citizens Climate Lobby Canada, to impose a carbon tax and refund the proceeds to Canadian households in lump sum payments. MP Hyer, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting last November, is not just a committed environmentalist, but is economically literate, a rarity for MPs and members of Congress. Hyer was the sponsor of Bill C-311, The Climate Change Accountability Act, the only bill in Canadian history to have passed the House of Commons and be quashed in the Senate without discussion, a stain on the normally Democratic and law-abiding Canada. His speech, along with reaction, will be broadcast at 6:45 pm Eastern time, can be followed at……’

      God I hate politics!
      But anyways – it’s important right now…………
      Go Conservatives!

  20. Sustainable Prosperity, Oct.31,2013
    “Ontario Issuance of Green Bonds Welcome Addition to Market, Says Ontario Think Tank”

    Sustainable Prosperity has surveyed the green bonds market over the past two years in collaboration with its partners at Climate Bonds, Inc and UK-based bank HSBC.
    Also follow the links in this article.

    Sustainable Prosperity Steering Committee includes:
    Andrew Heintzman
    Preston Manning
    David Runnals, also on advisory council for Export Development Canada which has also issued green bonds.

    David Runnals is also on the Board of the Pembina Institute and Preston Manning is on the Advisory Board at Pembina Institute.

  21. Now that Hydro One has purchased Norfolk Power, which has delivered electricity to half of the town of Port Rowan (the other half of the town was already being serviced by Hydro One,) in addition to billing customers for town water and sewage, who is going to be responsible for town water?

    “Veolia” manages the new sewage plant servicing Port Rowan. And for years there’s been talk of establishing a new water source for Port Rowan, partly because the intake in the Long Point Inner Bay for the current water treatment system is so close to the sewage plant drainpipe. Do you think some privateer will get (or already has gotten) their hands on Port Rowan’s (historically publicly-owned) water supply?

  22. The Green Energy Act was put over on Ontarians by a group of people and now green bonds to fund IWTs are going to be put over on Ontarians without their knowledge or consent.
    Installing ~6,700 IWTs takes a lot of money which cannot be furnished by private money because there isn’t enough private money to do this to begin with.

    • all these paper flipping leaches living off the toils of working people who are being forced by the gubmint to buy inefficient interruptible wind power at jacked up prices….is that the same Preston Manning on the Advisory Board at the Pembina Institute who founded the REFORM Party that re-incarnated into the CPC?

  23. This kind of nonsense is one of the results of removing local control of schools.
    Money to throw around on foolish projects.

    Teachers used to be required to have subject-matter knowledge of the areas they were expected to teach. This is not the case anymore.

  24. The odd God story!

    The Province of Ontario
    once was – the economic engine of Canada.

    2014 – Ontario bankrupt, but diverse!

    ‘[excerpt] The key to China’s economic development is the integration of Christian principles and Chinese culture.

    A great awakening
    China | Beijing economist Zhao Xiao believes China can build a market economy on biblical ethics

    ‘[excerpt] Zhao Xiao, one of China’s top economists, started reading the Bible in 2002 while traveling in the United States and researching a paper on American business culture. He noticed how much Americans talk about the Bible and how cities seem to have churches everywhere.’

    ‘[excerpt] The paper Zhao wrote in 2002, “Market Economies With Churches and Market Economies Without Churches,” boosted his reputation. It echoes Max Weber’s classic The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism in arguing that the Puritans pursued wealth not just for personal gain but also for the glory of God. Today he goes even further: The key to China’s economic development is the integration of Christian principles and Chinese culture.

    Zhao argues that Chinese people already have strong traditions that value hard work, education, and a willingness to learn from outside sources; the need now is for a culture that honors covenants. Zhao calls that the “essence of a market economy.” Many Chinese today believe you can break a promise to achieve a purpose, he says, “but we know that biblical culture is not like that. If China wants not just a group of successful entrepreneurs but a successful economy, it must [embrace] a spirit of covenants.”

    Zhao says that such a spirit will promote sustainable development and social stability: “If society is full of challenges and conflicts, the economy will not grow. It is the blessings of the ‘transformation with the Cross’ that will bring China sustainable society and economic development.” If this happens, he believes China could enter another Golden Age of world prominence with its success based on Christianity instead of Confucianism or Taoism. He likens this possibility to a Chinese “Great Awakening,” with China itself the new “city on a hill.”‘

    Too bad the Liberal-NDP coalition –
    are taking Ontario – on a road to hell.

    God Bless Ontario – please!

    • I’m straining to follow the links you’re exposing Barbara. but it looks as though you’re getting to the bottom of who are the players behind the scenes. Piecing this puzzle together and realizing the connections between the GEA alliance to Agenda 21 and the cabal is key.
      I appreciate your research skills.

  25. Yes, you are correct about Agenda 21 and GEA Alliance.

    This is a network of people engaged in this. These links provide a “skeleton” framework to follow. There is a lot of activity taking place that is unkown to the public.

    The OFA/ Ontario Financing Authority appears to be engaged with members of CBI and Sustainable Prosperity.

    Sustainable Prosperity working with CBI Inc. and HSBC bank which has been under investigation in the U.S.for more than two years.

    Links to U.S. government documents and information are difficult to follow. Provided the easiest shortcut to these.

  26. I will be attending the protest on Monday. I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone involved in the fight. I will also be making more recording trips in the following weeks. My next stop will be Haldimand (“Summerhaven” project, by NextError).

  27. The U.S. only investigated HSBC affairs under their jurisdiction and this did not include Canada.
    HSBC Canada is a subsidiary of a British bank and not of a U.S.bank.

    Since 2009 the U.S. has made stttlements with Credit Suisse, Barclays, Lloyds and ING for money laundering.

  28. A good backdrop interview to listen to is with Dr. Eric Karlstrom.
    This is for anyone who does not yet understand the ‘hijacked environmental movement’ and how the modern day Malthusians are using the ‘problem/reaction/solution’ to their advantage.
    Make sure to listen to the last part of the interview where he explains how geoengineering is playing into the whole scenario.

  29. Maybe some placards simply reading …

    IWT = VAD
    VibroAcoustic Disease

    Try and get the media asking some intelligent questions about the health impacts for a change!

  30. This is international in scope and the money follows this around the world. Ontario is just one part of this.

    It was only a matter of time until those associated with this were uncovered.

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