NextError cuts corners!

From just one home on a sideroad in Adelaide-Metcalfe township, these pictures and videos were taken over just 3 days of wind turbine construction by Nextera Energy of the Adelaide Wind project. Count the traffic/safety infractions! There are many more happening daily across the projects, including a school bus being hit by a dump truck – more on that later.

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9 thoughts on “NextError cuts corners!

  1. Wow what a video! Hope you find some peace and quiet. Not. Turbines will be your nightmare from now on, sorry to say. I moved to get the hell away from them. You might want to put up a for sale sign.

  2. When the big red CAT truck is being pulled around the corner
    – is that worker smoking a cigarette?

    That’s ILLEGAL – when you’re on the worksite?

  3. The truck driver backing up blind into the intersection with no flagman on frame 24 came very close to killing the guy in the red truck. Whatever your position on wind turbines this is very scary stuff and absolutely apalling. The safety culture on the job appears to be a nightmare, worker and community members lives are not being protected. The MTO and Labour board should be investigating now before someone gets seriously injured or killed.

  4. Not only do they cut, they pound, smash, obliterate, crush, mash, squish and flatten.

    Quite the accomplishment — to run a construction operation in the manner of a Robyn Williams comedy.

  5. In one of the worst Dufferin County storm days when buses were cancelled and with snow blowing and drifting across hwy 10 what did we see? Concrete truck after concrete truck after concrete truck heading north. I have never seen so much construction so fiercely continue in the worst weather possible. My, my Ms. Wynne. You sure have changed the face of Ontario. Nobody’s safety matters when it comes to green energy does it? You are one sick dictator.

  6. ‘[excerpt] ……including a school bus being hit by a dump truck – more on that later.’

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