Lambton’s unwilling host declaration gives anti-turbine groups a boost

We will NOT be sientLondon Free Press, Paul Morden
Wind turbine opponents say they’re feeling encouraged by Lambton County council’s decision to join the chorus of Ontario municipalities declaring themselves unwilling hosts for wind farms. County councillors passed a motion Feb. 12 joining approximately 80 communities making the declaration.

Lambton is currently home to only a few small wind farms, with a total of 14 turbines, but Suncor Energy and Nextera Energy are planning projects that would see a total of 138 turbines built in the northern half of the county. Suncor is also taking Plympton-Wyoming to court over bylaws aimed at wind projects.

Many rural politicians have been pushing back against the provincial government’s decision to take planning approval powers for renewable energy projects away from municipal councils. “Heading into that lawsuit with Suncor, that really really validates our fight,” Ingrid Willemsen, a member of We’re Against Industrial Turbines, Plympton-Wyoming, said about the county’s unwilling host declaration. Read article

One thought on “Lambton’s unwilling host declaration gives anti-turbine groups a boost

  1. If Lambton County is against these turbines they should start by not renting all of these turbine workers accommodations!
    We presently live in Grand Bend and know of a few local families searching for rental houses in the Grand Bend area to enable their children to remain at the Grand Bend school.
    There are zero rentals available in this area both in town and in surrounding rural areas!
    They have all been rented out to “windmillers”
    So…. If you are in fact thinking you are fighting this huge fight against the turbine destruction of our area please make sure your wallet is not being lined indirectly by these corporations!
    We all need to look at the big picture !
    P.s. If you own property in this area I know of long term renters that are getting very desperate! Please message me!
    Thank you!

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