Taking the fight to the next level…

by Bob Lewis
For several years now, courageous women and men have given time, energy and money to fight the blight of wind turbines.

A couple of years ago, I finally caught on and joined the movement. I’ve had an interesting life and done quite a few things that I’m proud of, but nothing has made me prouder than being associated with Muriel, Esther and Marcelle – the three sisters/founders/spirit of MLWAG.

In the following paragraphs, “We” refers to Wind Warriors Everywhere. Maybe I should write it as WWE?

We’ve held protests – locally and at Queen’s Park. We’ve put on information nights and we’ve convinced over 70 municipalities to declare themselves ‘Not a Willing Host’. A couple of brave councils have even enacted ‘illegal’ bylaws and gone to court.

We’ve done numerous appeals – both with lawyers and without.

We’ve slowed them down, we’ve cost them money, and we’ve educated a lot of people, but we haven’t stopped them.

The government is actively working against us – siding with the corporations, ignoring our anguish, our suffering citizens, our blighted landscape. The one appeal we did win – Ostrander Point – they are appealing.

And lately, they have stopped letting us even appeal. We were tricked out of appealing the Suncor project in Adelaide-Metcalfe ERT (Environmental Review Tribunal), and the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) denied us intervenor status in application for a power line by Suncor and Nextera.

I believe we now have about 3 options:

1 – we can give up and go home. Sorry – isn’t going to happen.

2 – sabotage and violence. There has been some sabotage – surprisingly little. Generally, we aren’t inclined to violence. This could change when enough people feel they have nothing left to lose. Let’s hope not.

3 – change the damned government. There’s an election coming. There are sub-sections to this option. We have a few people who think we should vote Progressive Conservative. I don’t think this is even worth discussing. Personally I think the PCs would be even worse than the Liberals or NDP.

So the other option is to elect a nuisance candidate – someone who is virulently anti-turbine, has no party affiliation and won’t back down. It’s the party affiliation that restrains even the most well-meaning candidate.

I think I have those qualities.

I’ve been called stubborn, opinionated, difficult, and hard to get along with. That was from my friends! I have been working on improving in those areas, but I think those ‘qualities’ might stand me in good stead as an anti-government candidate.

I’m not just anti-wind. I’m not interested in being a one-issue candidate. There are so many other issues that need to be addressed, but wind is number one! And it’s not just the Liberals. The NDP and the Progressive Conservatives and the Greens – they are all just political parties who will say and do anything to get into power and then will say and do anything to stay in power.

I believe I can offer voters something that no other candidate can – the option to vote against the whole government – not just the party in power.

For far too long, many voters have held their noses and voted for the least of evils, or for the party they think has the best chance of defeating the one they fear the most.

And far too many potential voters have stayed home because they just didn’t believe there was any point in voting.

free the windI want to be Plan B – when you vote for me, you are saying ‘none of the above’. You are saying NO to party politics, and you are saying you are no longer willing to be ruled by politicians who pass laws so that corporations will give them well-paid seats on their boards after they retire with their fat government pensions.

This is going to be a very low budget, but fun campaign. I’m looking for volunteers – help to put up flyers, organize meetings, whatever.

change the worldI’m looking for campaign slogans – like “FREE THE WIND!”

(This was a statue of Lenin. Someone put a bomb under the coat. It gives new meaning to the phrase, “Blow it out your…”)

It’s a crazy idea. Let’s do it!

used and I’m tired of being used.

Let’s stop buying into the ‘Party Politics’ scam. It’s just a way for the corporations to control the government.

First step – no more men in suits…

Let’s try something completely different!

Let Queen’s Park deal with THIS!

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.

Let’s PARTY!


bob lewisI’m actively looking for the opportunity to talk to people. If you belong to an organization that would like a speaker, or if you’d just like me to come to your house and talk with you and a few neighbours… I’m flexible and I’m nearly free. You just have to ply me with coffee and cookies. I’m a cheap date.

Bob Lewis aka Sylvan Bob


519 294-0572

51 thoughts on “Taking the fight to the next level…

  1. Wish I could vote for you, Bob !

    2 – sabotage and violence. There has been some sabotage – surprisingly little. Generally, we aren’t inclined to violence. This could change when enough people feel they have nothing left to lose. Let’s hope not.

    FYI, during the first construction phase in one Michigan Township last year, Somebody, went around and sludge hammered all the new bolts sticking out of the concrete on the bases of turbines. Rumor has it, the host farmers decided at the last minute they weren’t so keen on what was about to take place…………… Next Terror still continues.

  2. As an independent candidate with whom will you ally to vote on issues with, specifically anti-turbine, anti-GEA and economic issues?

    As a single individual how will you effect changes which will alleviate the suffering of those
    whose misfortune it is to have had IWT built close to their homes?

    Party politics exist because, for hundreds of years in democratic societies, they are and have been more successful than any other method of gaining and keeping power.

    I don’t see how one individual, no matter how well-intentioned, can effect substantive positive changes without control of the Government – which can only be accomplished if you have a majority of like-minded MPPs voting with you.

    I appreciate your desire to effect change, we certainly need it, however, other than getting yourself elected to the Legislature, what is your plan and if the PC are elected, will you vote with them to repeal the GEA?

    Whether or not one agrees with or supports all of the PC’s policies and positions, they are currently the only party which offers and alternative to the Lib/NDP/Green agenda and have repeatedly promised to stop wind developments and repeal the GEA.

    Unless you know of another way that will work, they seem like our best hope and I’m not sure splitting the vote serves a useful purpose, unless you support one of the other parties.

    • Hello Isarc – Thanks for the thoughtful reply. My responses, briefly (ha!) are below.

      Isarc – As an independent candidate with whom will you ally to vote on issues with, specifically anti-turbine, anti-GEA and economic issues?

      Bob – On ANY issue, I would ally with whomever was proposing legislation that I thought would be beneficial. I would have no party whip to keep me in line or tell me how to vote.

      Isarc – As a single individual how will you effect changes which will alleviate the suffering of those whose misfortune it is to have had IWT built close to their homes?

      Bob – probably won’t have a lot of chance to do that – but then, I don’t believe any of the parties will even try.

      Isarc -Party politics exist because, for hundreds of years in democratic societies, they are and have been more successful than any other method of gaining and keeping power.

      Bob – I question even calling them democratic societies. Party politics is what you say – a way of getting and keeping power – but sadly, not for OUR benefit. That won’t get changed by playing their game.

      Isarc – I don’t see how one individual, no matter how well-intentioned, can effect substantive positive changes without control of the Government – which can only be accomplished if you have a majority of like-minded MPPs voting with you.

      Bob – I’m not expecting to make substantive changes. However, since they pretty much ignore everything else we’ve done – except for making a few meaningless gestures – like wind companies go to the front of the line if they have municipal support – we need to send a stronger message. I don’t even have to win the seat. If I get even a significant number of votes, it would send a message that we’re no longer willing to play the party game. If I have any success at all, there might be more independents in the next election.

      Isarc – I appreciate your desire to effect change, we certainly need it, however, other than getting yourself elected to the Legislature, what is your plan and if the PC are elected, will you vote with them to repeal the GEA?

      Bob – Do you really think the PCs are electable? If elected, do you really believe they would repeal the GEA? They might – but they aren’t going to take down any turbines. Only a couple of PCs with turbine infested ridings have really spoken out. The party and its leader have been rather quiet. Even if they speak strongly against the turbines – doesn’t mean they would actually do anything AFTER the election.

      Isarc – Whether or not one agrees with or supports all of the PC’s policies and positions, they are currently the only party which offers and alternative to the Lib/NDP/Green agenda and have repeatedly promised to stop wind developments and repeal the GEA.

      Bob – I agree with and support virtually none of the PC’s policies – especially the Tea Party inspired ‘Right to Work’, and I have no more faith in their repeated promises than I do in any other party’s promises.

      Isarc – Unless you know of another way that will work, they seem like our best hope and I’m not sure splitting the vote serves a useful purpose, unless you support one of the other parties.

      Bob – If the PCs are our best hope then we have no hope at all. The lovely Sheila Copps said it best when they tried to hold her to her election promise to scrap the GST or resign – among the many things she said trying to get out of it, was something to the effect that, “… you can’t hold me to that – I was campaigning – I was shooting from the lip.”

      How often has a party gotten elected and then done exactly the opposite of what they promised? Please, Isarc – don’t believe election promises. They’ve never actually even promised to take down a single turbine. By the time they get elected the contracts will all be signed, As Tim said, “We’re Conservatives – we believe in the sanctity of the contract.”
      Contracts are sacred. You are collateral damage.

  3. This is a great idea, maybe we could run a person in every Rural riding, hopefully, taking back democracy and putting party politics out of the way. Where can we parachute Esther and others like Lorie into?? There are many who have worked so hard in many areas for Rural Ontario busing, horse racing etc.

  4. Ella, Hope you are following the trails that lead out of Ontario back to Washington for example NCDC/NOAA.
    These people are making money off from climate change and they need help from Washington to pull this off.

    • Hi Barbara, I keep myself pretty informed. I’m a strong supporter of Kevon Martis. I’ve been involved protesting in my township,stood beside Mr. Martis during the protest at the Kellog Center in Lansing, Mi.

      Couple of weeks ago, POTUS , came to Lansing. Would love to be a fly on that wall, sure wonder what Rick Synder bought into.

      I find it hard not to “PUKE” when the POTUS speaks.

  5. “..splitting the vote.” ???

    Whatever happened to the idea that members of a legislature are supposed to represent their constituents — all of their consitutents, even the minorities?

    IMO, elected representatives are supposed to use their (read: our) positions, access and information to help electors understand what’s going on so that we can make informed decisions about how best to fix real problems. Not even the Progressive Conservative party is doing an adequate job of this, which is why – I dare say – these problems exist in the first place.

    If Bob – and other candidates – take positions that electors favour, doesn’t this motivate political parties to evolve their platforms to address the issues that voters are truly concerned about???

    • Thanks S&D – That’s what I was trying to say. Now I just need to learn to make my points that succinctly.

  6. A fourth option: civil disobedience Esther and he.r crew did this, but for it to work it needs to be *sustained* a few days or more. Time == money, and we know time is running out on these projects. (They are erecting turbines 24hrs a day now, under diesel generator lighting).

    In my opinion, this is the only way we are going to get coverage in the main stream media. I have just had some of my comments REMOVED from “TheObserver.ca”. Time to stop playing nice!

    • PS: maybe my comments were not removed. I think what is happening is that comments show up on “Disqus” (the online software that handles comments), but do not make it to the main site when comments are closed.

      Regardless, Toronto media is not covering this. That needs to change.

      Keep up the fight everyone!

    • Hello Richard. I replied to this earlier but my computer hiccupped and I lost it.
      Anyway… yes – civil disobedience. To be truly effective it takes hundreds of people – all day – every day for weeks or months – and then sometimes you get results. Canadians aren’t desparate enough yet – or not enough of us.
      If you want to be inspired about civil disobedience, look up CND and Aldermaston. There were four marches over 4 years – London to Aldermaston – 45 MILES. A march, not a drive. 10,000 started and it grew to 20,000.
      Look up the Women’s camp at Greenham Common – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenham_Common_Women%27s_Peace_Camp
      started with 250 women – 34 arrests. Later, 30,000 women joined hands and surrounded the US military base. A year later, 70,000 women joined hands from Greenham to Aldermaston – 23 km. But it wasn’t just a series of marches. There were thousands of women occupying the common. It went on for years. Hundreds of arrests.
      THAT’s civil disobedience. Women.
      There are different ways to fight this.
      This is the one I have chosen.

  7. Bob, what about N.B.S. = No Bull Sh*t. Then there’s T.O.P. = True Ontario Party or some variation of that.

    • StoneCold at the top suggested NOTA Party. Typically, I missed ‘Not A Party’ and tried to read it as an acronym. NOTA – None Of The Above.
      About a year ago, I actually registered the name, “ZZ None of the Above Party (Anarchist-Feminist)” but I wasn’t sufficiently motivated at the time to get the 1000+ signatures needed to make it official.
      Typically of me – after doing all the paperwork to get the name approved I found out that the ballots are alphabetical by candidate, not party. So I considered changing my name to Bob Zlewis and telling people the Z is silent.
      The signatures and name change would have been an awful lot of time and effort for what is essentially a joke. Better to put the energy into the fight.

      • Not sure if this is a joke Bob?….admittedly ,you are lazy have no use for any political party, want to run for MPP, but use different names…which one would you use ?….won’t work for the better of the whole…won’t make a difference as an independent….just don’t understand your motivation here ( or lack of…as you say )….sounds like you may be a little high and looking for a taxpayer salary and some publicity

      • The Zz party thing was kind of a joke. I’ve always used Sylvan Bob on here because locally that’s how I’m known. As soon as I announced this idea I added my full name, phone and email.
        I’m 65. I have a small pension and no debts. I’m comfortable with my present standard of living. My intention was to sit back with the 5000 books I kept from the bookstore and spend the rest of my life reading, gardening and visiting friends.
        I’ve lived in Toronto and I have no desire to spend a lot of time there. I have no desire to spend my ‘golden’ years with a bunch of political slime. This is not my idea of a good time and I neither want nor need the money.
        OTOH, my ‘golden’ years have turned to sh*t brown and part of the reason is that for far too long, far too many people – myself included – have left things to the politicians because we couldn’t be bothered.
        So I feel I have a responsibility to do whatever I can. I believe we all have a responsibility to do the best we can according to our understanding of the situation.
        It’s going to be a lot of work, and it will probably cost me money. I don’t really expect to get elected, although I don’t rule out the possibility.
        Should that happen, I would set up a website which would list all my expenses – personal and public and pictures of where I’m staying and rent I’m paying. The salary is way more than I need and I would be putting at least part of it back into the anti-wind fight. Other excess would go to other causes that I support.
        If you believe the PCs are going to save you, then you should be out there canvassing for them.

  8. I think it’s a must that Bob comes to Queen’s Park on Feb 24th. To the organizers….I think Bob should be given a chance to be one of the speakers. What does everyone else think ?

  9. These people come to Ontario so it’s not like having to track people all over the U.S.
    Some are in business in both countries.

  10. Seems that U.K. people have forgotten how many U.S.members of the armed forces lost their lives to save the U.K. in two world wars.

    • My error – it was a British base – they were protesting the cruise missiles coming in. They weren’t opposed to US soldiers, they were protesting nuclear weapons and war in general.
      Read the article. It’s short. The dedication of those women brought tears to my eyes.
      My mother made flares in England during the war – little shacks scattered around a field with 6 women per shack. Every once in a while there was a bang and another shack was gone. Another 6 women were gone. My father was in the air force in Egypt. She got a bigger pension than him because her job was more dangerous than his.
      When I was a kid in England in the early 50s I can still remember seeing crumbled buildings – huge holes in fields – sometimes parts of a plane.
      For those UK people – including women who had lost relatives – not just soldiers, but old people and children at home – they knew what they were protesting. They hadn’t forgotten anything.
      The Aldermaston marchers and the Greenham Common women have my undying admiration.

  11. Rural independent MPPs would have to work with the PC rural MPPs at QP.
    It’s not likely that independent rural MPPs can work with the Liberals or the NDPs.
    Is it wise to abandon the rural PCs who have worked with the people in this situation?
    Maybe there should be more effort focused on the rural NDPs who have gone along with the Liberals?

    Another 4 years with those in power who are determined to install IWTs and then there probably will be big political changes in Ontario.

    • An independent MPP can work with anyone they wish. In a minority gov’t an independent can be quite powerful and influential. This applies also to a third party. The NDP have more influence at QP than the PCs. It’s a pity they’ve wasted the opportunity, but then, they’ve been floundering for 40 years at least. I remember them in a Bill Davis minority gov’t.
      It seems to me you are saying we mustn’t rock the boat because it might get even worse and if we’re good little voters maybe the PCs will get in and throw us some crumbs?
      The PCs are the party of Big Business. They have no interest in us except at election time.
      Have you looked at their platform? Do you know what ‘Right to Work’ really means?
      At election time we have a choice between bad, worse, stupid and evil. Put the labels where you like – it still doesn’t work for me.

  12. Anyway, this writer doesn’t see anybody proposing to “abandon” the PCs; just people trying to make sure voters can choose a platform they feel good about.

  13. The CAW and the UAW sure have done well under right-to-work. Maybe the UAW will be gone in the not too distant future as their leadership sold out the members with this “gree” business.
    Union members need to be free to get rid of bad leadership.

  14. People still don’t understand what the “blue-green” alliance is?
    Is there a faster way of getting rid of unions than chasing companies out of Ontario due to unaffordable energy costs?

  15. I’ve never even heard of the blue green alliance. I’ve heard of blue-green algae, but that didn’t turn out too well. Is this a scheme between the PCs and the Greens to destroy the economy in order to save it? Or just to destroy unions so that we can go back to sweat shop labour right here instead of having to pay shipping from the sweat shops and slave labour factories overseas?
    Is this some kind of Ayn Rand fantasy?
    Maybe you should check out Edward Lampert – or Crazy Eddie as he is coming to be known.
    I do wish, Barbara, that you would say what’s on your mind instead of laying out hints that often don’t mean anything to the rest of us. It’s like listening to insider jokes where there’s only one insider.

    • Barbara does say what she means Bob and it’s quite meaningful to myself and, I suspect, most others, who are aware of the issues at hand. Like the blue- green alliance etc.
      I say how dare anyone tell me, I must join a union and send dues from my hard earned paycheck, to some corrupt union bosses, in bed with equally corrupt, anti-work, pro-wind, Lying Liberals/NDP. Bring on democratic ‘right to work’ legislation now! It’s the right thing to do, the democratic thing to do. Informed, energetic, honest union members with a brain of their own, vote PC. Because they are not the same as the NDP/Liberals, not even close.
      It’s the lying Liberals only, who say anything to get elected. Not the PCs!
      Funny how Liberal voters always respond with something like, “Oh well, they’re all the same”, when confronted with Liberal corruption in conversation. But they aren’t, that’s a convenient lie, an untruth. Makes them feel better, after once again, stupidly supporting the NDP/Liberal. These aren’t stupid people, just terribly misinformed by reading the Red Star etc.
      If you want all the news, you need to read/view The Sun/Sun TV. It’s the only ‘all the news’ network as far as I’m aware. The others protect the lying Libs/NDP. Like not even reporting Trudeaus remarks about budgets, which he claimed will balance themselves, & he’ll just spend his way out of debt. If he (it is a he isn’t it) ever wins power, this country is toast, big time!
      Those not voting for Bob, please vote Conservative. They are our best, in fact our only chance of beating this IWT scam, period.
      Doug Moran

      • Ah Doug – you devil – you nearly got me there. I was trying to take your comments seriously (albeit with a questioning/doubtful look on my face) when I came to the bit about the Sun. Does that include the Sunshine Girl? Do they still do that? Do you have them on your wall?

        And then your snide comment about Trudeau… “It is a he, isn’t it?” I’m no fan of the man, but I fail to see why you would embarrass yourself with such a stupid, totally irrelevant comment. I used to get the same thing back in the 60s about my long hair, but I though most people had outgrown that kind of ignorance.

      • Bob:

        Calling people who would support you, or could influence others to support you — Stupid — defeats any good will you may build.

        If you really want the opportunity to make a difference — listen understand and empathize. You do not have to sympathize or agree.

        Learn to say things like — “i understand what you are trying to say. Can I ask you a question about how your idea would work under these circumstances — then pose the question or state the issue.

        When people have an idea on the table is when they are least willing to listen and consider your ideas…

        Only as a last resort say something like: While I think about your ideas what do you think about this idea….”???

        If you are going to be thin skinned — back out now before you do irreparable harm.


      • I have to agree with a lot of what you’ve written here, WillR.

        In my own defence, earlier on this page, I responded to Isarc and to Greg in what I thought was a considerate and respectful manner. They stated their opinions and I responded.
        I don’t think I convinced either of them, but at least it was, I thought, a mutually respectful exchange of opinions.
        OTOH, Mr. Moran is not likely to ever support me, or influence anyone to support me. Given his attitudes, I wouldn’t welcome his support. I doubt if Mr. Hudak would either, but he’s welcome to it.
        I doubt if Mr. Trudeau would care at all about such comments, but I have seen what happens to those who are more sensitive. The bullies always say they were just kidding. Apparently the suicides didn’t get the joke.
        watch this TED talk
        You might then understand why I react strongly when people make that kind of comment.
        Given that, you are right, WillR – I shouldn’t have made fun of him. Apologies – my bad.

  16. Blue Green Canada is an alliance between Canadian labour unions, environmental and civil society organizations to advocate for working people and the environment by promoting solutions to environmental issues that have positive employment and economic impacts.

    Our American Cousins

    I just came back from the Blue Green Alliance’s annual Good Jobs Green Jobs conference in Washingto
    Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 – 14:

  17. ‘[excerpt] A Right to Work law secures the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union. However, employees who work in the railway or airline industries are not protected by a Right to Work law, and employees who work on a federal enclave may not be.’

  18. Putin thugs start the killing – death toll – 19;
    as Ukrainians fight for freedom –
    Oh Canada – help!
    Tuesday Feb. 18 @ 7:30PM –
    hold vigil in Toronto – tonight

    We are so fortunate in Canada – let’s keep it that way.
    Vote Conservative

    KIEV, Ukraine — At least nine people were killed Tuesday in the deadliest day of the 3-month-old Ukrainian political crisis as security forces clashed with demonstrators and later stormed their encampment at Kiev’s Independence Square, local and international media reported.

    Live television coverage carried by the Russia-24 news channel and nine live-streaming video cameras at the protest site and relayed by Ukrainian opposition broadcasters showed fiery explosions illuminating the grimy tent city in the capital after demonstrators ignored a warning from police to clear the square.

    Clouds of smoke from fires and tear gas could be seen wafting over the chaotic scene, eerily backlit with an orange glow from the multitude of blasts, burning sandbags and smoldering debris.

    Security forces began moving against the protesters’ camp with water cannons and stun grenades after giving them 15 minutes’ warning to leave.

    But thousands of protesters remained in the square despite the caustic gas engulfing the nerve center of the uprising against President Viktor Yanukovich.

    Opposition leaders told journalists in Kiev that they had requested negotiations with the government to defuse the escalating violence, and that Ukrainian leadership had agreed to meet with them Wednesday. However, police continued to set fire to the protesters’ tents and barricades well into the night.

    God Bless the Ukraine!

    • Getting to know – Northland Power –
      and, Ontario will pay the price – for a very long time.

      “Ukraine has all the necessary resources and potential to become a prosperous European state,” says James Temerty, a Canadian businessman and philanthropist, well known in Ukraine. Mutual trust and positive attitude to life — in other words, faith — are the things needed, in his opinion, to help Ukrainians overcome all the obstacles. These and other thoughts were expressed by Mr. Temerty in his talk with the Welcome to Ukraine publisher, Oleksandr Horobets.

      Get Rid of the Ontario Power Authority – thugs!

  19. The Liberals created the GEA and have been in power for the whole duration of the wind turbine fiasco.

    Any assumption that the PCs would be worse is pure speculation and likely based on a long held bias against right wing governments.

    The PCs should be given a chance to govern and get rid of the GEA. Removing existing IWTs is a promise nobody would ever be able to keep, at least until the current 20 year contracts run out, or until one of the health lawsuits stick.

    If the PCs come up short on the IWT file, I will be the first in line to hear you tell me “I told you so”.

    But, having said that, I will congratulate Bob on attempting to try something different.

  20. The blue-green alliance is an alliance between unions and environmental groups.
    Started in Ontario about mid-2009 by Environmental Defence Canada and the United Steel Workers Union/USW.

    The USW Canada pushed for off-shore IWTs to be included in the Green Energy Act so as to create more of a demand for steel IWT towers.

  21. If you make union membership compulsory for employment then the only way members have to object to union policy is to quit their jobs.
    Can’t keep their jobs without staying in the union.
    Bad union leaders used to be gotten rid of by members refusing to pay their dues.Mostly done on the local union levels.

    • It is perhaps worth remembering that unions were pretty much a creation of big business. Early union members had to face armed company thugs and suffered firings, beatings and death. It wasn’t just to make a couple of dollars more per week – in many cases it was so that they could actually feed their families and it was also about working conditions. In many cases, workers were actually worse off than slaves. Slave owners at least had an interest in keeping their slaves fed and healthy.
      Of course, over time the unions become larger and more powerful and the corruption sets in.
      I worked two years logging on the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Guaii). Our camp had a very good safety record and there was virtually no union activity. The old superintendent retired and the new young guy wanted to prove himself – up production. Within 3 months there had been several lost time accidents, one man had been killed, and experienced loggers weren’t coming there any more so young, inexperienced guys were promoted to do jobs they weren’t qualified for.
      I was secretary of the local, chair of the safety committee and grievance committee and chair of our social club. There were a lot of very unhappy people. We had the union president and some of the Rayonier brass from Vancouver flying up there for meetings. With union backing we were able to get within hours of shutting down the camp when suddenly a lot of our demands were met. Shortly after I was fired and blacklisted from all Rayonier camps – If I could have got that in writing, I would have it framed. If we hadn’t had a union we would have had the choice of unsafe working conditions or quit and hope you could get another job. If there were no unions, there wouldn’t have been very many safe jobs to be had.
      German unions have a long history or working with business for mutual benefit.
      When Ricardo Semmler took over Semco in Brazil, one of his moves was to meet with the union, treat them with respect and open the company books. The company has been amazingly successful in a difficult economy.
      Big unions and big business are two sides of the same coin. Big business and their puppet governments are constantly trying to kill the unions so that they can abuse the workers with abandon.
      When you follow simplistic black and white thinking you end up with green-washed wind turbines and the city folk believe it’s good for us all.
      It’s never that simple or easy.

  22. There are other ways of dealing with contracts besides cancelling them.
    Taxation and tight regulations can also be used.

    Tracing the source of where the money is coming from is another way. Illegal money can’t be used for sure to invest in or finance government contracts.

    • Indeed — and standards evolve. One often has to upgrade to a new code when dealing with renovation and construction.

  23. Go online and read just how much illegal money has “infected” the financial institutions with or without their knowledge or consent.

    Ontario simply can’t afford to have illegal sources of money investing here.And citizens have the right to know the source of investment coming in here.

    Taking the next step up in IWT isssues requires greater knowledge of the whole situation.

    • Ok – got it now. It was the Steel Workers Union that turned me off the NDP 40 years ago. Another name on the list is the Pembina Institute – those nice people who brought Heidi here from Alberta to tell us how much she and her horses loved the turbines.
      They still have the video up – her on her horse on the prairie – turbines spinning gently in the background. The nearest turbine turned off so we can hear her. I thought they were no louder than your fridge or rustling leaves …
      Poor Heidi won’t be coming back to Ontario any time soon – I’m afraid we weren’t very nice to her.

  24. The mines were the same. Low wages and dangerous working conditions. Lots of cheap labour could be brought from Europe. Company towns and company stores for the workers.

  25. The G9, in conjunction with the Energy Institute, released its first-ever annual incident statistics report this year. The report comprises 2013 incident data from 35 G9 members’ business sites across Northern Europe, therefore providing a previously unseen snapshot of health and safety incidents in the offshore wind industry in a particular geographical location.

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