Unwilling host declaration born from frustration

cropped-402-protest.jpgPeter Epp, Sarnia Observer
It’s been almost five years since the Green Energy Act received approval at Queen’s Park, and yet the public debate over the content of that legislation continues to be a sore point, especially in rural Ontario where most of the legislation’s impact has been felt.

Planning and decision-making for the location of wind turbines has been legally centralized in Toronto since 2009, and so local municipalities and their locally-elected councillors have had little to no influence in deciding whether a wind turbine or solar farm ought to be located within their political jurisdiction.

It is rare in Ontario, and in other democratic jurisdictions, when the wishes of the electorate, through their public representatives, are ignored so profoundly. Indeed, approximately 80 municipalities in this province have declared themselves to be “unwilling hosts” for wind turbine developments – a collective protest against legislation that smacks more of the Soviet than the Canadian style in getting things done.

Lambton County council joined that chorus on Wednesday. And in declaring that Lambton County was an unwilling host to wind turbines, it joined with several lower-tier local municipalities that have done the same.

Most protests are born from frustration and from the collective anger of an individual or group who have been placed in a position of futility. Removing all but a token comment on wind turbine developments has left local councils in Lambton County and elsewhere in a municipal no-man’s land. All they have left is the “unwilling host” designation. Read article

10 thoughts on “Unwilling host declaration born from frustration

  1. The municipalities in this province that have declared themselves to be unwilling hosts…can join up to form the coalition of the WILLING and end the tyranny by Queen’s Park by passing their own municipal noise by-laws.

    The County of Bruce once had the most advanced rules for wind turbine development in this nation. Homes exposed to 40 dBs + were deemed to be uninhabitable (vs. the 51 allowed by the MOE). But the inquisitors at Queens Park forced county planners to recant their heresy and Queen’s Park sided with the wind developer at the OMB. After months of toil&preparations and weeks of witness appearances &legal joisting, the OMB ruled that it had no jurisdiction over the decisions of the MOE and completely ignored the county planning regulations on the books at the time. If the OMB had no jurisdiction as it ruled, why hold the hearing at all and put the serfs thru the costs and agony?

    The rot preceded the GEA. Getting rid of the GEA will not get rid of the rot. End the neo-feudal tyranny. Freedom doesn’t come free. A coalition of the WILLING can take power back from Queen’s Park.

    • Oh Ray Matt split hairs over a type o – get with the real program!!! email and calling your MPPP”S and MNR people and emailing the premier! etc etc!! – lets try stopping the cancer in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Although this is my rant,if you need to elect someone you loose your freedom as you have given it away and they take it to do what you thought they may do for you.
    Most will think it will lead to anarchist and a third world life style,I do believe we have it in our heart to be caring and use the simple rule do no harm and it is far to much to ask any of you to fully understand all this as we been programmed this way far to long to understand what we are capable of.
    We have a government that is controlled by other masters (corporate sponsors with large amount of cash that dictate what is best} after all who ever you chose will deposit there agenda or there bribe money stops.
    It has gotten so bad that it should be so obvious to the real sleepy heads out there.
    Screw any party as they party without you as you given yourself away and became there slave with your consent.
    We separated ourselves,countries,religion,borders,language,and thank-you the large corporations as you try to push your agendas all for profit and destruction of mother earth and push government leaders to do your will instead of ours.
    Maybe John Lennon is quite right with this special song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwUGSYDKUxU

  3. Jumping the gun there Novo, the going is rough. Rural Ontario needs to toughen up and get going. Talking of a “Revolution”…

  4. I live in a Rural area – and frankly everybody is fed up with being pushed around by the Liberal government they lie cheat make back room deals and do NOT have to be accountable for anything (the way it looks) they say one thing and mean any other!!! – you just try running a business like that – it most certainly won’t last long!! – I truly think it is very important that the people regarding the turbines get involved and get organized!!!

  5. I have just emailed Independent Electricity Systems!! – these so called wind turbines have invaded rural areas – raped farm lands taken down birds nests and put communities and wildlife at risk!!! shamful!!!!

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