West Lincoln residents demand wind permit cancellation

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WEST LINCOLN A discovery by a West Lincoln property owner has stalled operation of industrial wind turbines in West Lincoln — for now. A spokesperson for Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley confirmed via email Monday the ministry is aware three of the five HAF Wind Energy turbines are in violation of setback requirements. While the turbines are 550 metres from the closest home, three do not meet property line setbacks established by the ministry.

“It appeared to the blind eye that they were too close to my property,” said Anne Meinen, a Beamsville resident who owns property in West Lincoln. Meinen took her concerns to the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group, which helped her determine the distance of the turbine from her property.

Group chairman Neil Switzer said the group used a range finder to establish the setback distances to ensure they didn’t encroach on the host property. They found four setback infractions, with the largest affecting Meinen’s property. Read article

4 thoughts on “West Lincoln residents demand wind permit cancellation

  1. *****Tom Rankin, whose Rankin Wind Energy is a 50 per cent stakeholder in the project, refused to comment, stating it “would just stir the pot.” ****

    Oh please, Mr. Rankin, that pot will never stop stirring and is damn near close to spilling out all over. No more free passes and exceptions for these companies…. enough is enough.

  2. These so called wind turbine companies know that they are in violation of and what they are doing!!! – they are just hoping that the people of the area won’t be bothered to complain about it!! and lets face it most Canadians are like this!! I say show and tell them that they cannot do this to your communities in which you have live for years!! – they come in – rape the land and wild life and create a cancer in the sky and they LEAVE!!!!!

  3. Association Of Ontario Land Surveyors/AOLS, Est. 1892

    Complaints casn be made to this organization.
    Follow the link to the Ontario Survey Act.

    Since this involves a government contract it’s possible that any of the residents affected by this project could make a complaint.

    Were the affected land surveys down in-house or by a sub-contractor surveyor?

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