Ontario PC’s re-affirm commitment to scrap Green Energy Act

(Queen’s Park)- Ontario PC MPPs Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton) and Lisa Thompson (Huron Bruce) offered the following statement on the PC Plan to scrap the Green Energy Act:

“Ontario PC Party under Tim Hudak maintains its commitment to scrap the Green Energy Act.

“That means we would remove subsidies on wind and solar, we would restore locally based decision making and we would implement a moratorium on developments until health and environmental impacts are assessed.  

“The Green Energy Act is disastrous for rural Ontarians who live near these intrusive developments and anyone paying a Hydro bill in Ontario is paying this $22 B boondoggle on their bills.

“Many people like Esther Wrightman of Middlesex County are relying on us to form a government and end this bad plan.

“The PC Party stands with Esther and everyone else negatively impacted by this disastrous plan.

“We stand with ratepayers.

“And we stand for a province that doesn’t subsidize expensive and unreliable power we don’t need at the expense of a prosperous Ontario.


For more information contact Lisa MacLeod, 613-823-2116 or Lisa Thompson 416-325-3467

55 thoughts on “Ontario PC’s re-affirm commitment to scrap Green Energy Act

  1. The Ontario PCs seem to be the only ones seeking to return Democracy and some semblance of Truth to the People of Ontario. The McWynnty Liberals have succeeded not only in wrecking the economy of the province, but have created a divisive and unhappy atmosphere for those of us choosing to live in rural Ontario. The Energy file has been completely mismanaged on all levels, and the path to “reliance on wind and solar” for the future, becomes more exposed every day as the SCAM it is. To date, it doesn’t seem to matter to the Liberals and NDP mutual admiration society, that paving over the landscape, creating environmental havoc and resorting to full dictatorial and “bully boy” tactics to suppress taxpayers rights, is NOT the way to govern anywhere! We are supposed to be a democratic society, but resorting to the criminal behaviours we have seen play out since the GEA was brought in, has been devastating to that very concept in Ontario. That the PC’s have finally been able to have a judge or justice of the peace sign off on delving into the deleted emails from the gas Plant scandal, and to finding out EXACTLY who was responsible in the government for the decision to do so, may provide a small ray of light onto the Black Box that has undermined our society, municipalities and individual plus property rights, in Ontario, for too long. I applaud Frank Klees, Vic Fedeli, Lisa MacLeod and Lisa Thompson for pushing these issues forward and actually LISTENING (got that Wynne and Horvath) to the People of Ontario!!!

      • Dan:

        Thanks — I knew there was something there and had a file at one time — that went astray:

        In May, months before the election campaign began, Klees was put on the defensive about his role on the board of directors of an energy company seeking a provincial subsidy through the Liberals’ Green Energy Act, which has been repeatedly criticized by the Tories and Hudak said he would scrap if elected.

        Liberal campaigners pounced on the perceived hypocrisy.

        “I gotta tell you, I’m with Frank Klees on this,” Premier Dalton McGuinty derisively said at the time.

        But Hudak defended Klees, who insisted his position with Tribute Resources Inc. — which had applied to the government’s feed-in tariff program for a wind turbine project in the Bruce Peninsula — posed no conflict with his party colleagues. Klees said the premium electricity rates McGuinty’s government offered to green-energy producers was “unsustainable.”

        Klees resigned from Tribute Resource’s board in August, though he remains on the board of ONE Bio Corp., a Miami-based bioengineering company, and is a former board member for Universal Energy Corp. and Northern Ethanol, Inc.

        Even Dalton hisself approved… I guess…

  2. It would be good if the NDP also vow to scrap the Green Energy Act, this act has enabled a relative few to become immensely rich but to the vast majority of Ontarians it’s an albatross around the neck with these skyrocketing hydro bills.

    • That probably will not happen since Andrea Horwath voted in favour of the Green Energy Act!
      Horwath, Andrea NDP LEADER/Marchese, Rosario NDP/Miller, Paul NDP/ Tabuns, Peter NDP/and Wynne, Kathleen O. – unelected Premier as of Feb 19,2013 were 5 of the 59 Liberal and NDP politicians who voted the Green Energy Act into existance.Leader: Dalton McGuinty – did not vote – prorogued government and resigned Oct 15, 2012. NOT ONE PC member of parliament voted in favour of the GEA.

  3. THEY HAVE MY VOTE Any party that is smart enough to figure out a poor investment gets my support and all the other voters i know

  4. North Gower Wind Action Group – http://northgowerwindactiongroup.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/frank-klees-portrait-of-an-opportunist/
    The buzz today, of course, is the apparent betrayal of his own political party by Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees, who announced his intent to run for Speaker, thereby weakening the Conservatives’ ability to oppose the Liberal’s minority government.

    No one should be surprised.

    Known by some in his own riding as “Frank Sleeze,” Mr Klees was until recently on the board of directors for several “energy” companies such as Universal Energy and Just Energy, which were power resellers (the former having been fined numerous times for shabby business practices) and more recently, Tribute Resources which has an application filed with the Ontario Power Authority for a Feed-In Tariff contract for an industrial wind power generation project.

    So, while the Conservatives were telling Ontario’s rural communities they were going to stand up for their rights and deal with the industrialization of Ontario communities by wind power projects, Mr. Klees was right in there … on the wind business side. He resigned from Tribute on August 5th, a scant two months before the provincial election.

    Once again, the slogan WE PAY, THEY PROFIT is all you need to make sense of this.
    MEANWHILE – on OWR about 2 years ago,
    yabder4 wrote,
    Mr Klees Newmarket-Aurora MPP was until very recently, on the board of directors for several “energy” companies such as Universal Energy and Just Energy, which were power resellers (the former having been fined numerous times for shabby business practices) and more recently, Tribute Resources which has an application filed with the Ontario Power Authority for a Feed-In Tariff contract for the Bruce Peninsula Mar industrial wind power generation project.
    So, while the Conservatives were telling Ontario’s rural communities they were going to stand up for their rights and deal with the industrialization of Ontario communities by wind power projects, MPP Klees was right in there on the inside of the wind business side. He resigned from Tribute on August 5th, a scant two months before the provincial election.
    On November 15, 2011, Tribute Resources Inc., announced the appointment of Mr. Larry Smith to the Board of Directors. Mr. Smith is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Newmarket Aurora Progressive Conservative Riding Association (MPP Klees’ riding). Tribute is right back to where they were before the election, being directly linked to the political arena.

  5. Thanks for revealing the dark side of Frank Klees. I didn’t realise he was such a weasel. Have followed the politics of wind scam for many years and somehow missed that fact. However, Vic Fedeli, Lisa MacLeod and Lisa Thompson have been very proactive in standing up and speaking out against the GEA and the forcing of IWT’s on unwilling rural citizens. Good that he is leaving!

  6. The MPPs are placed in a difficult position to say much while the big guys in the conseratives like, Manning, Clark, Mulroney and Day are in favour of this sustainability nonsense which the public didn’t know about.

    • I think what those guys are in favour of is big bucks obtained by greenwashing and calling it sustainability.
      Personally I think real sustainability is a very good thing, but hard to find and I think it’s unfortunate that we often let them give sustainability a bad name.
      Turbines have nothing to do with sustainability. We all know that. That’s why we have signs that say, “Not Clean, Not Green…”

  7. When you’re in opposition, you stand up and speak out against anything the gov’t does – especially if people are upset about it. Doesn’t mean you’re going to actually DO anything if elected. Often it seems the opposite is true.
    The part I find really amusing whenever the party in power changes – the new government is taken completely by surprise by how bad the deficit is, and, unfortunately, it would be irresponsible to do what they promised under these conditions.
    On the rare occasions when they actually do what they promised, it usually turns out that it wasn’t quite what we had envisioned.

    • The old federal Rhino Party in Quebec played
      it smart. Their campaign platform was a promise
      not to keep any of their election promises.

  8. The transcript of MPP Lisa Macleod’s video above CONTAINS ERRORS!

    Notice the difference between what MPP Lisa Macleod actually said:
    “[The PCs would] ensure that there was a moratorium placed on any future wind developments until there are proper environmental and health effects studies assesed.”

    versus what was represented she said:
    “we would implement a moratorium on developments until health and environmental impacts are assessed.”

    Do you see the difference?

    And exactly what is the definition of a “new development”. I’m sure there are lots of voters in lots of communities dying to know.

  9. The PC commitment to implement a “moratorium on future wind turbine developments,” is an insult to the communities that already have been – or are about to be – devastated by negligent, fraudulent industrial wind energy facilities.

    There is ample evidence proving wind turbines have caused harm. Enough to convince the Pro Cons that a moratorium is reasonable.

    So why do the Pro Cons offer NOTHING for the communities being harmed AS WE SPEAK???

    • What a sad day for Ostrander Point!!! Some of us in Prince Edward County have put our hopes in the Provincial PCs for the last many years because they SEEMED to be the only ones listening and willing to ACT to stop the devastation of our natural heritage and IBA status here in PEC as well as on Amherst Island. Have attended town hall by Hudak and our local MPP, as well as pre-election town hall with all parties including Green. Again. the PCs always gave the impression SOMEHOW that they were interested in stopping the willful destruction of rural Ontario. Speaking to your comments on Federal PC PMs support for the Wind Industry and it’s $$$ to bully, bribe, corrupt and pander, it all makes sense now!!! Daryl Kramp, our PC MP has been totally AWOL on this matter so I always suspected there was a hidden agenda, and that everyone was speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Appears that is in fact the TRUTH of the matter. Why I would support an independent or new party where truth might be an election platform. As to the communities that are harmed as we speak, have witnessed the almost daily new approvals, permits, law, and rule changes that go on in order to get as many f***king turbines up as possible. MOE and MNR were driving all those points home and still have in ERT’s etc. as they had lackeys writing new laws daily and providing untruthful evidence to the truthful evidence given by world specialists. Absolutely disgusting.

  10. The Pro Cons are also pledging to “restore locally based decision making power”

    Except – there’s no way in hell I want the buffoons in my municipality enabled to allow wind turbine developments!!!

    Be careful what you wish for!

  11. MPP Lisa Macleod said:

    “Unfortunately, there are people out there trying to distort the Ontario PC position on wind energy for their own political gain.”

    Who might that be? And what is their “political gain”?

    What an accusation!

  12. There is the situation where Capital Power and Stantec are in bed togther but non one objects to this?

    Capital Power is using Stantec for it’s environmental work while at the same time Lowry is on the board of Stantec. Both companies will have financial gain in this arrangement.

    this could be self dealing which is illegal.

    • Typical of Capital Power. Conflict of interest? Yes! Seems to be the way of Capital Power CEO Mike Crawley who is also President of the Federal Liberal Party.
      Use and abuse is the name of his game. Crawley needs to have his wings clipped at the least.

  13. <<<>>

    I will never impute what the PCs will or won’t do re their promises. But one can hardly blame people for no longer being faithful true believers when it comes to politicians and promises.
    But I have said it before and I’ve said it the Bill Walker (MPP). There is no point scrapping the GEA without fixing the flawed MOE noise rules first. The MOE are the source of the problem. Otherwise we are back at the OMB with the developers relying on the MOE approval as their defense and the OMB telling us they have NO authority over what the MOE does. Been there. Done that. Also the MOE have been lying and covering up the extent of non-compliance of existing windfarms with the rules as watered down and flawed as they are. This has been reported in the press. The MOE tells the ERTs that they follow the WHO guidelines. This is another blatant lie. Meanwhile the CMOH and the Enviro Commissar provide cover for the MOE lies. The lies and cover-ups serve to conceal the cause of the problem ….NOT the GEA …but the MOE noise regs.
    No wonder many are disappointed that the lies and misrepresentations by the institutions of government are growing unchallenged.

    Instead of promising to scrap the GEA, the CONS need to promise to scrap the MOE noise rules and enforce the WHO standards on the existing windfarms.

    • Scrapping the GEA in entirety would lead to a worse disaster. It needs to be overhauled with more reasonable rules that protect people — or replaced with a minimal act to cover necessary protections.

      Scrapping it — without a substitute act — could well lead to a multitude of “standards” and worse problems.

      Remember — It’s cheaper to buy a local politician…

  14. GEA has to be scrapped. Gvmt’s mismanagement
    of the energy portfolio will undoubtedly go
    down as the greatest political boondoggle of
    all tume.

  15. Well, I no longer have any confidence in anything the UN is involved in.

    The international parent organization that CAPE belongs to is an advisor to the WHO.

  16. For those who are in favour of Mr. Hudak’s “Right to Work” program – he’s just abandoned it. He’s saying he just wanted to have some debate. Interesting that when he first brought it up it only just passed as platform – even many Conservatives were against it.

    • He backed himself into a corner on that one. He probably made the right move for now. It was a move that need not have been made though.

  17. Making union membership or membership in any organization as a condition of employment is not a good idea.
    Businesses will just locate in places that do not compel union membership and we have already seen plenty of this.
    Union membership is a very desirable thing as it has brought much good to society but not if it is forced upon workers.

    • IF we follow that rationale, let’s do the same with taxes. We can pay or not as we choose, but we still get the benefits. Maybe only those who pay get to choose candidates and vote, but we all still get the benefits.
      Would that work? What’s the difference?

      • I think unions are a necessary evil in many workplaces settings.
        It’s a balance of power. Government and corporations can be corrupt, incompetent and greedy. Without union protection, workers must become “yes people” or be terminated. Individuals can not base decisions on moral and ethical standards, rules, regulations, policy or even laws. Individuals must “go along to get along”. Just look at the ERT, MoE etc. I think this is why many powerful positions in government are “appointed” by those in power as opposed to being elected positions.

  18. By modifying the GEA you would be
    perpetuating the scam. Scrap the GEA,
    scrap the IWT’s and scrap any dickhead
    politician that voted for the GEA.

  19. This forum is about IWTs and not unions.

    Rural Ontarians are not going to be portrayed on this website as being anti-union.

    As for myself I’m not anti-union.

  20. “This forum is about IWTs and not unions.”
    That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. My opinion is that you can’t divide things up into nice little chunks and only discuss the parts you want to. That is just one of my complaints about the ERTs – “That’s a safety issue. We only discuss health.”
    If we discuss IWTs and we discuss who to vote for or against in the upcoming election, then we have to look at their whole platforms – not just their talking points on IWTs.

    “Rural Ontarians are not going to be portrayed on this website as being anti-union.”
    Where did this come from? I forget the name but I recognize the rhetorical gambit/logical fallacy – wasn’t it Vic Tiews (spelling?) who wanted to introduce huge powers for the police to check anyone’s internet usage whenever they wished, in the style of Stalin and Hitler and Big Brother – and when people objected he said you’re either with this law or you’re with the pedophiles. Same BS – different pile. You know better. You’re smarter than that – and so am I.
    Nobody can honestly characterize rural Ontarians as anything – we’re a pretty diverse bunch – even among the activist anti turbine crew.
    But I will say that anyone who supports “Right to Work” as it is in the US is, intentionally or not, anti union. Right to work destroys unions. It puts full control into the hands of business and government and will be abused to the max. See my earlier post above about voluntary taxation. Same nonsense.

    “As for myself I’m not anti-union.”… as long as they know their place and don’t get uppity?

    • Bob:

      Do yourself a favor.

      State your position once and leave it.

      If you really want the opportunity to get elected learn now to state your position — then shut up.

      Stick to your knitting with each group.

      If you want to go and preach to union members — fine give that speech — otherwise…

      If you do get elected — stick to your positions. Whatever you preached during the election — better be on your song sheet after the election. If you have to alter your position — do it after the election — do the speeches and the rounds and the consultations — and at least pretend to care what people think. It goes a long way.

      Just sayin’

      Now you know why politicians have “handlers” — you keep sticking your foot in your mouth — just like they do. Handlers are the ones that grab your elbow and drag you away before you permanently fasten your foot in your esophagus.

      Be sincere! …and remember what they say in Hollywood. When you have learned to fake sincerity — you’ve arrived!

      But hey. If you want to bang the union drum you could lose half your voters — but that shouldn’t concern you! … or should it?

      And it’s Vic Toews (pronounced Taves).

      A lot of us liked him!

      • WillR – it’s good of you to be concerned and I appreciate your desire to be helpful, but I think that, just as we differ on a lot of things, we also differ on how to run my campaign.

        I don’t have handlers and don’t want them. I’d rather make the mistakes. I’m sure I will. Near as I can tell, the handlers aren’t that effective anyway.

        I particularly DON’T want to be like the other candidates. I’m not really expecting to win, and I don’t really care either way. I would like to challenge the party candidates about the nonsense they spew, and I want to offer an alternative for those who believe that you can’t trust any of them. That’s a very common belief, and if you combine it – a huge overlap – with those who believe that choosing one of them over another is a pointless exercise, then you come up with some explanation of why so many people don’t vote.

        I’m doing this because I honestly believe that all the parties are useless lying slime. I don’t believe that any of them care about us except briefly at election time.

        If I don’t do this then I will be one more person complaining but not doing anything. That’s what I’ve done up until now, and I no longer find that acceptable.

        It would be hypocritical to do anything else. Even if every other anti-wind person believed that Tim would save us, I couldn’t go along with that if I didn’t believe it. Add to that that I believe that even apart from the wind issue, he would be a disaster as premier, and the others wouldn’t be much better – given all that, what would you really suggest that I do?

        As for Vic Toews, some of us think he’s a fascist pig. Some people like Rob Ford and some people like Kathleen Wynne. Some people like me.
        There’s no accounting for taste.

      • Toews…… Like the hockey player Jonathan Toews… Currently playing for Team Canada in Sochi.

      • Then I expect you will do more damage than good.

        But — if it makes you happy at our expense — good for you. At least you will have enjoyed yourself — and I will pay the bill with ever larger electrical energy bills.

  21. This website is interested in who are the parties involved in IWTs. there is a need to know where people and organizations stand on wind issues.

    If you are concerned about workers then you might care to persue this issue:
    Ministry Of Northern Development And Mines
    Minister: Michael Gravelle
    Deputy Minister: George Ross who is a known associate of Nicholas Parker and Maurice Strong.

    this makes me wonder about the future prospects for northern Ontario jobs.

  22. Why 24 hour on going construction – rush to build wind turbines?

    1. Scrap (GEA)
    2. Halt – all developments

    Need clarity?

    ‘[excerpt] “Ontario PC Party under Tim Hudak maintains its commitment to scrap the Green Energy Act.

    “That means we would remove subsidies on wind and solar, we would restore locally based decision making and we would implement a moratorium on developments until health and environmental impacts are assessed.’

    Thank you – Esther!
    ‘[excerpt] “Many people like Esther Wrightman of Middlesex County are relying on us to form a government and end this bad plan.

    “The PC Party stands with Esther and everyone else negatively impacted by this disastrous plan.

    “We stand with ratepayers.’

    Vote Conservative!

    Again – Thank you – Esther!

    • Let’s suck on this for a minute!

      ‘[excerpt] we would restore locally based decision making’

      So what mayors – are squirming?

    • “Why is there 24 hour ongoing construction?”
      Often machinery and trained workers are needed elsewhere. Timelines can be tight.

    • Hey Ontario –
      Corrupt Liberals in Ontario – chip away @ our freedom;
      closely parallel our friends in the Ukraine;
      Putin wants the resources and the power.

      The fight to Freedom, and Free Market Capitalism!

      I am a Ukrainian

      ‘[excerpt] Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s defeat is complete as his arch-rival Yulia Tymoshenko is released from prison’

      Vote Conservative!

      • Gas!

        ‘[excerpt] Ousted after Yanukovich beat her to the presidency in 2010, she was jailed in 2011 over a gas deal she signed with Russia.’

        Had Julia Tymoshenko – not signed the gas deal with Putin;
        he threatened to shut the gas off – which would have included
        the supply to Europe.

        Ontario is in a similar situation – with gas.
        Even if we need it – the privateers – can sell it
        to the south………
        and, leave us in the cold.
        We will pay a high price – for Liberal corruption.

        Vote Conservative – please.

      • Live stream….

        ‘[excerpt] Interfax Ukraine news agency is reporting that border security officials prevented a charter flight with Viktor Yanukovych aboard, leaving Donetsk. An aide to the chairman of the State Border Service, Serhiy Astakhov, reportedly told the agency that a charter flight tried to leave Donetsk airport “without the required border clearance”. According to the border guards, Yanukovych was on board.

        What is Putin’s next move?
        Always a great question.
        It should be noted – Obama and Putin – are pals.

        Vote Conservative!

  23. The subsidies are going to be replaced by green bonds or green financing anyway.

    Just to install the 6,700 IWTs and solar panels will require huge amounts of money.
    Illegal money does end up being invested in something.
    There are already banks operating in Canada that have been fined for money laundring in the U.S.
    As I understand, Canada has laxer banking laws than the U.S. has.
    So now Ontarians are faced with the risk of illegal money being invested here.

  24. If people want to follow what will be happening you can find the ministers directives to OPA here…


    Some of them are profoundly stupid of course.

    Moving forward with large renewable energy commitments…

    By 2025 20,000 MW of renewable — and mostly useless power. Get out your wallets! Shaddup and pay!

    YAAAAHHHH! Go Ontario GO! — into the tank!

  25. This is more than conflict of interest when two companies stand to benefit with millions of dollars involved.

    Last time I looked Mike Crawley’s name was not even memtiond among GDF Suez people who are running the corporation.
    Mike Crawley more like a branch bank manager position in this company?

  26. The gift – that keeps on giving

    Ministry of the Environment
    Environmental Programs Division
    Program Planning and Implementation Branch

    ‘[excerpt] As a key pillar in supporting the development of Ontario’s green economy, the Ontario government established O. Reg. 359/09 (Renewable Energy Approvals) under the Environmental Protection Act, on September 24, 2009. The regulation governs the approach to regulating renewable energy generation facilities based on transparency and clear, up-front provincial rules, while ensuring that the environment and human health are protected.

    Since the regulation came into force, certain provisions of the regulation have been identified as needing further clarity or detail to bring them in line with the original intent of the regulation. The Ministry has made amendments to the regulation to strengthen and clarify those provisions.

    The amending regulation was filed with the Registrar of Regulations as Ontario Regulation (O.Reg. 521/10) on December 20, 2010.

    The regulatory amendments come into force on January 1, 2011.’

    It’s an election year (2014) – get rid of your ‘green’ mayor!

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