Plympton-Wyoming to have support at court battle

suncorPetrolia Lambton Independent, Heather Wright
Plympton-Wyoming will be getting some moral support as it begins the first phase of a court battle with Suncor Energy Feb. 26. Last year around this time, facing a 42-turbine project which, in part, is in Plympton-Wyoming, town council passed a bylaw under the Municipal Act to “protect the health of our people,” according to Mayor Lonny Napper.

The bylaw called for turbines to be two kilometers away from homes instead of 550 meters mandated by the Green Energy Act – the provincial legislation which over-rides any local planning. Plympton-Wyoming also placed large fees on each turbine for decommissioning.

The municipality was served notice of a court challenge by Suncor. Plympton-Wyoming vowed to fight the move, hiring lawyer Eric Gillespie who is known for his work with anti-wind activists. Now a court date has been set for the initial statements in the dispute. Read article

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