This is what the Green Energy Act invasion looks like in Ontario

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6 thoughts on “This is what the Green Energy Act invasion looks like in Ontario

  1. I am lost for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cancer in the sky is spreading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – maybe Wynne would like to live next to one of the turbines she loves sooo much!!!!!!!!

    • For years, I have thought McGuinty, Wynne and Hydro bureaucrats should have the privilege of spending a week living with in reach of their beloved IWTs.

      • Yvonne you got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just amazes me that McGuinty and Wynne believe their own verbal garbage!! – that is what really gets me!! – I am pleading with everyone who cares about our communities to call and email your MPP’s and your MP’s and voice your concerns strongly!! -so far I have sent Wynnes’ office no less than 40 emails now regarding the removal of an eagles’ nest in Selkirk Ontario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – well as they say the squeaky well gets the oil !!!

  2. Good advice from ‘Wind Wraith’ early

    “There are approximately 5000 non participating receptor homes in this project…. that translates into at least 15000 people (assuming 3 people per house) who will soon be bombarded by negative effects from the turbines.

    The number to call with complaints about the turbines is the MOE spills line (24 hours a day)

    Make sure you put in at least 1 complaint. The MOE will give you an incident number. Tell MOE that you know the MOE is politically directed and has always intentionally failed to properly enforce the regulations and failed to protect the people.

    Be sure to send a copy of this to your MPP and MP. The federal government seems like it’s starting to be somewhat or slightly concerned about this issue. Federal is bad but not as bad as provincial. Tell your federal MP to direct you to the proper federal department. It’s their office’s job to do that.

    If they say they don’t know tell them to contact me and I will tell them. Or you can contact me directly.

    Don’t make it easy for these clowns to get away with this, complain.

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