Gone With The Wind

Commentary & Photo Essay by Eric Nixon, Hayter-Walden Publications

Three Turbines: The Bornish Wind Energy Centre, a project of Florida-based NextEra Energy, will see the construction of 45 industrial wind turbines in North Middlesex over the next several months. Eventually, Bornish will be joined with the company’s Adelaide and Jericho projects to create a network of about 175 turbines. Several other projects are also in the works by NextEra, Suncor Energy and other companies in Lambton and Middlesex Counties. Photos by Eric Nixon, Hayter-Walden Publications1-Three Turbines

2-Wide Shot Blade AssemblyWide Shot Blade Assembly: The industrial wind turbines being erected by NextEra are GE Energy 1.6-100 models. The installed cost is estimated at between $3-4 million apiece. When operating, each turbine can generate 1.62MW of power. The blade assembly being installed on this 80-metre (260 foot) tower weighs more than 33 tonnes and each blade is almost 50 metres (160 feet) in length. It is estimated that 800 tonnes of concrete is used for the base of each turbine.

Kerwood & Elginfield: Kerwood Road was restricted to one lane for several days last week as crews from Blue-Con Inc. of London drilled a hole for the installation of a massive hydro tower at the corner of Elginfield Road. The augur (centre) uses a giant eight-foot bit to dig the holes where a huge steel rebar cage (seen below the augur) is buried to support the steel hydro towers, which reach heights of 56 feet and will be installed throughout the project area.3-Kerwood & Elginfield

Close-Up Blade: A lone worker stands atop the “nacelle” as the blade assembly is installed on a Bornish wind turbine last Thursday. The nacelle houses the main components of the wind turbine generator and is the size of a bus, weighing over 50 tonnes. It’s also filled with lubricating oil, which is usually the source of most turbine fires. In some installations, nacelles include a helicopter landing pad.4-Close-Up Blade


Transformer Station: Construction continues on NextEra Energy’s Parkhill Customer Transformer Station on Nairn Road, between Cassidy Road and Bornish Drive. The station will take power from the company’s three large wind farm projects, transform it from 115kV to 500kV, and transmit it to Hydro One’s adjacent “Evergreen Switching Station,” which will be constructed on the same property. From there, it will be fed to the existing 500kV Hydro One lines (seen on right).5-Transformer Station

Turbine Truck Blocking Traffic: In addition to the current construction of 80 wind turbines in the Bornish and Adelaide projects and its associated traffic, Elginfield Road has also been cluttered recently with other wind turbine trucks proceeding east past Parkhill. Traffic has been blocked numerous times in both directions over the last few weeks as escorted trucks try to negotiate the corner where Elginfield Road travels north at the intersection of Nairn Road.6-Turbine Truck Blocking Traffic



Stuck Truck: Semi-transport gravel trucks working on the Bornish and Adelaide Wind Energy Centre projects have been involved in numerous accidents and rollovers over the last several months. Adelaide Metcalfe resident Kelly Dortmans submitted this photo of a gravel truck in the ditch at Mullifarry Drive and Brown Road. The rear tires of the vehicle are located at the bus stop where Dortmans’ son was about to be dropped off from school. Dortmans tells The Gazette: “There is nowhere for my son to stand safely. We have abandoned the bus cubby, as it is unsafe for this very reason of poor driving. I don’t even want him walking on the road as these drivers are smoking, on their phones and speeding around the corners with tonsof heavy equipment.”

7-Stuck Truck

Ours was once a quiet, peaceful, near-idyllic rural community where neighbours relied on neighbours and the sound of an occasional truck driving down a back road would catch your attention momentarily as you waved to the people passing by. Generations of families grew up on the farm, banding together to form a community that they were proud to be part of and helped to strengthen through cooperation and collaboration.

Now, it is in the process of being transformed into an industrial zone, where a Florida-based company will pump out high-priced electricity through a series of wind turbine projects, while padding its billion-dollar bottom line. The first part of that industrialization is taking place right now in our own backyard as 45 enormous wind turbines are currently being erected in the Bornish Wind Energy Centre project, which covers a large swath of North Middlesex, along with the Adelaide project near Kerwood.

Hundreds of temporary workers from all over Ontario and the U.S. are involved in the construction, which utilizes large numbers of semi-transport dump trucks, cement mixers, augers, drills, and an assortment of other specialized equipment that’s almost unrecognizable to the average person. In this week’s edition, we take a look at some of the construction that’s taking place – and its consequent results – through a series of photos taken over the last few weeks.

Many residents are shocked at the transformation that’s taking place in our community, while others have discovered it’s pretty much what they expected all along. At the moment, there are serious concerns about safety, with plenty of massive vehicles travelling at high speeds down narrow country roads.

Construction workers who have spoken off the record to numerous residents say the projects’ bosses have fast-tracked the construction in hopes of having the wind centres operational sooner than their projected mid-summer start-up. There are rumours that dump truck operators are being pushed to the maximum and that it’s become hard to retain the drivers and get gravel to the sites on-time, resulting in numerous accidents and rollovers.

One resident said he’s always been worried about the impact the turbines would have once they were erected, but didn’t anticipate the dangers the community would face during the construction itself. The OPP have issued multiple warnings about slowing down, paying extra attention to traffic, and avoiding all area roads near the projects during the construction period.

They’ve also talked with construction supervisors, warning their crews to slow down, use extra caution, and respect the rights of people who live and work in this community. Still, with frequent road closures and blockages, unpredictable traffic, and drivers unfamiliar with local roads, it’s inevitable that more accidents are on the horizon.

And all of this construction is merely a prelude to what lies ahead. The life we knew pre-industrialization will never return. Instead, we are in the midst of watching our community transformed into what is popularly known as a “wind turbine ghetto.” Much like any ghetto, there will be poverty, this time caused by declining property values and an eroding tax base driven by ratepayers choosing to move elsewhere.

There will be increased health issues, affecting our area medical facilities, with many residents in close proximity to the turbines suffering headaches, tinnitus, sleeplessness, nausea and depression, just to scratch the surface.

Many livestock farmers will suffer from a decrease in production resulting from stray voltage. Birds and other wildlife will flee to other areas, creating an eerie calm in the countryside that will be broken up only by the incessant whooshing of the turbines. Family pets will become moody and ill; many will have to be given away or put down. And there will be dozens of other side effects experienced both in our rural areas and in our towns.

Finally, as if adding insult to injury, we will watch as our hydro bills skyrocket, the product of inflated Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contracts signed years ago when our provincial Liberal government decided to reach deep into our wallets and start taking our hard-earned cash for the next two decades, all in a misguided attempt to create Green Energy.

Last fall, the government also announced it will start paying wind turbine companies not to produce energy at times when it isn’t required, rather than being forced to sell off the surplus electricity to the U.S. and other provinces for a fraction of what it’s costing us to produce. It’s absurdity on top of absurdity – and it’s all coming out of our pockets.

Welcome to our new wind turbine ghetto, one which will only increase in size as NextEra and Calgary-based Suncor Energy begin adding several hundred more industrial wind turbines over the coming few years. If you think life here in the ghetto is insufferable now, you ain’t seen nothing yet


37 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind

  1. Is there any way to slow these guys down? “passive resistance”, “non cooperation”. I’m not saying we can stop it, but surely there are creative people out there.

    • Richard:

      It doe not seem like a fit….


      From his deep studies of Gandhi and his own experience, Martin Luther King Jr. developed a list of six facts to help people understand non-violent resistance and join with him in his vision.

      King’s words are as insightful and thought provoking today as they were when he wrote them:

      1. Non-violent resistance is not for cowards. It is not a quiet, passive acceptance of evil. One is passive and non-violent physically, but very active spiritually, always seeking ways to persuade the opponent of advantages to the way of love, cooperation, and peace.

      2. The goal is not to defeat or humiliate the opponent but rather to win him or her over to understanding new ways to create cooperation and community.

      3. The non-violent resister attacks the forces of evil, not the people who are engaged in injustice. As King said in Montgomery, “We are out to defeat injustice and not white persons who may be unjust.”

      4. The non-violent resister accepts suffering without retaliating; accepts violence, but never commits it. Gandhi said, “Rivers of blood may have to flow before we gain our freedom, but it must be our blood.” Gandhi and King both understood that suffering by activists had the mysterious power of converting opponents who would otherwise refuse to listen.

      5. In non-violent resistance, one learns to avoid physical violence toward others and also learns to love the opponents with “agape” or unconditional love–which is love given not for what one will receive in return, but for the sake of love alone. It is God flowing through the human heart. Agape is ahimsa. “Along the way of life, someone must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate,” said King.

      6. Non-violent resistance is based on the belief that the universe is just. There is God or a creative force that is moving us toward universal love and wholeness continually. Therefore, all our work for justice will bear fruit – the fruit of love, peace, and justice for all beings everywhere.”

      There are some points diametrically opposed to the situation…

      • Maybe I am thinking more of “resistance” in terms of a war then. We are resisting an “occupying” force.

      • I agree with you Richard!! – unfortunately the Liberals have gotten away with so so much that they think that they are untouchable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have ruined us financially and now they are going to ruin us environmentally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is why when it get too hot for them they are like rats and will jump ship!! on the taxpayers dime!!!!!

      • Do some searches for “passive resistance during war” some interesting things show up…

        Things like:

        The justification of non-resistance is more easily seen in the case of quarrels between individuals. If I encountered the traditional highwayman, and he demanded my money or my life, I should unhesitatingly give him my money, even if it were in my power to shoot him before he shot me. I should do this, not from cowardice or lack of spirit, but because I would rather part with money than have a man’s blood on my conscience. And for the same reason, if I were compelled to engage in a duel, I would rather let my adversary shoot me than shoot him. In this I believe all humane people would agree. At the same time, if he were a worthless fellow, and I had just made an important mathematical discovery which I had not had time to record, it might be right to preserve my life at his expense. Arguments of this sort would justify civilized communities in defending themselves against savages. But conflicts between civilized nations are more like conflicts between rival metaphysicians, each considering his own system admirable and the other man’s abominable, while to outsiders it is obvious that both are equally fantastic.

        There may be some parallels…

      • Another article worth perusing…

        “Nonviolence is fine as long as it works,” Malcolm X once said. Recently, Columbia University Press published an extraordinary scholarly book that proves how nonviolence works far better as a method for social change than violence. This breakthrough book demonstrates that Gandhi was right, that the method of nonviolent resistance as a way to social change usually leads to a more lasting peace while violence usually fails.

        Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict by Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan uses graphs, charts, sociological research and statistical analysis to show how in the last century, nonviolent movements were far better at mobilizing supporters, resisting regime crackdowns, creating new initiatives, defeating repressive regimes and establishing lasting democracies. Their evidence points to the conclusion that nonviolent resistance is more effective than armed resistance in overturning oppressive and repressive regimes and in leading to more democratic societies.

        This report should cause the whole world to stop in its tracks and take up nonviolent conflict resolution and nonviolent resistance to injustice instead of the tired, old, obsolete methods of war and violence.

        It may also provide some ideas.

      • See this WIki article on the Ruhr. It is probably (surprisingly) the closest analog:


        The Ruhr region had been occupied by Allied troops in the immediate aftermath of the First World War, during the Occupation of the Rhineland (1918–1919). Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles (1919), which formally ended the war, Germany admitted responsibility for starting the war and was obligated to pay war reparations to the various Allies, principally France. The total sum of reparations demanded from Germany—around 226 billion gold marks (US $838 billion in 2014)—was decided by an Inter-Allied Reparations Commission. In 1921, the amount was reduced to 132 billion (at that time, $31.4 billion (US $442 billion in 2014), or £6.6 billion (UK £284 billion in 2014)).[1] Even with the reduction, the debt was huge. As some of the payments were in industrial raw materials, German factories were unable to function, and the German economy suffered, further damaging the country’s ability to pay.[2]

        It is similar in that we are the ones accepting IWTs into “our country” and essentially footing the cost of generating energy for the rest of the province.

        The fact that the energy generation is in many respects useless and exacts an economic penalty (paying Americans to take the power) is in itself a punishment not unlike that of British Prisons where prisoners were forced to perform useless body and sould-breaking labour.

        Something to think about.

      • This “non violent passive resistance” makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but it will not work in this case. Big wind will continue to invade Ontario fast and dirty. A take over of the province is coming down the pike. Ontario, is being blind sided. The time to take action is long past due. In the end..no crying over spilled milk.

      • This is what I have said before – this is like the wild west with out the sheriff !!!!!!!!!!

      • SuperChic:

        Read up on the Ruhr Valley starting with the post I linked to. I was very careful in my material selection as you will note. I do not wish to violate blog policy.

        Surely resistance of some kind is required before we are beggared.

  2. Money will continue to flow into these IWT projects as long as developers and investors think they can make money off from wind energy.

    If it is made clear to these parties that rural Ontarians will form a new province where there will be no money to be made off form wind energy this situation will continue.

    This is a non-violent way to handle this situation. Otherwise there likely will be some violence involved to settle this situation.

    Sometimes difficult choices have to be made. Live with 6,700 IWTs or leave.

    • With 6,700 IWTs there will be no choice to make, for many people. You must leave or be the frog in a pan of water….suffer and die a slow death.
      We have been non – violent with no success in our attempt to stop the turbine. by doing this, we have created a window of time for these weasles to move forwards with their projects.
      These guys are bastards. Fight fire with fire.

    • “If it is made clear that rural Ontario will form a new province…” that’s a pretty big “if”!

  3. Unfortunately we in Ontario area faced with government whos only agenda is lining there own pockets – and all at the expense of the communities and wildlife !!!! I for one am NOT going away!! -I am constantly emailing and making my calls!! now remember what happened to Marie Antoinette!! – and there is no way they have to be putting these turbines up like they are!! – are you benefiting from them!! NO!! then ask yourself who is!!

    • Het Lyn, Governments are corporations that only reasons to make money and we are registered with them as corporations via B.C card as we create joiner to it Although it says in fine print not to us as ID. Believe it or not. This is the fundamental reason we get nowhere as you are a dead fiction to them. It is called fraud and so are these unlawful wind turbines as they are proven to be a health issue.

      If there was no intent to defraud humanity through this trickery, the birth certificate wouldn’t exist, nor would the registration buildings erected to serve this fraud. We had to step back from this illusion to actually see what was really going on and now that we do, we can see how to move forward in prosecuting all of these fraudsters from the bottom up and the top down. If it is fraudulent for us to use a legal name in their system, then so must it be for all of them; mirror,mirror. It is a legal and lawful fact that using something that belongs to another without their permission is theft, infringement of copyright etc. The truth beyond that is the fact that all parents who register their children are being deceived with intent and that those who serve the CROWN dead corpse commit fraud by omission and/or commission, knowingly and/or unknowingly. What’s good for the goose must also be good for the gander.
      This whole game boils down to intent where that concept can be manipulated via assumption and presumption. It is also a maxim that a fraud revealed is null and void, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc; now for then, and then for now. There is no statute of limitations for fraud either legally or universally lawfully. If you want proof of this fraud just call up your local vital statistics and ask their legal department if using the legal name on the birth certificate is fraud and you will quickly see that you will not get an answer and will be sent away with the advice that you need to seek legal counsel on that.
      All you need to ask yourself now is this. “Is fraud a crime?” If the answer is yes, because it is, you now have the tools to privately prosecute anyone and everyone that attempts to dare even ask for your legal name. What most people failed to click on is that THOUGHT is intention so if someone asks for your name they had to have the thought filled INTENT to do so and as a result, they are in universal contract with that thought alone. This was the big clue in the movie “Minority Report” as it was referred to as pre-crime. This is the power of thought in that it is creation itself. A thought is only that but when there is intent placed into that thought as shown by one’s actions, it is manifest reality and the reality of the one whose intentions are being shown in the physical. There a lot more to this

      • Hi novoter!!! thanks for your infot!! – and frankly as far as I am concerned I most certainly am not getting my monies worth from the government!! nor is the rest of the people in Ontario!! – I watched in Selkirk Ontario when they took down that eagles’ nest!! – and I said it before and I will say it again this government has NO MORAL COMPASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • As far as I am concern we have cracked the legal fraud coruption and they are running scared of what we the few know and what are our true powers are.
        They run legal fictions as all things legal is fraud where they use the law society the |BAR to use spells on their spellings to hijack their agendas in legalese English babble talk fraud.
        To many still far to sleepy to understand our government (or control your mind definition in latin) and most will view this as trash.
        They swindled us from a long time ago.and it is up to us to neutralize this fraud if you know how to dispel their spells. All in the phonics

  4. Total DESTRUCTION of Rural Ontario!………………shame on every single politician who is directly or indirectly involved in this disgusting treasonous act!

  5. This project requires financing.So where is this money coming from and what are the sources of this funding?

  6. Are public pension funds involved in this scam? People need to realize what they are financing through mutual funds etc. They need to demand that their money not be used to perpetrate this environmental, social and economic injustice.

  7. Are public pension funds involved? the short answer is yes

    The big issue here is preventing illegal money from being invested in green projects.

    Illegal money does not have to come through U.S. sources but could come directly to Canada by other means.

    The investigation into the illegal activities of the U.S. branch of HSBC took five years. Was the Canadian branch of this bank looked into or other banks who have been caught dealing in illegal money?

  8. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
    A Novel

    by Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Barrows
    (c) 2008 by The Trust Estate of Mary Ann Schaffer & Annie Barrows
    (c) 2009 by Random House, Inc.

    From Juliet to Sophie
    29th August, 1946

    I wonder if Remy shouldn’t be getting homesick for France by
    now? I have been reading an article by a woman named Giselle
    Pelletier, a political prisoner held at Ravensbruck for five years.
    She writes about how difficult it is for you to get on with your
    life as a camp survivor. No one in France–not friends, not fam-
    ily–wants to know anything about your life in the camps, and
    they think that the sooner you put it out of your mind–and out
    of their hearing, the happier you’ll be.

    According to Miss Pelletier, it is not that you want to belabour any-
    one with details, but it did happen to you and you cannot pretend it
    didn’t. “Let’s put everything behind us” seems to be France’s cry.
    “Everything–the war, the Vichy, the Milice, Drancy, the Jews–it’s
    all over now. After all, everyone suffered, not just you.” In the face of
    this institutional amnesia, she writes, the only help is talking with
    fellow survivors. They know what life in the camps was. You speak,
    and they can speak back. They talk, they rail, they cry, they tell one
    story after another–some tragic, some absurd. Sometimes they can
    even laugh together. The relief is enourmous, she says.

    Perhaps communication with other survivors would be a bet-
    ter cure for Remy’s distress than bucolic island life. She is physi-
    cally stronger now–she’s not so shockingly think as she was–but
    she still seems haunted.’

  9. What I’m asking is, suppose someone’s car got stuck in the snow. They could call CAA and get a tow, but that would take a little while. Oh yeah, we don’t need you to give us a push. Safety first, we should wait for our tow.

  10. Right Richard, too many people think that if they wait long enough QP will take care of this situation.

  11. “Not getting your money’s worth?” This is very appalling to those who have left their homes because of illness. More importantly is your health and saving your life. Hmmmm…money or health? People, where are your ethics and values? It appears there is little until it hits you in the pocket book. Shame, shame on you. Money, money, money…makes me sick. I will pray now.

  12. You can have the best prepared legal case that is possible and still lose.
    When you have scientific issues involved in a case and judges who have no scientific education then you are most likely to lose.
    Maybe 85% of the time the judge dosen’t even understand the information that is presented.

    This has been known in legal and technical circles for a number of years. Judges would rather rule in favour of the government (good people) or organizations that are (good people).

    An example of this was in trying tp prove before the courts that computer hackers and those who broke into banks via computers to steal money had done anything wrong.
    It took quite a while before judges understood the damage that was done.

    • All LEGAL Documents
      Posted on February 14, 2014 by kateofgaia
      The header to send back all LEGAL documents

      “I fully accept this paperwork on the following non-assumption, non-presumption terms:
      Inasmuch as all languages/creations are based on sounds and shown via sigils, letters, numbers and words, no assumption and/or presumption can be made solely upon the spellings contained within a single language such as “English” / Angle-man only where all sounds have various definitions in various languages. In short, my definition of your “whirreds” are pure jibberish as I define them where I fully accept this “paperwork” as per my definitions using all available sounds/languages/intent ions as per my positive betterment.

      See the following examples for your issuing this jibberish: I only speak Phoenician, the root of Roman Civil Law and the basis of all man made laws/jibberish in defiance of natural law/sound;
      Ontario: on, to be on top of, tar, a road surface material and io/e-owe/no-owe with e as a prefix meaning “no” etc…..????
      Superior: Sous, French for under or a tribe of Indians, Sioux, Sue, a girls calling, peer or pier, someone who is deemed equal or a place to tie up a boat and “ior”, Eyore, a stuffed animal from Winnie the Pooh etc…..????
      Court: Core, the center of something, coup, coo, a sound a pidgeon makes, couer, meaning heart in French, curt, where the “o” is silent as it can be in many whirreds, sort, where a “c” can be sounded as an “s” or f, or ph, k, ch etc……”T”, which is the comparable in the Phoenician sigils that is a circle with an “X” inside it akin to a sniper’s rifle scope etc….
      No assumption or presumption can be made using this undefined intent that has been sent and will not be accepted and fully accepted at the same time based only on my interpretations of the sounds created as per my understanding of the sounds and noone else’s.

      Please send back with every word defined, with references, glossary of definitions using whatever dictionaries/Ares used, accessed, understood where I use all definitions/de (of) Phoenicians as per my free will, thank you.”;

  13. I’ve been told that, on average, somebody has to hear or read something seven (7) times before it can be fully comprehended. This would be in keeping with the 85% incomprehension rate of judges described by Barbara. But judges are supposed to have above-average skill and intelligence.

    Some would be inclined to view this as incompetence and a form of laundry?

  14. …in the sense that– failure to improve or correct known problems of critical importance to society, acts to legitimize dirty money.

  15. Here is an interesting article on how everything will be better with more sustainable lives:

    Resistance is inevitable, but as history shows, so is change. Reducing individual workloads and distributing the hours among more people could increase personal well-being, temper climate disruption, and foster a stable, equitable world economy, according to the New Economics Foundation in London and the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, D.C.

    “There’s no such thing as sustainable growth, not in a country like the U.S.,” Worldwatch senior fellow Erik Assadourian says. “We have to de-grow our economy, which is obviously not a popular stance to take in a culture that celebrates growth in all forms. But as the saying goes, if everyone consumed like Americans, we’d need four planets.”

    Whether you move to a smaller house or an apartment, downsize to one or no car, or simply have fewer lattes to-go, a smaller paycheck could reduce consumption overall.

    “If we had a livable wage and could each work a 20-hour week,” Assadourian says, “we’d have time to choose more sustainable options that are also better for ourselves.

    One of the comments:
    Ghostmaker • 2 days ago

    I’m sure all the heads of the Sierra Club are living a poverty lifestyle…. NOT!

    Deborah Sorondo

    Carl Pope
    Chairman (2010)

    Michael Brune
    Director (2010)
    not yet reported

    Louis Barnes

    Bruce Hamilton
    Deputy Exec Director

    David Simon
    Director Info & Communication

    If you read the comments — it’s quite interesting. All of the people advocating economic collapse and transition to renewable power — make big bucks $$$. So they don’t worry about having to scrape by.

    Ontario is doing it’s part — by collapsing the economy to benefit big sicties and progressive voters by screwing rural residents.

    …and like voting NDP will fix this attitude…. rigggghhhhhhttttt! Sure thing there baby!

  16. “If” is a big word and those at QP, developers, and investors have never been informed as to the possible actions that rural Ontarians can take if the present course they are is continued.

    Many have been led along thinking that the next election will change things.

    The present government will promise urban voters everything they can to get their votes.

    It’s time rural Ontarians come togther and make some decisions about their future.

    Fighting one ERT and/or court case at a time won’t do the job.

    Then there are others who only want to fight this on health issues alone while ignoring other IWT issues.

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