MPP Scott calls for moratorium on wind projects

DSCN1672My Kawartha
(QUEEN’S PARK) Laurie Scott, MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, along with her caucus colleagues, demanded the premier call a moratorium on wind developments during today’s Question Period (Feb. 24). “This government is turning its back on its own rules and on the people of Ontario by approving wind generation projects against the wishes of Ontarians and local municipalities and excusing developers who break the rules in building their wind turbines,” stated Ms Scott in a press release.

“In my own riding they are ignoring the wishes of local residents and the Canadian Buddhist Association, they haven’t consulted sufficiently with the Curve Lake First Nation, and they are putting the protected Oak Ridges Moraine at risk by approving the Sumac Ridge wind turbines.”

A bus load of individuals from Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock came to Queen’s Park today to protest the approval of the Sumac Ridge wind turbine project. The joined with Mothers Against Wind Turbines and other opponents of wind turbines from around the province at a protest to try to get the government to hear their concerns, the release states. “These people have been forced to come to Queen’s Park to protest because the government is not listening to them,” said Ms Scott. “I was proud to speak at their protest today but unfortunately I don’t believe the government is paying any attention.” Read article

One thought on “MPP Scott calls for moratorium on wind projects

  1. unfortunately I don’t believe the government is paying any attention.
    Well yes, and how many years now? And how many other other issues are we experiencing in there fraud?
    Are you all getting the idea they do not work for us?
    Are you sick of constantly protesting and spending huge amount of begging and writing to your babysitters that they are mishandling us?
    How many times do you need a kick in your as ses to real eyes their bull sh it.?
    Please let me know how many more months of this fraud are we going to take this?
    Just look at Rob Ford if we had done what he has done all on video,would you still be free to roam around and probably be in some jail cell. How come these people with some sort of authority thee public servants get away with this stuff and there is so many past and present that we forget what is really going on.
    We are being led astray and letting these public servant be reversed and we are there servants.
    Sounds silly but true.

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