Armow Wind hearing concludes

armowSaugeen Times, by Liz Dadson
Over a month after wrapping up testimony in the appeal against the Armow Wind Class 4 wind turbine development, the Environmental Review Tribunal was back in Kincardine Friday morning (Feb. 21), to hear closing statements by the parties and the participants. Held at the Kincardine municipal administrative centre, the hearing opened with statements by Asha James, counsel for the appellants, Ken and Sharon Kropelin of Kincardine Township.

She argued that the Supreme Court of Canada and the Ontario Court of Appeal do not need proof of causation, with a medical professional. An inference can be made, without a diagnosis, she said. The symptoms experienced by the post-turbine witnesses indicate that but for the turbines, they would not have suffered any adverse health effects.

With regard to the charter test, James said there is a probability that turbines cause harm to human health, which is why the Canadian government is spending money to research how turbines affect people’s health. Read article

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