Quiet nights

nightWellington Times, Rick Conroy
It’s a simple plan. But it may be just the thing to slow down the epidemic of industrial wind turbines spreading across rural Ontario. Warren Howard is a councillor in the municipality of North Perth and lives in Listowel. He is a retired banker and understands bureaucratic processes better than most. He thinks he has come up with a way to thwart the provinces heavy handed Green Energy Act (GEA).

Howard’s plan is to create a bulletproof municipal bylaw that prohibits industrial noise in a rural area at night. That’s it. It sounds simple—and it is—but Howard has done his homework.

He has been working with municipal lawyer Kristi Ross. Together they have discovered that while the Green Energy Act took away virtually all the municipality’s tools to manage, control and oversee the construction of these massive structures in its community—it left intact provisions municipalities use to govern nuisance noise. Read article

6 thoughts on “Quiet nights

  1. Another means of dealing with IWTs but how long will it take QP to close this loophole if this is not done quickly?
    At least this can reveal who the proponents of IWTs are.

    • I thought the same thing when reading the article Barbara…he should have tried to do this quietly…..no doubt QP is already looking into closing any loopholes on behalf of their industry

  2. There is word today – David Suzuki and Pembina;
    are celebrating the chaos
    @ the local level of government.

    ‘[excerpt] Coalition of municipalities seek to protect health and
    safety of residents near industrial wind turbines’

    A Coalition of municipalities – imagine that;
    ………just send money!

    Hold that right there!

    • I have been told that David Suzuki wants to dance on my grave.

      That’s fine. My will requires that I be buried at sea.

      Dance away David!

  3. Will, you do realize David Suzuki has been rumoured to be able to walk on water…
    How about burial in a lava flow field?

    • His much vaunted ability to walk on water has been found equal to his ability to understand Climate Science and Energy Generation. I think it’s a safe bet that I will achieve my objective.

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