Taxes, turbines dominate talks between province and mayors

divorceToronto Sun, By Antonella Artuso
[excerpt] The issue of rising hydro rates and unpopular wind turbines dominated much of the session. Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli said repeatedly that the provincial government was not prepared to violate any signed deals under the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program to bring renewable energy projects to Ontario. “We are not going to break contracts,” Chiarelli said, noting that didn’t work out so well with two gas plants.

The government’s decision to relocate gas plants planned for Mississauga and Oakville cost as much as $1.1 billion. Kevin Eccles, mayor of West Grey in southwestern Ontario, drew laughs when he asked Attorney General John Gerretsen if he could intervene on behalf of unhappy municipalities. “The FIT contracts that came out a little while ago forced a marriage onto unwilling host municipalities,” he said. “So I’m wondering Mr. Gerretsen, will you put into legislation where we can get a divorce?”

Gerretsen replied, “Divorce is a federal issue.” Read article

6 thoughts on “Taxes, turbines dominate talks between province and mayors

  1. Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli –
    puppet for the – Ontario Power Authority (OPA) –
    and, the OPA lawyers – love it!

    And, the local mayors – [they know who they are]
    certainly have done a good job – in supporting the Liberal agenda;
    and, ‘unwilling host’ – has served them well –
    while processing – building permits – for wind turbines!

    Kabuki Theatre @ the local level of government.

    What a pathetic bunch of mayors!

  2. Roots matter!

    Community organizer –
    unelected – and, wants to be known as
    Ontario’s first – Social Justice Premier –
    only spells ‘HELL’ –
    as long as the poor – stay poor;
    and, vote Liberal/NDP – to be saved
    and, the middle class – collapses – in the process.

    ‘[excerpt] TORONTO – The Ontario government will take a “moderate” approach to balancing the provincial budget that doesn’t cut spending at the expense of municipalities, Premier Kathleen Wynne says.

    “The notion that we can right now as a government step back from supporting communities and supporting investment is just not right,” Wynne told the combined Ontario Good Roads Association and Rural Ontario Municipal Association Annual Conference Wednesday. “Our plan is practical, it’s steady, it’s balanced … it’s not focused on cutting, it’s not focused on slashing because austerity has a cost.”

    In the traditional “bear pit” that followed Wynne’s speech, cabinet ministers were pressed on a number of issues of concern to municipalities, including the impact of provincial decisions on property taxes.’

    Wynne – Social Justice [code for communism]

  3. All this did was to shift the $2 billion cost onto some other kinds of taxes.

    They wouldn’t have to break IWT contracts if they didn’t keep on signing them.

  4. “We are not going to break contracts,” Chiarelli said, noting that didn’t work out so well with two gas plants.

    Silly man! It kept the Liberals in power did it not? It seems to have worked out great — for them. Even if it really turned power over to the NDP — in reality. Now, it’s obvious, they just act as agents for the NDP who want to see ever more wind turbines and solar panels emptying our wallet.

    Create a huge crisis — then volunteer to save us from the disaster they created.

    It’s not like Liberals are footing the bill.

    Liberals mostly live in cities and have Hydro bills of $100 a month or less. They rely on Natural Gas far more than their rural neighbours who are forced to use electricity for heating their water and oil or Propane for their furnace.

    Only in the small towns can rural people turn to Natural Gas for an alternative and cheaper fuel — and they should switch wherever they can.

    I urge people to seek out and examine alternative fuels. Switch the tax and GAM burden back to the cities wherever possible.

  5. With the creation of the Green Energy Act, the Ontario government changed laws that
    protected the health of the citizens of Ontario; changed laws that required an Environmental Assessment to determine the impact of new development on the environment; and changed laws so that the authority of municipal councils has been undermined. The rural citizens have had their municipal councils stripped of their planning rights to control the siting of Industrial Wind Turbines in their communities. Citizens of rural communities have been denied their democratic right to participate in the planning of their community. The Green Energy Act is a regressive piece of legislature that deliberately disenfranchises the rural citizens of this province by providing more rights to the private for profit – frequently foreign – multinational industrial wind turbine corporations.
    Someone mentioned that the Original Group of Five that masterminded the Green Energy Scheme were George Smitherman, John Gerretsen, Leona Dombrowsky , Donna Cansfield and John Wilkinson.

  6. These were the MPPs but others outside of the government were involved as well. The ENGOs were also involved.

    The McGuinty government took it upon themselves to remove the rights of the people. Urged on by people like Al Gore who said it was necessary for governments to do this because the citizens would not alllow this to happen if left to decide these issues. Of course done in the name of saving planet earth.

    And this has turned out to be just another big money making scheme.

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