NextEra Middlesex wind projects to turn on by end of June

IMG_0467John Miner, London Free Press
Giant turbines now under construction at wind farms in Middlesex County should be generating electricity by the end of June, according to a project manager with NextEra Energy Canada. “It has been an incredible winter. It has had an impact but we are working through it,” said Nicole Geneau of NextEra.

NextEra Energy Canada is a subsidiary of U.S. energy giant NextEra, the largest generator of wind and solar power in United States with a portfolio that also includes nuclear energy and natural gas. NextEra Energy has five wind farms in the London region, three with the necessary provincial approvals in place for construction – Adelaide, Bornish and Bluewater.

Two others, Goshen in Huron County and Jericho in Lambton and Middlesex Counties are still awaiting their final approvals under Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act. Read article

8 thoughts on “NextEra Middlesex wind projects to turn on by end of June

  1. What I think NextEra should include in their portfolio is ruining rural communities and the wildlife within!!! – lets call a spade a spade

  2. “…ruining the communities and the willife within”, and KILLING people who live in the community. Call it a spade if you like.
    How about calling for Shylock’s “a pound of flesh”…

  3. Yeah Super Chic you got that RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I yet again have emailed the premier of this province & stated that she and her office should get plugged in as to what I s really going on with these so called wind turbines!! and to watch videos of how the birds are sliced in half flying near and about the turbines!! truly it is sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s not difficult to spin financial information to suit your agenda.

    NextEra reports in its SEC documents that the company relies on subsidies in its renewable energy business sector.

    If there were no FIT contracts this company would not be in Ontario.

  5. Goshen and Jericho wind project!
    Components for these 2 projects are being stockpiled on bornish wind sites

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