Sumac Ridge ERT Hearing Adjourned until April 8th

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UPDATE: Sumac Ridge from COKL Councillor Heather Stauble
I am attaching a copy of the Order that was issued yesterday regarding the Environmental Review Tribunal on the Sumac Ridge Wind Project adjourning the Hearing until at least April 8th, 2014.

At the beginning of this process, the Director at the Ministry of the Environment came forward acknowledging that a noise receptor had been identified that was within the 550m setback established under the Green Energy Act regulations (O. Reg 359-09).

The Tribunal has now cancelled all Hearing Dates and called an Adjournment until April 8, 2014 at which time the Tribunal will re-assess the status of the proceedings. The Director at the Ministry of the Environment must now bring forward his decision to revoke, amend or take no action in writing. Read article

3 thoughts on “Sumac Ridge ERT Hearing Adjourned until April 8th

  1. Is this “adjournment” a ploy to get this out of the media? I noticed the National Post mentioned a few (federal) conservatives tweeted complaints…

  2. When people are put in danger of losing thier licenses then they have to defend their work and explain why these measurements are so far off.

    Time to demand that their licenses be suspended pending a hearing.

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