Turbine appellant concerned about drinking water safety

well waterThe Post, Patrick Bales
WEST GREY – A West Grey man is appealing to the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) to overturn approval for a wind turbine project near Priceville. Leonard Van Den Bosch of the former Glenelg Township has appealed the MOE decision to the Environmental Review Tribunal.

In January, the ministry gave the go ahead to the 14-turbine East Durham Project, developed by NextEra Canada. Van Den Bosch, who was not available for comment, owns property in the direct vicinity of where the turbines are proposed to be erected. He currently does not live on the property full time, but it has been part of his family for a number of years and his plan is to retire there.

That’s what Joan Rawski and her husband did. The Rawskis moved from Kitchener to get away from city life. Soon after they settled on their hobby farm, they discovered they were living approximately 1km from the closest turbine proposed for the East Durham Project. Read article

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  1. As someone who spends a great deal of time consulting in the geological sciences that one concerns me gravely:

    (From the article.)
    The concern is that some of the chemicals in the concrete, such as phallium, cadmium and mercury , will seep into the drinking water and poison it.

    Cadmium and Mercury I am very familiar with. I shudder when I think of what phallium might be. If those rotten companies are really making such a substance from the landowners that oppose them I can only urge the strongest possible action.

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