Travels with NexTerror…

Dear NexTerror,
On Friday we (the 3 sisters, yes them) just wanted to Tweet you a #FF (but for your company that translates to: “F@#$ you Friday”). I suppose it was a regular “Follow Friday” too, as we followed your destruction around our neighbourhood, or more like ran into it on every damn road we drove up.

In the Adelaide project we admired what big teeth you have. “All the better to eat you with,” you replied.

We travelled, like good women, down our country roads, with a crane in front and behind our vehicle.  And then you blocked the road with your pickup truck (no flag men). Hm. Well. If you are going to make us stop, we will make you stop.

Oh no not again. Every damn road your trucks are telling us to move over, let you through.  Ladies first, dammit! Your towers can back up, and your gravel truck can get on the right side of the road, please and thank you. And you did, because your only other option was to run us over, and we were on the right side of the road, and you (again) had no flag men or warning signs for blocking an entire road with your monstrosities.

Even along Elginfield Rd, where you are cutting down every tree “in the way” for your transmission line, you don’t have flag men. Just too much shit you have to get done and not enough bodies to waste on safety, eh?

Of course we had to then admire what big transmission poles you have on Kerwood Road…

But you out did those babies and brought two blades up the road, and said “Look at these!” We said we’d like to have a verrrrry long look at them, for an hour, so just stay put.

And you did. Not without nearly hitting us with your pickups and cement trucks though. This driver should be in jail. Maybe you should give your workers one more education seminar: on human rights, and freedom of expression. You can teach them on the very first day that they are not allowed to run over protesters. That would even be good for your company image. (Oh yeah, and these blades, your Quebec driver told us they were bringing them in from…Idaho?)

We went up to Roddick Road, to see what you have been up to. The roads are a mess, by the way. Wonder how that happened.

And you guys followed… 3 pickup trucks surrounded us as I took picture from the road. We thought you might like your truck decorated for the picture too? Is that why you came? You said, “Don’t touch my truck”. We say, “DON’T touch our COMMUNITY!”

This used to be the most beautiful view in Middlesex County. And yes, that does mean something to people who love our land. DSC_0844

19 thoughts on “Travels with NexTerror…

  1. These IWT’s won’t last long.
    All this pile from nexterror are all the same.
    They are all made by G.E.
    They just had one burn down last week in Quebec! Fire dept watched as they could do nothing until they put themselves out.
    These are all being built with no fire suppression or fire protection in our back yard! Can’t we at least force them to do this?
    What will it take for these corporations to at least try and do this destruction in a safe way?
    Maybe time to move?

  2. Why is the OPP escorting these turbine parts around? Seems to me that they have better things to do in the name of public safety than acting as an escort service.

    • Maybe this is why we are paying an OPP’s exorbitant salary of $90,000+ per year, this being considered danger pay, as one of these wind turbine parts could fall on them….

      • I understand the OPP are making extra money by escorting turbines. It is over and above their regular salaries…

  3. Ontario is now being governed by criminals……….it’s that simple. That’s why they won’t call an election because they know that’s the only legal way to oust these disgusting tyrants from their tax payer supported lifestyles!
    It’s also sad that some of your own Councils have propped up these treasonous gangs. Make sure they remember that this is their last year in public service or should I say public destruction. 2014 will the year of a massive Rural House Cleaning however the stench will remain for quite some time! Nexterror’s especially!

  4. The destruction of the place we were born and raised is beyond words. Those who have allowed these terrible Industrial Wind Turbines to arise here live here and may someday pay a terrible price with health issues or hitting one of these steel transmission poles. Worse is that the innocent who live here and have no rights to vote against these Industrial Wind Turbines. As far as I am concerned there should have been a vote in each municipality by everyone living in the municipality to say yes or no to this whole event. Under the Liberal government of Ontario there is absolutely no democracy. Wait until the Greater Toronto Area will be getting hit with high hydro bills. That is when they will finally wake up. I am always amazed that the Toronto folk believe that nothing exists beyond Toronto. I go there for meetings regularly and I am totally amazed that when they ask you where you are from they have no idea where that is.

    • You got that right. I am in Kitchener-Waterloo. Many people are not even aware of the noise, let alone the health problems. This needs to change. It needs coverage in the mainstream media. Can we target CBC? A video campaign? I don’t know.
      I did hear Shellie from MAWT today on local radio (1010 AM), Wynne “call in” show.
      That made my day :).

  5. I have said this before. Without landowners permission these monsters would not be erected in our communities. It is time to blackball these land weasels. Cut service,cut communication,cut income if possible.Make them feel like what they are. They have stolen our land values,our health and our serenity of our lands. Too much talk and niceness . They are thieves, treat them as such.

    • How many of these land owners actually live in the communities. Here is their money making scheme: Put in turbines. When the neighbours leave, buy their land at reduced prices. When turbines finally come down, sell the land at inflated prices. Build resorts there for rich city folks.
      Call my CynicalRichard.

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