Are the Liberals proud of THIS?

South Kent Wind turbine Project – Samsung Pattern – Chatham Kent

48 thoughts on “Are the Liberals proud of THIS?

    • Liberals have no conscience and sleep fine…..also, they are not forced to listen to turbine noise in their bedrooms, ALL NIGHT LONG.

      Perhaps, the non-participating homeowners should make the most of their sleepless nights by doing their farm chores at 2 am. I’m sure the greedy, turbine hosting neighbors wouldn’t mind the noise!

  1. Money talks! Did the property owners of these homes also allow them to be installed on their land? Shame! When is this scam going to end? People need to find a way to chop they down.

  2. No reason to chop them down. They have no fire protection in them? Look on line! They all eventually catch on fire!
    That’s where we can thank the government. They are forcing us and not even trying to do the job safe!!
    There are no turbines in our province with any sort of fire suppression?

  3. About to be replicated in Ashfield, Huron Co, where Samsung is part of the giant K2 wind plant.
    All appeals to ERT, Chater court cases, public demonstrations mean nothing to the McGuiny-Wynne Liberals. They and their wind developer cronies are determined to press forward as long as they can cling to power. Simply put, they do not have to live next to the wind factories, tough luck on those who do, they don’t vote Liberal anyway.

    • They are too arrogant and ignorant to comprehend the full horror of what they have done. No one should be allowed to do this much damage, to so many people, and still walk free.

  4. “Phallic Symbols” representing the Liberal’s “parasitic greed culture”…………. visible for all to see for decades! ………………………Adios Rural Ontario!

  5. The Liberals don’t care about you and I – they only care about there own agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have no moral compass!! and they don’t care what they throw into the faces of the people of Ontario – I urged everyone to get out and vote this next provincial election!! – we can’t afford another term of the Liberals!!!!!!!! Wynne can hula hoop her way around on Ontario in her good ship Lollipop – but if it quacks like a duck walks like a duck – IT IS A DUCK!!!!!!!!!!! lets all of Ontario show that we care about this province and give her and the Liberals a boot!!!!!!!!!

      • The Liberals you do not care about you or I – they only care about their own agenda!! while Wynne Hula hoops around Ontario – on her good ship Lollipop!!! lets show the Liberals that they are NOT wanted in Ontario anymore!! – get out and vote this coming election!!!!

    • Thanks Barbara! Whilst the PCs are the only party to ‘promise’ they will stop the wind energy scam there is nothing out there to suggest, so far, they have any real intention of actually taking action against the wind energy crooks.
      Andrew Watts

  6. There is a bigger agenda here, and it would seem everyone MIGHT be on board! bar the Onario public hosts

  7. The Liberals do not care about you or I !! they only care about their agenda!! – while Premier Wynne Hula Hoops around Ontario on her Good Ship Lollipop!!! I say vote them OUT this next Provincial Election!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say to everyone vote them OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we can’t afford another term with them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. They have no pride, have accepted their payment, and don’t have the moral character to admit they have been wrong. Sadly we no longer have any political party to do much better.
    We have been conned and, so far, deserve no more than the political incompetence we have all accepted as our idea of democracy!
    The biggest fault lies with ourselves.
    Democracy dies when we freely accept any government that no longer believes in democracy.
    Andrew Watts

    • Wait – my skirt is stuck on a nail – I can’t think!
      I hate when that happens.

      I’ll give it my best shot……….
      In search of democracy – in a Free Nation.

      It sounds sketchy!

  9. Of course they are proud of these images. A monstrous turbine sprouting out of the ground is the very essence of their prophecy being fulfilled. What’s not to be proud of?

  10. Ro

    To imply that the Lib’s could possibly be proud
    of the carnage imposed on rural Ontario would
    ergo imply that the idiots have some notion of
    the reality of what is going on on the world,
    which they do not. These political morons are
    in love with the concept of ‘green energy’
    while totally oblivious to the truth of its
    uselessness, destruction and cost.

  11. Andrew is correct – this is not democracy – we live in a democratic dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we as Ontario/Canadians have just gone along with it!!! – we have to make the change!!!

  12. Toronto Life, Feb.22, 2012

    About Glen Murray:
    “Brought in from Winnipeg and remade as an influential member of McGuint’s inner circle.”

    Information in this artice, if followed, opens the door to Toronto politics.
    How many people in rural Ontario could even find out about GTA politics?
    Rural people are just outsiders.

    This article also makes it clearer the difficult situation that rural PC MPPs face.

    • Do you mean the goofball that said this:

      Murray said climate change has helped create chaotic weather conditions that make snow removal trickier.

      A winter of little precipitation might be followed by a winter of large snow falls and then melts, he added.

      “So the challenges are certainly greater than they were before,” Murray insisted.

      Yup, Liberals can make a victim out of anybody, including their incompetent selves.

      • Wow Gord, this sounds like Alice in Wonderland stuff . . .

        My fears about the claims coming from Hudak are that most of the remaining turbine contracts will have already been awarded/ started by the time an election takes place, so the liklihood of the PCs having to actually take much effective remedial action on the IWT disaster is very slim!

  13. We live in an overly regulated democracy,
    where our political options are tweedle dee
    and tweedle dum, both espousing minor
    variations of the same policies.

  14. Glen Murrary – and why you should give a F***

    ‘[excerpt] Glen Murray had never failed before… Then, in 2004, he lost his campaign for a seat as a Manitoba MP, a race he fully expected he’d win…
    That summer, happy to have the distraction, he agreed to travel across the U.S. and study regional economic development for the American State Department…
    Less than 24 hours after returning to Winnipeg, he took a call from the blue-chip Toronto architect Jack Diamond, who was busy building the city’s new opera house. What was Murray doing now, Diamond wanted to know, and would he like to come to Toronto? Diamond, along with the Ace Bakery founder and philanthropist Martin Connell, had pulled together an A-list of urban-issue-obsessed Torontonians who wanted Murray here. John Fraser, the master of Massey College, was on the list, as were Michael Goldbloom, then publisher of the Toronto Star, and George Baird, then dean of U of T’s faculty of architecture, landscape and design. Murray soon had a stack of job offers—a senior residency at Massey College, a fellowship in the faculty of architecture, a position at the Toronto Star writing an urban affairs column—all of which he’d accept. The city had rolled out the red carpet.’

    ‘[excerpt] He further alienated his supporters with his decision to abandon the mayoralty partway through his second term (he’d promised to stick it out) and run for the Liberals in the 2004 federal election. It reeked of old-style backroom deal making, particularly when then–prime minister Paul Martin opened up a riding for Murray by offering the incumbent, John Harvard, the position of Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba. The riding, Charleswood–St. James…’

    ‘[excerpt] The moment he arrived in Toronto, Murray was busy, and not just with the many positions he’d accepted. He also worked as a consultant for Navigator, the public relations firm run by the legendarily well-connected Jaime Watt, who is both an early advocate of gay marriage and a one-time architect of Mike Harris’s Common Sense Revolution…’

    ‘[excerpt] He spoke of revitalizing the concept of the individual as citizen rather than taxpayer… His performance could just be a shining web of buzzwords, skillfully chosen to placate the anxieties of liberal-minded people who see the country’s agenda being snatched from them by the forces of darkness.’

  15. If the land owners who do this to their own communities and fellow neighbors don’t care, then the politicians sure as heck don’t! They are very proud to be destroying rural Ontario. That’s the plan.

  16. Liberals @ Goodbye King Coal Party –
    and, somehow this makes sense;
    but, of course –
    collapse the economic engine:
    Good-bye – Coal

    ‘[excerpt] Kathleen Wynne ‏@Kathleen_Wynne Feb 28

    #CEIS2014 is about a smart, sustainable energy future, join us:

    ‘[excerpt] About the Canadian Energy Innovation Summit

    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is proud to host energy leaders from across Canada at the Canadian Energy Innovation Summit. The Summit will help facilitate partnerships across the energy and innovation sectors to strengthen Canada’s ability to compete in international markets and create good jobs. Topics will include successes in energy innovation, opportunities for growth in clean energy technology, energy innovation as an economic driver and tapping into international markets.’

    ‘[excerpt] Kathleen Wynne ‏@Kathleen_Wynne Feb 27

    Honoured to accept a certificate on behalf of the Ontario government at the Goodbye King Coal Party for our efforts to end coal burning.

    Liberal Crony!…..old enough – to know better.

    And, there you have it!

  17. These people have enough political clout to bring in an outsider, provide him with jobs and then get him elected to the OLA with the view that he would become a future Premier.

    Where does this leave rural Ontarians?

  18. DoNoHarm 17:01

    That is precisely the Wynne strategy, backed up completely by Horwath. There is no shortage of electricity Supply now, thus no great hurry to construct more IWT. The goal is to get as many contracts inked as possible so that a succeeding government cannot afford the cancellation costs.Many of these smaller wind outfits would be happy to sue and not have to build anything, but they will get their government pay out. From the 3 legal cases already faced by Liberals it won’t come cheap.

    • Martin! I’m intrigued! Who is the ultimate authority in a supposed democratic society? Is it the elected government and its judicial system, or is it global, non-national corporations, making profits from corporate welfare?
      Even if the ‘ is an ass..’ I can’t see why a future government, based on existing evidence, shouldn’t be able to not only cancel and revoke all FIT contracts but also sue the companies involved for full and total reparation for all the harm they have done?
      If the law exists to be impartial and to first and foremost offer protection from harm to its citizens their should be a convincing legal argument for a case of criminal negligence against the Ontario wind energy industry?
      Andrew Watts

      • Not being a lawyer, I cannot answer your questions. I would hope what you say is correct, that the elected government can enter into or amend contracts as it sees fit.
        However I am making my points on the three examples of recent canceled plans for energy plants in Ont. The 2 gas plants were terminated at about $1.1B. Trillium Power has won the right in court to sue Ont for its off shore wind plant which never got beyond a planning stage. The latest claim for damages is reported to be $500M, down from a starting claim of $2.25 B. This for “malfeasance in public office”
        Granted they have yet to win damages, but they will certainly try.
        I just think that a company like Samsung got some iron clad assurances from contracts McGuinty signed that they would prosper from the deal, whether any IWTs ever got constructed or not. I blanch at the thought of McGuinty and a few aides signing deals with this corporation.

      • Thanks Martin! I think you and I probably feel pretty much the same..
        The link posted by ScepticalGord shows at least one legal opinion that claims a provincial government can cancel FIT contracts.
        But that’s exactly what Smitherman and McGuinty did isn’t it? Dealt directly with Samsung(and others)behind closed doors, and agreed contracts with no parliamentary or public consultation?
        One of the many reasons I still don’t understand why no one in our supposed independent judicial system has ever suggested bringing criminal charges against both government and the wind energy industry?
        Andrew Watts

      • Thanks ‘Sceptical’! Trouble is that this government and our legal system appear to get more and more in ‘lockstep’. I’m not sure the lawyers, just like the Liberal government, have not invested so much time in supporting the wind energy industry, and being paid very well for doing so, that a change of government would make them behave any differently? Many of the judges appointed in Ontario have been ‘liberal’ appointees! I think Timmy, should a Conservative government be elected with a majority they would still face an uphill battle………..
        The only bright spot in the entire fight is that one of very few cases heard in court, Wainfleet Council versus Rankin, when the judge ruled that Wainfleet were authorized to approve a 2km Safe Set Back Distance. I still don’t understand how that ended up being a loss to Wainfleet when he went on to suggest that under the GEA the Bylaw would likely be ruled ‘invalid’!!! There is an upcoming suit I think where that same term ‘invalid’ has already been used. Being a layman not a lawyer I see a huge difference between something being ‘invalid’ rather than ‘illegal’? I still regret that Wainfleet didn’t appeal that ruling!
        Regardless of all that, of course, if a Tory government did immediately hand back full planning authority to the municipalities it would be a reason to vote for them.
        Andrew Watts

      • I have it on good authority that the PCs do not need to have a majority in order to get rid of the GEA.

        The GEA, as it was explained to me, is a regulation that can be altered by a sitting government without having it voted on in the house. In other words, the Liberals and NDP, while groping each other in bed, would not be able to vote together to stop this from happening.

        Even if the above turned out not to be true, I was told that the PCs would be able to gut the GEA by increasing the setbacks or decreasing the allowable noise threshold to the point of rendering the GEA ineffective.

        If Tim Hudak is elected, the first phone call he needs to make is to Vic Schroter, Director of the MOE, to tell him to stick that rubber stamp of his up his butt.

      • Thanks Gord for the link from Jane Wilson; that at least looks encouraging. It appears to be the suit I referenced involving Trillium Power vs Ont.
        This suggests at least some sanity as to who really has authority to run the province, the elected government, or the Wind companies.

  19. Wake up…….Smarten up………Vote Conservative!!!!!
    This whole mess is the result of fooled folk, continually re-electing known liars, thieves, corrupt Liberals.
    Politics 101: Never reward failed governments, (ie: McGuinty) with re-election!
    Ontarians have only themselves to blame for their totally destroyed province. Some are so politically brain dead they will actually vote Liberal again! Duh!!!

    • That`s right Sir! Only Liberals lie and only a fool would believe otherwise!
      Hudak is my hero…my white night…he will clean up this mess!
      Everybody needs to donate to the PC party now, as much as they can afford. It`s not going to be cheap to hire all the crew and bulldozers needed to dismantle these things after the election.

      I’m in such a voting mood right now, so can I steal a phrase from Tim Hortons?

      It’s time for Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly what I have been saying!!! Liberals are the most corrupt party that I have seen – just look what they have done or have not done federally??!! – and the NDP couldn’t keep a promise if they tried!! – just look last election the NDP were to have the tax portion taken of your home heating fuel – if they sided with the Liberals – NOW HOW DID YOU ALL MAKE OUT WITH THAT!!?? – Conservatives are the way to go!!! – lets do something about these turbines ( I call them cancer in the sky)

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