Company pulls wind turbine project near temple development

ontario_cannot_afford_to_bet_its_future_on_windpower goKawartha Lakes This Week, Mary Riley
(KAWARTHA LAKES) Stoneboat Community Wind Farm LP has withdrawn its proposal to engage in a renewable energy project, reducing the number of proposed wind turbine projects in the Bethany and Pontypool areas to four.

The company posted the notice of project cancellation on its site Wednesday (March 5), adding all further project development work has been cancelled. The facility was proposed to be built on privately-owned agricultural land. Like other wind turbine projects, Stoneboat has faced opposition by those wishing to see more investigation into the health concerns associated with the structures.

An added concern was raised by those involved with the development of the Cham Shan Temple that has been in the planning stage for two decades. Built using ancient techniques, the facility would serve as a bridge between Canada and China, the four sites mimicking the four great Buddhist temples of China; one in Cavan-Monaghan Township and the remaining three in Manvers Township. Read article

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