No Southgate Task Force On Wind – Solar Proposal

democracyCampbell Cork, Blackburn News
A Southgate councillor is disappointed that she could not convince her council to take more time to consider a mega wind and solar energy proposal.

Councillor Kim Peeters urged council to form a community task force to investigate both sides of proposal by Samsung Renewable Energy for 40 or more wind turbines in the east half of the township and a 700-acre solar farm in the northwest. Peeters says Southgate council is not listening to a large group of people who are desperately opposed to the wind proposal.

On a tie vote, Southgate council decided against forming the task force. Meanwhile, Southgate mayor Brian Milne says he’s OK with getting a written agreement before council decides on the proposed mega project by Samsung Renewable Energy. But Milne says it’s not in the township’s power to approve the proposal, it can only indicate if it is a willing host.

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