Red Tailed Hawk killed by Haldimand county turbines

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Very graphic (apologies) but MUST be seen. This is a wild adult Red Tailed Hawk from Haldimand County Ontario that was struck yesterday by a wind turbine. People that say that birds of prey will avoid wind turbines….here is conclusive evidence that it is not true. This Red Tailed Hawk has a crushed skull and both wings are broken. It was brought into our rehab unit when people found it on a walk directly below a turbine. It has gravel stuck in its feathers from where it was slammed to the ground at the turbine base. The unfortunate part about this aside from the obvious loss of life is that this is an adult male that is most likely over 6 years old and would be the local breeding male to the area. The pair would be in courtship right now. The wind turbines are put up to protect the environment but they seem to have the opposite effect. I wonder how many raptor species get killed and go undetected. I think we should be asking for 3rd party monitoring of these machines so we can see what is actually going on. It seems that the studies done before they go up are very misleading. If you find a bird injured or killed by a turbine – please document and then report.

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  1. Have you seen the ‘teeth’ they are putting on the blades now? I’m told it is to make sure the birds get killed before they can damage the blade.
    But it’s all for the benefit of the environment, right? Right?

    When I drive down our road here, what I see is government and big business giving us a 500 foot high middle finger – saying ‘Up YOURS, rural Ontario. Suck it up.’

    • Just in case your comment about the serrated blades was not tongue in cheek, there is a fluid dynamic / aerodynamic effect that could reduce aerodynamic noise generated by flow past the blade edges. Looks good for the WT company to say this, and it’s true, and measurable. However, that component of the sound is pretty well irrelevant. The modified edges will have essentially no effect on the much more important low frequency sound and inaudible infrasound. Smoke and mirrors deception and PR baloney.

  2. Industry always hire thier own thats nothing new, perhaps we should change that to a federal level. It was done to scumtothecors oil sands. They paid thier own to monitor the water quality for yrs.

    That was changed by the federal gov.

    Make some noise people!

  3. This entire situation makes me SICK!! I just finished emailing this to the premiers’ office!!!!! and I tired to sending it to the energy ministers’ office – butt the emails keep coming back! – so I will keep trying!!!!!!!!!! this is what happens when you have incompetent people running the show!!!!!!!!! – they are too busy patting themselves on the back regarding green energy ! – but at what costs!!! to the communities and to the wildlife!!!

  4. But according to the ministries and proponants….”there are no significant wildlife in ANY of their project areas”

    At the ERTs they preach this and win every time! I realize we don’t have unicorns running around, but ontarios wildlife is our local wildlife and makes it damned imortant none the less!

    Industries always get away with hiring their own to check sites. Federal rules needs to get involved here big time!

    Start making noise to them about it.

    • I just finished emailing MNR agency!! and I told them to stop aiding and abetting in the Liberal Wind Cancer Projects!! — I also asked them what the heck is going to happen with the swans – they are starting to migrate ????? – I also have emailed Ezra Levant Sun News and urge everyone else to do the same!!!!!

  5. Look at the organizations on Ontario Wildlife Rescue site for a rehab in your area. Even if a bird would not be rehabilitated, please do document. Do not trust the MNR to look after or document.
    In Southwestern Ontario there is the Bluewater Centre for Raptor Rehab in Wyoming, Lambton Co.
    Salthaven in Mt.Brydges, Middlesex Co., and
    Maynard Avian Rehab Centre in Chatham Kent.
    If anyone wants to add to this list please do.

  6. I fully agree with Sick Turbines when it comes to the MNR they would sell you out for a nickel – and do nothing in the process!!! – I urge people to keep emailing local alderman/MPP’s/MP’s etc etc and any other organizations you came think of!!! – we have to keep the heat going!!!!!!!!!!!! – I for one just emailed the premiers’ office and told her to stop Hula Hooping around Ontario and get off of her Good Ship Lollipop and do the job she was there to do!!! and get plugged in to what is really going on regarding the Wind Turbines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Now multiply this image tens of thousands of times because the wind industry is killing this many protected raptors each year. My specialty is wildlife and I can say and prove from years of research that the wind industry is clearly rigging their mortality studies. Eagles, birds of every species, and bats at every project are being slaughtered off and until there are solid regulations, the public will never be told the real number.

  8. Kill the rigging and you will kill these wind farms. Any communities that require that wind farm approval be based upon permanent accountability with absolute mortality thresholds will not have to worry about a project being built. With accountability there will be no gag orders, no rigged population studies, no rigged yearly mortality studies, and no rigged cumulative impact studies.

    The reason Goodhue County, MN won against this industry was because they knew that these turbines would definitely slaughter off the local raptor and bat populations. They were unified and had a “take-no-prisoners”attitude about wind farm accountability. They were going to protect their wildlife and they were also not going to rely on the industry’s rigged studies. They were also going to monitor these turbines and use surveillance cameras.

    For developers there would be no way to lie about the inevitable impacts and in the end project developers had no choice but to pull out.

  9. I have known, lived with, loved and rescued many birds over the years. They are unique individuals, in relationships with other unique individuals, not just members of species to be killed, harmed and harassed for the greater good, as determined by ignorant, narcissistic, greedy human beings. Many birds mate for life, and the loss of a mate can be catastrophic.

    I will not be silent in the face of such evil.

    Good God, Kathleen Wynne, you have grandchildren. What will they think of you when they figure out that you headed a so-called government that allowed – nay, pushed for – the proliferation of harm in the name of “Green.”

    Shame, shame, shame on you.

    Each and every bird killed, harmed, harassed is a gigantic loss to our planet.

  10. Hi everyone!!!!!!!!! I don’t know whether this will help or not – but something is better than NOTHING!! I emailed Erra Levant at Sun News last night!! – please everyone email him to!!
    This is his email address –

    • Is this why we have such a truly excellent police presence at all wind turbine opposition rallies??? — yet the police cannot capture even confessed burglars and white collar criminals in the legislatures.

      Why can they not capture criminals of the Abandoned Natural Gas Plant Generator kind? Too busy chasing terrorist middle-aged mommas out of wind turbine “farms”????

      I wonder if they have joined Trudeau in admiring the Chinese Police State… hmmmm…

      Changes on their way — I’m sure — in time for our New Liberal society.

      Just sayin’

  11. I
    I have noticed that all the red tail hawks and other hawks have totally disappeared in our area. Hawks I have watched for over 10 years and their offspring sitting on hydro poles are suddenly missing! I have watched for them for months now and none in the sky nor on posts nor anywhere to be found! I have a horrible feeling this is huge and perhaps related to the wind turbines north of us. The new turbines are still a far distance away but there are no hawks anywhere to be seen in our area and we have lived there for over 25years!

    • Please everyone email the premier of this so called province and the MNR!!! lets not go away!!!

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