Township to province: take them down

falling turbineGrimsby Lincoln News, By Amanda Moore
WEST LINCOLN —Zlata Zoretic can see three wind turbines from her bedroom window. Her Twenty Road home is surrounded by the HAF wind energy project. The turbine closest to her home is a mere 640 metres away — just shy of 100 metres over the provincial setback of 550 metres. And thanks in part to the efforts of a local citizens group, Zoretic recently learned two of the turbines are even closer to her property than provincial regulations allow.

The West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group used a range finder to determine the distances of the five turbines from the property lines after a property owner raised concerns that one of the five turbines appeared closer than 95 metres from her property line. The Ministry of Environment has confirmed the group’s allegations that four of the five turbines infract the property line setback regulation stipulated in the Green Energy Act. Under the legislation, turbines must be the height of the tower, from base to hub from the property line — which in the case of the HAF project is 95 metres. Read article

2 thoughts on “Township to province: take them down

  1. Why not just demand the survey records as this involves government contracts.?
    Who knows, maybe a survey was never done? No competent surveyor could be that far off in measurements.

  2. Just because someone produces or shows a filled out form dosen’t mean the work was ever done.
    There should be backup data that the surveyor has or the sueveyor could be questioned.

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