Turbine frustration mounts

DSCN1682The Chronicle
A much-anticipated meeting last week between members of West Elgin council and a representative of the Ontario cabinet over wind turbines left local politicians disappointed. For weeks, West Elgin councillors waited for a chance to raise the question of what exactly their declaration to be a non-willing host meant at the provincial level.

West Elgin used the Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference as a chance to meet face-to-face with either the provincial minister of energy or a representative to get clarification on what weight its declaration to be a non willing host for turbines carried. Coun. Norm Miller, who posed the questions and lead West Elgin’s delegation through the 20-minute meeting, said the province, was vague in responding to the issue. West Elgin spoke to the parliamentary assistant to the minister of energy on the issue.

“It was pretty vague,” Miller said describing the response. “He beat around the bush. I guess we’re no further ahead than when we started. We were hoping they would give us a clear answer.” However Miller said West Elgin was promised an answer in writing on the issue which will hopefully expand the government’s point of view. Read article

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