Durham: Environmental Review Tribunal hearing only concerned about concrete bases of three turbines

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DURHAM – Frustration ran high during Tuesday’s preliminary hearing by the Environmental Review Tribunal into an appeal of the Ministry of Environment’s approval of the East Durham wind project. “We matter. We have the right to speak. Why are you bulldozing through . . .” said Glenelg Township resident Orah Randall in an impassioned plea to Robert Wright, vice-chair of the ERT, who conducted Tuesday’s hearing.

She urged Wright to exercise his discretion and give people who were turned down by the Ministry of the Environment status at the upcoming ERT hearing, set to begin next month. Randall was visibly frustrated that members of the community were being refused standing at the hearing because what they wanted to say didn’t fit into the narrow scope of the appeal launched by Leonard Van Den Bosch on Jan. 29, just days after the MOE approved the 23-megawatt East Durham wind project near Priceville.

In his appeal, Van Den Bosch claims that toxic chemicals contained in the concrete bases of three turbines next to his property will leach into the soil and contaminate groundwater that feeds the nearby Saugeen River. He’s asking for mitigating measures to protect the environment and the health of people who take their drinking water from the river. Read article

1 thought on “Durham: Environmental Review Tribunal hearing only concerned about concrete bases of three turbines

  1. The ERT hearings are a farce:

    All of the tribunal panelists are puppets for the provincial government that appointed them.

    Some of them were previously involved with “green” energy and have a predisposed bias.

    It appears that all of them have have made up their minds before any opening statements.

    They are required to follow the GEA which greatly restricts the scope of any appeals, nothing outside of “serious harm to human health” or “serious and irreversible harm to the environment” allowed. To hell with economics, property values, scenic landscapes, tourism, etc.

    The tribunals, formerly made up of three or two persons, are now down to one due to the large number of appeals being filed.

    And, just to add more confusion and frustration, they’ve assigned some incompetent Twinkie as Case Coordinator to “organize” the scheduling and submissions.

    Anybody who has been down this road will know exactly of what I speak.

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