‘Public remains unprotected’

amherst IslandBy Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
A court motion filed by opponents of a wind energy development on Amherst Island is meant to challenge the approval process for such projects as much as it is meant to stop the Amherst Island project itself. The Association to Protect Amherst Island filed an application for a judicial review of a decision by the Ministry of Environment that allowed the Amherst Island project to move ahead, a decision the group argued was based on incomplete information.

A request for a judicial appeal was always going to be part of APAI’s strategy in it’s fight against the turbines, said association president Peter Large. “This is not a bunch of people who don’t want turbines in their backyard,”Large said. “This is about a group of people who are very concerned about the health of people who live here, about the wildlife, about the heritage and the history, which the government, in its rather casual approval of these incomplete reports, doesn’t seem to care much about.”

On Thursday, APAI filed a application for a judicial review of the Jan. 2 decision by the Ministry of the Environment to declare complete the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) submitted by Windlectric Inc., the company seeking to build the Amherst Island wind project. Read article

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  1. The Kingston area media, it appears, has never looked into who owns Algonquin.
    There are big financial investors involved here who are not going to have to put up with IWTs near them.

    This is a money making venture that serves corporate interests and not local interests nor environmental interests.

    Most people don’t even know how they have been taken for the benefit of money crowd.

  2. No kidding! And that horse’s ***, Elizabeth May
    wasting Lord Black’s time trying to change the subject.

    • Elizabeth May was repeatedly interrupting and talking over other people – there was no shutting her up, at the expense of us hearing most of the other participants’ educated opinions on this ‘climate change’ subject. Parker Gallant was on one side of her, and I think he was tightening his fists in frustration near the end of the Zoomer show.

  3. We can’t afford to waste precious time listening to people who don’t understand the facts debate about wind turbines and climates changing. Hopefully Zoomer is committing to a public education programme and won’t quit until these problems are fixed.

    Conrad Black said wind turbines are “very noisy.”

  4. One of the largest Wall Street financial companies in the world has financial ties to Algonquin through Emera Inc.

  5. Same old story. Government guarantees are needed to attract investors to renewable energy projects. Removes the investors risks in these kinds of investments.
    Taxpayers stuck with the bills if something goes wrong.

  6. Is the industrial wind turbine lobby “a constituent”?

    ‘[excerpt] In truth, initial government encouragement for a project or class of projects can quickly disappear, especially if dark clouds gather on the political horizon. In fact, if such clouds do appear on the horizon and if the government abruptly changes course, the chances of recovery against government officials must be considered remote, absent very specific evidence of malfeasance.’

  7. April 2005

    Attention Business Editors:

    Ontario’s Largest Wind Farm Officially Opens

    99 Megawatt Erie Shores Wind Farm Will Power 32,000 Homes

    PORT BURWELL, ON, April 13 /CNW/ – Ontario Energy Minister Donna
    Cansfield today joined the owner and developers of the $186 million Erie
    Shores Wind Farm for the Official Opening of Ontario’s largest wind farm.

    “The Erie Shores Wind Farm will help meet Ontario’s increasing demand for
    clean renewable energy,” said Clean Power Income Fund CEO Stephen Probyn, at
    the official opening at Turbine Nine near Power Burwell, Ontario. “The project
    is on schedule and its opening is just in time to support this summer’s energy

    Erie Shores will generate 99 megawatts of electricity from 66 wind
    turbines stretched along 29 kilometres of the northern shoreline of Lake Erie
    between Copenhagen and Clear Creek, Ontario. More than 25 farmers are hosting
    the 66 wind turbines on their properties.

    “A shining example of the provincial government’s strong commitment to
    clean, renewable energy, the Erie Shores Wind Farm will generate enough
    electricity for 32,000 Ontario homes,” said Mr. Probyn. “Erie Shores is
    win-win for consumers, the host communities, and the environment.”

    The project is owned by Clean Power Income Fund. The project was one of
    the successful bids in the Ontario Government’s November 2004 Request for
    Proposals for 300 MW of renewable energy. The developer is AIM PowerGen
    Corporation of Toronto, a prominent windpower developer with projects in
    Western Canada, Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

    The Erie Shores Wind Farm holds a 20-year, fixed price power purchase
    agreement with the Ontario Power Authority…’


  8. All the Canadian political parties are involved in promoting renewable energy.

    A movement of this scope could never be accomplished without having all the parties on board. The same is true in the U.K.

  9. One of the largest Wall Street financial companies in the world — is General Electric.

    June 2005

    AIM PowerGen Corporation
    200 Consumers Road, Suite 604, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4R4

    June 8, 2005

    Curtis Lockett
    Environmental Assessment Officer
    Wind Power Production Incentive
    Natural Resources Canada
    11C9 580 Booth Strees
    Ottawa ON K1A

    Re: Erie Shores Wind Farm EIS – Final Report
    WPPI Registration No. 5902-A2-2

    Dear Curtis:

    Attached please find 8 copies of our final Environmental Impact Statement Report for the
    above project. We have addressed the comments presented in your June 3, 2005 letter,
    all earlier correspondence and numerous phone discussions. Summary tables of how we
    have responded to your comments are included in Appendix F. To minimize paper, only
    the revised Appendices (C and F) have been included with this submission. There have
    been no changes to the other appendices originally provided in January 2005.

    As discussed, the schedule for this project is for construction to commence within the
    next two months. Therefore, we request prompt approval of this report so that project
    financing can be completed. Ansar Gafus from our organization will be following up
    with you shortly.

    Yours very truly,

    Mike Crawley
    President and CEO
    AIM PowerGen Coproration

    Cc: D. Zborowski – NRCan
    I. Lamirande – NRCan
    D. Cameron – CEAA
    S. Kumar – MacViro
    D. Price – Clean Power Income Fund’

    • ‘[excerpt] Environmental Impact Statement for the Erie Shores Wind Farm
      June 2005

      1. Project Summary
      1.1 Project Proponent
      Name: Mr. Ansar Gafur, Vice President of External Relations
      Company: AIM PowerGen Corporation
      Address: 200 Consumers Road, Suite 604, Toronto, ON M2J 4R4

      1.2 Title of Project

      1.4 Estimated Capacity of the Wind Farm
      The project will be built in two phases, with an ultimate capacity of 150 MW. This
      environmental study is for the ultimate capacity. Phase I will be 99 MW, and Phase II will be
      an additional 51 MW. Each turbine will have a unit capacity of 1.5 MW (based on General
      Electric model 1.5 sle).

      1.6 NRCan’s Involvement in the Project
      AIM has applied for funding under NRCan’s Wind Power Production Incentive (WPPI)
      program. The registration number for this project is: 5902-A2-2.

      The total request incentive funding over the 10-year period is approximately $27 million.’

      • ‘[excerpt] Environmental Impact Statement for the Erie Shores Wind Farm
        June 2005

        Assessment of Impacts, Mitigation Requirements and Residual Effects

        5.7 Accidents and Malfunctions

        The turbines are constructed to conform to globally developed wind energy
        standards. GE has never reported a tower collapse failure and it would take
        an extreme or significant event to cause an accident. However, if the
        structure collapsed it would not reach a residence since the tower and blade
        total height is approximately 120 m and the residents are set-back 250 m
        from each turbine.’

  10. All the Canadian political parties are involved in enriching Mike Crawley.

    June 26, 2010
    Wind farm opens to cheers, jeers
    by Gary Rennie
    Windsor Star

    The $110-million International Power Canada wind turbine project was the first to officially start up Friday, but not without protests that show discord within the community hasn’t disappeared during years of planning.

    Essex MP Jeff Watson announced a $11.2-million federal grant to the company to be paid out over 10 years.
    “This project is an excellent example of a clean energy technology creating high-quality jobs and a sustainable energy source for Ontario’s future,” Watson said.

    Essex Mayor Ron McDermott told the 150 people gathered at the construction centre that most residents are supporting renewable power projects that promise cleaner air. “I hope the Harrow wind farm is a lasting success,” he said.

    Company president Mike Crawley said the wind farm would generate just over 100,000 megawatt hours of power annually. The company is paid $135 for each megawatt hour or 13.5 cents per kilowatt-hour in the 20-year contract with the Ontario Power Authority.

    “Essex County has an incredible wind resource,” Crawley tells his audience. His company’s other big project in Essex County is a $136-million, 27-turbine wind farm in the Stoney Point area of Lakeshore.’

    • ‘[excerpt] Jeffrey D. Watson (born March 25, 1971 in Windsor, Ontario) is a Canadian politician. He is the current Member of Parliament for the Essex electoral district in Ontario.

      Watson was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Essex in June 2004 and re-elected in January 2006 and October 2008 as a member of the Conservative Government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.’

      • ‘[excerpt] [excerpt] June 26, 2010

        Essex MP Jeff Watson announced a $11.2-million federal grant to the company to be paid out over 10 years.’

  11. Elizabeth may is a known associate of Maurice Strong and a member of the Rockefeller family.

  12. CITIZEN FACTORY, Oct.9, 2013

    Remarks from the Hon. Diane Finley, PC
    Voted Apr.17, 2013
    ‘thant in the opinion of the House, a government loan guarantee to the Lower Churchill hydroelectric project is (a) an importent part of a clean agenda; (b)an ecominically viable project that will create thousands of …”

    Lower Churchill is Muskrat Falls and these would be temporary jobs.

  13. In 2012, The Dishonourable Diane Finley, Member of Parliament for Haldimand and Norfolk, advised her constituent, an elderly woman, that she should move out of her home in order to avoid being harmed by Mike Crawley’s Erie Shores/Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore industrial wind energy facilities.

    Ms. Finley did not provide any assistance to the elderly woman, nor did she follow-up.

    Ms. Finley and the federal government have not provide this advice consistently to all Canadians.

    What is the governments’ (read: taxpayers’) liabilities of providing this advice? And of not providing it?

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