Saskatchewan can still say “NO” to wind turbines

no_1by Andrew Sheppherd News Talk 980
A proposed wind farm project near McLean, east of Regina, has been blown away before it started. After listening to concerns from the public at a meeting last week, the RM of South Qu’Appelle passed a motion Tuesday morning to allow neither wind farms nor meteorological test towers in the area. ”

(Council) looked at everything and that’s what we’ve decided,” said Reeve Jeannie Desrocher after the motion was passed six-to-one. Desrocher explained that Council would have had to amend the bylaw to allow the project, but it decided not to. The developer, Renewable Energy Systems Canada (RES), proposed a 50-turbine project in two of the RM’s wards that would have taken at least five years to get up and running. But first they needed to erect a meteorological test tower to analyze the wind in the area.

“Everybody in the area knows that McLean is one of the highest points east of Regina. There’s a large ridge that rises along there,” said Development Manager Lucas Reindler before the vote was held. The majority of the residents that showed up to the public meeting were opposed to the project. Many cited the controversial concerns of potential health effects that have been reported in other areas of the country from people living near wind turbines. The other concern was lowered property values. Read article

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