Six Nations pursuing role in two wind power projects

arms laength money shakeBy Michael-Allan Marion, Brantford Expositor
OHSWEKEN – Six Nations council is still working on the implementation of two wind farm projects as it goes deeper into the green energy field. Council has been working for about four years on the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm, on privately owned agricultural land in Norwich Township; and the Port Ryerse Wind Project just outside the hamlet on the shores of Lake Erie.

Lonny Bomberry, director of lands and resources, says the two projects are too good an investment for Six Nations to pass up, even if a negative political environment still pervades wind power projects. “There’s no question wind power green energy is still a good deal,” he said. “The projects have a fixed rate of return that can generate good revenue. It’s a good way for First Nations to become involved in the energy field.”

The Gunn’s Hill project is farther along and close to implementation. Although “there isn’t a final determination yet,” Bomberry said prospects of implementation are still rated as good. The project will be owned and operated by Gunn’s Hill Windfarm Inc. Prowind Canada is proposing to develop it on privately owned, agricultural land as well as Norwich Township municipal easements for electrical lines. Read article

15 thoughts on “Six Nations pursuing role in two wind power projects

  1. The handshake says it all: better corruption that pays than nothing – even if it includes harming the land, the people, the animals, the water, the sky… the eagle.

  2. Lonney Bomberry states that it is a good investment!! yes only for a select few and not the communities that they are in or the wildlife!! – wait until these co called wind turbines go up and if they go – and it is not to the liking of the Six Nations!! they will pull them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that is history going to repeat itself!!!

    • Curious as to why, if IWTs are so valuable as an investment, that there aren’t at least SOME on the Reserves themselves??? Ever wonder why?

  3. Isn’t that the million dollar question!! – I can tell you for sure after what went down in Calediona – if the Natives think that they are being screwed!! the turbines will come down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I don’t like to see things like this happened – but you must admit – at least the natives stick together!! – most Canadian will complain and do NOTHING about it!! that is way we a re in the mess we are in now!! – ask anyone who is on this website or neighbours etc. who has called and or wrote, emailed etc his or hers MP’s MPP’s etc.

    • “and do NOTHING about it!! that is way we are in the mess we are in now!! – ask anyone who is on this website or neighbours etc. who has called and or wrote, emailed etc his or hers MP’s MPP’s etc”
      Iv e done my part,like the majority that did all what you say,wrote,emailed,protest,sign hanging,count less meetings. All to no where,why?
      We have a system that you all call the crown,and that crown owns the corporation of Canada,Ontario,and cities and towns. Get the picture? they are all businesses.What do businesses do? They work it so they can turn us into Hu man re sources,slaves to work for these companies and the bottom line is profit $$$$$$ for them and you are nothing more than dead fictional human resources. Disposable as you claim you are dead joiner to your copy-write corporate NAME ALL CAPS you do not own that your parents gave to you,(they thought) but registered (gave it away) to corporation of Canada and now copyright material and using it is a criminal offence.(legally they say)
      So do you know why you get nowhere? Im sure you’ll toss this out that is all bull sh it. So be it.your free will,if your non fiction.

      • Dear non-voter!! I was NOT implying anyone on this website was not doing their part!! – because anyone with HALF a BRAIN that is on this website knows what is going on and no doubt in mind they have done their part -BUT most of Canadians GET IT DO NOTHING!!!! that is the fact!!!!! – they sit back and say what can we do!! -let me tell you another fact this would NOT happen in the US!!! and if they tried there would be thousands of people protesting!! case in point in Caledoina you tell me where all the people were!!! not many!!! – I was there!! -so I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers! but I was just stating a fact!! – and thank goodness for this website because sometimes one feels like they are banging their head against the wall!! – I just hope with all of us doing our part that it will do some good!!! all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Six nations will take them down if they don’t like them, and still insist that they be paid every year. It’s only fair, after all, it’s not the fault of the six nations peoples that the turbines fell over, obviously the construction was faulty!

      • Yes and don’t you know it!! – if Six Nations think that they are getting screwed!! the turbines will come down!! after all it will be like puppy stuff!! as they took down a hydro tower in the Caledonia situation !!!!!

  4. Something wrong with this picture. I thought the First Nations people were about protecting Mother Earth. Hmmmm…. guess your values can shift pretty easy.

    • Yeah you are right! but remember that they are natives Indians and yes they can sit on the fence and play both sides!! – just wait and see if the Mohawks from the US get involved in this! – I remember when one of them got on top of a bus (in the Caledoinia situation he yelled out if they want war we’ll give it to them) & they did!! natives closed down roads – threatened people and businesses & tore down hydro tower along with digging up the main street plus more – just see if you can get away with that! – but like I said before at least the natives stick together!!!

    • We are all one with the universe,we are all people,what they call first has no meaning and should not be separated like these controllers continue to diivd us,that how they conquer there objectives. We should all care about mother earth,but let big corporations buy they way out and let them destroy our spirit and mother earth. $ speaks? I say fuk it.
      There is so much that we all have allowed to harm this earth and time we pull out.

  5. I just had to make this post regarding non-voter! I really think he or she is a crack pot!!!!!!!!!!- sorry just the way I see it! – I think that we all have had enough name calling! lets fight the fight regarding the Wind Turbines! and hopefully can do some good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Non-voter writes about basic issues that are underneath this present situation. Like people being divided which nearly always works in ways to take advatage of people in various situations and how laws have been subverted to take advantage of situations.

    And there is nothing new about this as these kinds of activities have gone on for centuries.

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