First McLean’s wind turbine spins this week

manitoulinManitoulin Expositor, by Alicia McCutcheon
MCLEAN’S MOUNTAIN—Islanders will see some of the 24 wind turbines atop McLean’s Mountain begin to turn as the commissioning process begins this week on the Northland Power McLean’s Mountain wind farm project.

Paul Kaminski, construction project manager with Northland Power, spoke with The Expositor on Friday afternoon, explaining that the underwater cable and transmission station was to be “energized,” starting the night of March 7 with the commissioning of the wind turbines to begin this week. Construction on the last of the turbines was finished on December 28 with the entire project expected to be wrapped up by May, Mr. Kaminski said. However, he added, “there are many things that could come up during this time.” Read article

4 thoughts on “First McLean’s wind turbine spins this week

  1. MACLEANS, Aug. 31, 2013

    “Jim Flaherty’s Invitation Lists”

    Summer 2013
    Steve Williams, Pres.CEO Suncor Energy

    Summer 2012:
    John Brace, Pres. CEO Northland Power
    Dawn Farrell, Pres. CEO TransAlta Corp.
    Bruce Flatt, Sr. Mang, Partner Brookfield Asset Management

    Summer 2011:
    Edmund Martin, Pres.CEO Nalcor Energy

    And this is only a part of the list.
    Rural Ontarians don’t count.

  2. Tourism is not on their agenda and omitted on appeals. Very, very SAD! This island of all places depends heavily on tourism and hunters come from all over for the deer hunt. It will make a huge impact.

  3. Manitoulin Island has, now more than ever, two classes of residents:

    The few rich bastards that have made loads of IWT money off the backs of all Ontario citizens.

    The many poor bastards that have to deal with a tourism business that is surely headed for ruin.

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