Hydro One bill for $233,692 prompts call for CEO to resign

hydro billToronto Star, Richard J. Brennan
The Progressive Conservatives are calling for Hydro One president and CEO Carmine Marcello to resign immediately over the billing fiasco that has gripped the Crown corporation. Waving a bill a constituent received for $233,692.70, Tory MPP Jeff Yurek (Elgin-Middlesex-London) said Wednesday it is further evidence that Marcello should leave.

“It is unbelievable that a Crown corporation of the government . . . is sending out this type of billing . . . it is ridiculous. Hydro One needs a change,” Yurek told reporters at Queen’s Park. The questionable billing is all part of what Ontario Ombudsman André Marin says is the result of “egregious errors” by an uncaring Crown corporation, which has 1.4 million customers. Read article

End the Liberal Energy Plan Failure
Under the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals, the cost of electricity has more than doubled for Ontarians and Ontario businesses. The Liberals have confirmed that they will continue to raise rates as long as they are in power. These increases are being used to pay for their $1.1 billion gas plant scandal, expensive and inefficient wind energy, and excessive pensions and bonuses at OPG. When asked how Ontario residents and businesses are expected to cope with constantly increased costs, the Liberals have said that we’ll just have to figure it out.

Tell Kathleen Wynne that we can’t afford her wasteful and expensive failure of an energy plan: SIGN THE PETITION

33 thoughts on “Hydro One bill for $233,692 prompts call for CEO to resign

  1. No; first make them say they are sorry they were not up to the job, and apologize for what they have done, AND make out their funded-by-us retirement cheques to us the taxpayers. What they have wrought is causing fatal damage to our last years of life, – made rubbish of our attempts to give us halfway decent retirements.

  2. Rather generous “estimate” don’t you think? Only “slightly more” than the actual usage noted earlier on the bill. Sarcasm Intended!! But…. If they can “get away with it”….. what a nice hefty one month bonus for Hydro One cronies!!

  3. The big question on the minds of everyone should be about the capabilities of the new chairperson Sandra Pupatello. Hydro One is a cancer in the economy of the province. But,even a bigger cancer for the Liberal party. Hopefully she studying all aspects of the Human Resources department and would be wise to have a house cleaning of all the ineffective. One can be sure nepotism has been entrenched over there so the letting go of one executive will also mean getting rid of a few brother-in-laws,spouses and cousins.

  4. If you can’t trust the numbers, how do we know if any of the bills are accurate?
    What a joke.

  5. Kathleen Wynne and her side-kick Deb Matthews must have ties with Quebec Premier Pauline Marois, because Marois wants to separate from Canada, whereas Ms Wynne has already divided and separated neighbours from neighbours, communities from communities and, worst of all, separated rural Ontario from Toronto, and in so doing, she’s made Ontario a Have-Not province with her policies.

    • Just wait until the next government comes in!!!

      Services will be gutted, more schools will be closed, health care will be hit, and more infrastructure sold off. Once again, rural Ontario will be hardest hit…all in the name of cleaning up the Liberals mess.

      Don’t fall for it people. It’ll be even more critical to hold the next government’s feet to the fire.

      • Tom…… And you would blame this “gutting” on who? the “next government” or the current one??

        Surely you’re not suggesting that the “Liberals mess” doesn’t need “cleaning up”?

        Maybe, if you foresee “services gutted, more schools closed, health care hit, and more infrastructure sold off” you should vote the Liberals back in for another term and hope for the best….. that is if you think the Liberals are both WILLING and ABLE to clean up their own mess!

    • ‘[excerpt] TORONTO – My how time flies when your government is breaking promises, hiking taxes and squandering your tax bucks.

      Can it really be a decade since the 2003 election swept Dalton McGuinty and 71 other Liberals to power?

      Three Tories held a news conference Tuesday to lament the “lost decade.”

      Frankly, when you look at the gas plant scandal, the Ornge boondoggle and the $1 billion poured into the pockets of Liberal friendly consultants at eHealth, I don’t think it’s so much a lost decade as a stolen one.

      It got me thinking about the Liberals’ 2003 fantasy election platform.’

    • God help the farmer! –
      ……..they are destroying rural Ontario!

      ‘[excerpt] The Local Food Act will serve as a constant reminder of the bounty of Ontario. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture is happy to see that it will target food literacy, local food use and will help farmers attend to the needs of others through a community food donation tax credit.”

      Mark Wales

      Ontario Federation of Agriculture’


      Just in case you missed it;
      ……..[excerpt] ……and will help farmers attend to the needs of others…..

      Again – God help the farmer!
      ……they are destroying rural Ontario!

  6. Hydro had to be broken up to make room for the private renewables guys to move in and sell power to Hydro. Otherwise it was illegal to do this as was ruled by the courts.

  7. Even if Hydro had been taken all the way private it would not have mattered. Then all that was needed was to pass laws forcing private companies to buy renewable sourcess of power.

    So in the end there is no difference. The renewables guys would win anyway.

  8. There is no ‘fix’ for the
    malignant incompetence of
    our bureaucratic system.
    Blow it all up and start over.

  9. The old Hydro was not sold off but was converted into seprate crown corporations which are supposed to be “private” but are still owned by Ontario. this was enough to satisfy the condition that they be private and thus could purchase electricity from private parties. Got around the law in this manner.

  10. Accomplished under a PC government and continued on under a Liberal government.Party dosen’t matter to those involved in the “green” energy scheme. Get all the political parties involved in this. Money dosen’t care anyway.

  11. Maybe Enbridge figures that if Hydro rates can be increased like they have, then why shouldn’t natural gas prices go up as well?

  12. Supposed to be just a temporary increase to cover the costs of buying more gas at present market prices due to the drawdown of stocks which was caused by much higer demand this winter.

    Gas production has been hampered by gas well equipment freezing.

    Present information does not point to an impending gas shortage.

  13. Funny, I thought I had read yrs ago that
    There was over 150 yrs of natural gas on tap and still counting.

    So why the big rush for wind all in a few yrs time?

    Must be that global warming………….
    eye twitch

  14. My propane jumped from .52/litre last yr to over 1.23 this winter in just weeks!

    Then to add insult to injury, they raised
    The min fill from $400 to $600!

    My gauge barly even moved! We froze jan & feb!

    This is all insane! For the cost of 1 months bill over $1200.00 we could have put in a wood stove.

    I will be this year, the insurance dings u
    For having one, but it doesn’t come close to the rotten crap they pulled this yr!

    They over used their supply of their propane already the start of dec! Helloooo!! It’s Ontario, 5 plus months of cold! How do u screw this up so bad!!!

    Greedy companies want us all in tents soon I guess!

    • K….. Expect to see a ban on wood stoves, in the near future, shortly after a large number are sold and installed and the government collects the HST. Then they’ll collect it on the increased home insurance premiums and add HST to the cost of the firewood! Wood stoves will be banned for the same reason as the government is closing coal plants…… ie; to save the environment! We’re being enticed, with rebates, to install new high-efficiency furnaces and central air conditioning units. Next suggestion?? How about electric heating in our homes? After all, we’ve got a surplus of electricity and can you just contemplate the revenues (H.S.T.) available on increased electrical usage “around the clock”? Maybe I shouldn’t include this suggestion or some idiot at Q.P. will actually introduce a Bill to that effect!!

      After all, we’ve gotta cut out the man-made causes of “global warming” in the interests of the future of all human-kind! We’ll install more and more IWTs and solar “farms” for the same reason. “Climate Change” makes all these adaptations absolutely necessary! It may be “painful” in the beginning but we have to do it to save the planet for our children and grandchildren. We have to think of THEM!! (sarcasm intended!)

      • John,

        Your crystal ball is oh so clear.

        Now, if we could just get you to predict the stock market for us …

      • EPA – bureaucrats bypass congress; and, rule the nation.

        ‘[excerpt] It seems that even wood isn’t green or renewable enough anymore. The EPA has recently banned the production and sale of 80 percent of America’s current wood-burning stoves, the oldest heating method known to mankind and mainstay of rural homes and many of our nation’s poorest residents. The agency’s stringent one-size-fits-all rules apply equally to heavily air-polluted cities and far cleaner plus typically colder off-grid wilderness areas such as large regions of Alaska and the American West.’

        You heard about Montreal?

      • Will the Supreme Court permit EPA
        climate fraud?

        March 11, 2014
        ‘[excerpt] he U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. Environmental Protection Agency. The case will determine how far EPA can extend its regulatory overreach, to control “climate changing” carbon dioxide from power plants and other facilities – by ignoring the Constitution’s “separation of powers” provisions, rewriting clear language in the Clean Air Act, and disregarding laws that require the agency to consider both the costs and benefits of its regulations and what it is regulating.’

  15. Propane users have really been hit hard this winter due to shortages and this is expected to continue.

    More LNG is going to be produced and sold in world markets. So this will keep the price up.

    Maybe it’s time that official Washington woke up and discovered that Canada is not Hawaii and things do freeze up here during the winter which happens to include water and gas lines. So not so smart to rely on Canada for energy supplies during the winter months. Same applies to eco-nuts as well.

  16. John is right. All these increases in energy prices supplies both provincial and federal governmnents with increased revenues.

    This is also inflationary as this causes price increases for just about everything else which in turn increases government revenues thru increased taxes on everything else.

    All these tax increases in turn slows the economy.

  17. The worst time possible for politicians to hold an election is when people are dealing with their income taxes.

  18. Note to Sceptical Gord

    …… You won’t believe this but I’ve been in the Financial Services business for a quarter century. Unfortunately I can’t (and WON’T) offer any predictions or guarantees, for the future, as they may apply to my particular industry. The OSC frowns on such behaviour!

    However, when it comes to government policy, the handwriting is “on the wall” for ALL to see! It’s merely a case of “connecting the dots” and, as Dr. Phil would say,….”The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour” and we’ve got 10 years worth of THAT to go on! The Liberals are “leaving a legacy” alright!!

  19. If he leaves he will get a severe pay the same as the previous president of $2 million dollars.
    Cut the corporate executive gouging through the customers pocket book.
    He should stay to fix the problem and first fix would be to take a pay cut to the average income of $32,000 per year not per month.

  20. I worked for Hydro One/Ontario Hydro for 33 years. If only the public knew the extent of corruption, nepotism, and incompetence. Over my 33 years I tried to bring these issues to the attention of upper management, only to be threatened, ridiculed, and marginalized as a trouble maker. This culture is so entrenched within the corporation, that it will never change.

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