Construction of $200-million Bornish Wind is plowing ahead, despite heavy snow and record cold

DSC_0812John Miner, London Free Press
Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t miss them. Popping up in the snow and muck of North Middlesex, giant wind turbines are rapidly changing the rural landscape here.

One of what NextEra Energy Canada officials proudly call their “six pack,” the Bornish Wind Energy Centre covering 150 square kilometres south of Parkhill, is the most advanced industrial wind farm under development in Middlesex County. Not far behind, down the road south of Hwy. 402, is NextEra’s Adelaide Wind Energy Centre. Further north in Huron County, the Bluewater wind farm also is under construction.

Two other NextEra projects in the London area — Jericho in Lambton and Middlesex and Goshen in Huron and Middlesex — await final approval. The final wind farm in the six-pack is the East Durham Wind Energy Centre near Owen Sound. This week the company finished delivering the last of the massive turbine blades, towers and generator components to the two Middlesex wind farms, and construction is in high gear. Read article

90 thoughts on “Construction of $200-million Bornish Wind is plowing ahead, despite heavy snow and record cold

  1. Not far behind their ugly ass es there own good ol U S of I currency is just about to self destruct along with them are these greedy bunch of wind baggers.
    Even China stated there currency does not back up anything,just printed junk money and ready to implode It is close to there retirement and along with Next Terror.
    Nobody will be able to pay these as wipes off,as everything will go down the tube. Contracts will be broken and they will be broken. In that respect I will be glad,but for others the 99 per cent? I wish you all the best.
    Start of a new slate with us the people may for once tell the servants of the public who the fuk is going to run the show,in a community base benefits and not theres. Now that will be like eating ice cream in front of them.

  2. Who are ‘Bird Studies Canada’?


    Her Worship Mayor Rita Kalmbach
    Members of Norfolk County council
    50 Colborne Street South
    Simcoe, ON
    N3Y 4N5
    Fax: 519-426-8573

    August 5, 2005

    Dear Mayor Kalmbach and Members of Council,

    On behalf of AIM PowerGen Corporation (AIM) and Bird Studies Canada (BSC), we
    would like to update Council on recent discussions undertaken between AIM and BSC
    regarding the Erie Shores Windfarm project. […]

    Both BSC and AIM have reiterated their strong support for ‘clean’ energy sources,
    including wind power. […]

    We have discussed in detail
    BSC concerns regarding the proposed location of some windmills. Discussion focused on
    those areas located east of County Road 23, Gore Road, that are within or adjacent to: the
    Long Point Biosphere Reserve (and its Zone of Cooperation), the region’s
    internationally-recognized wetlands and two Important Bird Areas, important feeding and
    staging areas for waterfowl, coastal migration routes for raptors, and other areas
    identified as critical to the region’s wealth and diversity of birds.

    AIM and BSC have both expressed strong interest in studying further the potential
    impacts on birds of the Erie Shores project, and we are currently seeking funds to
    undertake this research. This research will build on studies undertaken by AIM as part of
    the approvals process, and build on the more than 40 years of data collected by BSC (and
    the Long Point Bird Observatory and Long Point Waterfowl and Wetlands Research


    Thank you very much for your consideration of this communication.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mike Crawley
    AIM PowerGen Corporation

    Dr. George Finney
    Bird Studies Canada

    c.c. Shirley Cater, Project Planner Norfolk county’

    • What a corrupt letter; and, maybe it should be used
      to form part of a lawsuit.

      It’s hard to get your head around this one.

  3. “Gotta get these things erected and twisting in the wind as fast as possible so they can begin sucking more consumer $$$$’s out of our pockets in return for…??????”………………….nothing but misery!

  4. Ella,
    Maybe conflict of interest issues in your area should be looked at again as there could be self-dealing issues as well.

    • There’s definitely conflicts of interest.
      I’m one woman though. At a recent meeting last week, my County Planning Comm. showed me how clueless they are to information concerning IWT’s !! Even though they passed our Twp. Ordinance that has been in the works for two years, they scoffed at our setbacks, claiming they weren’t set as the norm, of the industry!

      More than once we were told we were setting ourselves up for ‘possible’ lawsuits……. then, SO BE IT !!

      Since I do believe that some Nextterror paid slime certainly must read OWR,
      Hey Nextterror, F……YOU

  5. Ella,
    U.S.Dept.Energy, Green Power Markets
    NextEra Resources
    Scroll down 1/2 page to:
    April 2010, Dow Corning
    Dow Corning purchased 28 million kWh of Renewable Energy Certificates/RECs for 2010-2011 from NextEra Energy Resource’s EarthEra Initiative. All funds from Dow Corning’s purchases are placed in the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust which is dedicated to building new wind and solar generating facilities.

    American Electric Power
    Provides electricity to customers in Michigan.

  6. Ella,
    Michigan State University, Nov.14, 2006
    MSU Goes Greener In Joining Chicago climate Exchange

    “Carbon credits, Skole said, show promise as part of the future of farming, carbon emission credits could become a commidity, much like crops and livestock.”

    Placed MSU in a position to influence farming communities.
    Note the sequence of dates as this situation unfolded.

    Michigan benefits from “free” Ontario electricity at times.

  7. For those who joined OWR later on, Joseph Kennedy of the Chicago Climate Exchange was involved in the Wolfe Island wind project.

  8. ‘[excerpt] As we reported almost two weeks ago, the Gore and Pachauri advised Chicago Carbon Exchange (CCX) has closed. Closing price? A nickel per ton of CO2.

    Here’s the final day closing page for posterity:

    ‘[excerpt] The Exchange was the brainchild of Richard Sandor, an economist and professor at Northwestern University, and it was modeled after a successful program that was launched in 1990 and helped control acid rain in the Midwest. It was initially funded by a $1.1 million grant from the Joyce Foundation of Chicago, and President Obama was a board member at the time.

    After the Democrats won the White House, the House and the Senate in 2008, businesses and investors flocked to the exchange, believing Congress would quickly approve the program. And it almost happened.’

  9. When you look at the list of companies and other organizations involved with the Chicago Climate Exchange it becomes clear as to how much influence those running this organization had. Involved both Canada and the U.S. and the effects of this are still being felt.

    Cap-and-trade and carbon credits are still not dead issues. Too much money to be made off from these scams.

  10. ‘[excerpt] Welcome to NatureCounts! The goal of this web site, managed by Bird Studies Canada,…..’

    ‘[excerpt] NatureCounts, officially launched in January 2008, is still in development. We therefore expect that new features and projects will be regularly added in the coming years.’

    Strongly support the ‘notion’:
    ‘[excerpt] While BSC strongly supports the notion that data should be as widely available as possible to support conservation, scientific and outreach initiatives, we also recognize the need to provide appropriate controls, customized to each project.’

    The Christmas Bird Count – is always a fun thing to do;
    because it gets you out of the house –
    and, into the stench –
    but, it feels good.


    • ‘[excerpt] About the Wind Energy Bird and Bat Monitoring Database

      The Wind Energy Bird and Bat Monitoring Database is a joint initiative of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA), Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS, Environment Canada), Bird Studies Canada (BSC) and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR). The goals of this project are to facilitate improved understanding of the impacts of wind turbines on birds and bats, allow for greater consistency in assessment of wind power impacts across the country, and lead to future improvements in the Environmental Assessment and approval processes. The database is designed to allow individual industry proponents (and individuals or consultants working on their behalf) to enter field data derived from bird and bat population monitoring projects in a confidential environment, while providing the ability to analyse the data and create summaries for the public on the website. Results from such analyses will be used to inform future wind power developments, and to improve the EA and approval processes, particularly by streamlining data collection requirements.’

      ‘[excerpt] The data from this database can only be accessed by authorized users, which include those collecting data on birds and bats using the recommended guidelines (for the purpose of accessing their own data only) and selected representatives from CANWEA, CWS and OMNR. Any other user (including Bird Studies Canada, except for the purpose of maintaining this site) who would like to access or request data must fill in a data request form, which will be approved by CANWEA, CWS and OMNR… At this time, proponents wishing to submit data into this database must be approved by a CANWEA representative.’


      • Looks like we have, not one, but four foxes guarding the hen house.

        And, they have secrets too ! And only authorized foxes can play !!

        And David Love’s on board !!! With Mike Crawley’s endorsement !!!!

        Obviously the birds and bats have absolutely nothing to worry about, they’re in such good hands.

        In other news, the tobacco industry is now in charge of health care, Rob Ford runs the LCBO and Jack the Ripper heads up Henckels.

    • Mmmmmm – does destruction of ‘eagle nests’ –
      qualify – as data?

      ‘[excerpt] Welcome to Project NestWatch, a nest monitoring program for citizen scientists.
      What is Project NestWatch?

      What is a citizen scientist?
      If you’re bored – and, you know it
      watch a nest……….[you know the rest]

      Well – we know – NestEra – watches nests.


  11. Ella,
    At the time the IWTs were installed in your area, Anthony F. Early was CEO & Pres. of DTE and now with PG&E, San Francisco and still has ties to Michigan organizations.

    Short biography:
    Scroll down to:
    Other Affiliations and click on name of the affiliation.

    As I recall, a party associated with Amway has or had a wind turbine blade factory in western Michigan.

  12. A couple of tidbits:

    A twenty year old young man has been released from London Health Sciences today, four days after being admitted to the hospital. He was diagnosed with meningitis. He has returned to his home located 4 kms from an industrial wind turbine development in Norfolk County. A nurse will visit his home 3 times a day to administer care…

    The majority of rental units in a new high end subdivision development in Tillsonburg Ontario has been “scooped up” by people from Denmark, who are associated with the Siemans plant on the outskirts of town according to a local real estate representative. Siemens produces industrial wind turbine components.

  13. Ella,
    Edison Electric Institute, Washington, D.C.
    Anthony Early, PG&E,& was CEO of DTE
    Lewis Hay III, NextEra Energy
    Richard Duncan, Sail Capital Partners

    Sail Capital Partners, California
    Joseph Romm,Capital E.LLC
    David Miller, Fmr.Mayor of Toronto
    Denis Merens, Dow Venture Capital

    What goes around comes around.

  14. At a Goderich coffee shop this morning, 3 fellows proudly displaying that they are Sky Climbers with big wind turbine emblems on the backs of their clothes, driving a brand new pickup truck came in for their morning breakfast. I said to the people at the table with me, They’re Americans, taking our Canadian jobs, putting up turbines & destroying rural Ontario. My friends didn’t believe me so, on the way out, I asked one of them if they’re from Texas, & got a really intelligent answer, “No, we’re Americans.” thus proving my point. Another fellow said, “No we’re from Kansas” to which my friend asked him, “So you know To-To?” & he just smiled.

    It took me months to get a work permit to work in the States in 1982 for a few years; my job had to be advertised for several weeks in the USA & I had to prove that an American couldn’t do this job that I was qualified for, before I was granted a Green Card. I wonder if our government and border crossings have been advised to look the other way when these American turbine workers are coming in & getting a big piece of the Ontario government’s FIT program subsidies & taking our Canadian dollars back to the States, leaving us to deal with the aftermath – Ontario bankruptcy, health problems, neighbours fighting with neighbours and the exhorbitantly high cost of hydro bills, plus removing these 50 storey high industrial machines at our cost again in the future.

  15. Ella,

    These guys moved into Michigan set up shop and used a university to sell IWTs to farming communities.
    Got a few Michigan companies & a unviversity involved in this with the Chicago Climate Exchange.
    Got legislation passed to mandate the use of renewable energy. Kathleen Law who introduced this legislation in Michigan was hanging around Toronto prior to that time.
    Some of the big guys involved in this had/have connections to Maurice Strong.
    Result was rural poeple got stuck with IWTs.

  16. Ella,
    U.S.Dept. Energy, Sept.24,2007

    “First Feed-In Law Proposed in Michigan”
    House Bill (HB) 5218 (2007) the Michigan Renewable Energy Energy Sources Act is patterend after a German law and is similar to legislation passed in Ontario
    Allows profitable development in less windy areas such as farmland in Michigan.

    This is how IWTs got into low wind Michigan.

    • Barb, you sure are an information sleuth ! I appreciate your time and all the info you have provided. However, I don’t know what to do with any of the information though ?.
      I don’t know if it matters now.
      I’m only one woman, with the will to help my community, but without others, it’s a lost cause it seems…… I can only be there when the people finally say……. ENOUGH !!

      All I can do at this point is wait.

      I have another 10 days until our Twp. meeting to pass our Wind Ordinance, which was accepted by our County Planning Board two week ago. Thank You Jesus !! and Amen !!

      ( boy oh boy, are they misinformed lemmings!) They didn’t understand why we weren’t following “Nextterrors” recommended setbacks. After the legalities are done with my twp., I’ll be up there with info in hand and going to give them some piece of my mind.

      I assume that there are Nextterror employees that read OWR, hey there Nextterror,
      for the first time EVER, I’d like to say online……….F…… YOU.

  17. Welcome to Middlesex County –
    It’s an advertising agency; and, there are more……….all working for the planet;
    and the United Nations.

    make it in middlesex | Green / Renewable Energy

    The opportunities for Renewable Energy ventures abound in Middlesex County. Wind, solar and biofuel and fibre opportunities are plentiful and are supported by a growing cluster of manufactures and research facilities in the region.’

    Municipal Election Year – 2014
    Boot them out!

    The Liberal plan to bankrupt Ontario.

    • Visioning session – picking ‘winners and losers’;
      and, – your support is ‘critical’ – got that?
      ………scamming – to a predetermined end.
      Welcome to their fantasy world –
      but, they need your money – oh, and, support.

      Then – you can buzz off. Sounds exciting.

      ‘[excerpt] SURVEY – NOW CLOSED

      The County of Middlesex is developing a fact based economic development strategic plan that will identify the role and responsibilities for Middlesex County and its partners in building and supporting a strong local economy.

      Have your say.

      Your support is critical to the long-term success of our economic development efforts. Please take ten minutes of your time to share your thoughts through this online survey. With your help we can take action to support our business community, increase employment and long-term economic stability, and improve the quality of life in Middlesex County.

      A new economic development strategic plan is in the works for Middlesex County. The strategy will set a direction for the County’s economic development activities over the next five years. Middlesex County Council understands how important the business community is to local employment and quality of life, and the economic development strategy will establish effective ways to support its success and growth.

      The economic development strategic plan will identify the role and responsibilities for Middlesex County and its partners in building and supporting a strong local economy.

      Brad Richards, Middlesex County Warden, says, “Today’s economy is changing more quickly; updating our approach to economic development ensures our efforts are relevant to the needs of the community”

      The strategy is based on research that identifies trends in the regional economy and considers the perspective of the community through a community survey which will be launched in the fall.

      To complete these studies, the County has retained the services of Millier Dickinson Blais Inc., a strategic planning and economic development specialist consultancy with extensive experience working with communities and regions across Canada. Millier Dickinson Blais will work with County staff to build a practical foundation for economic development based on best practice in the field.’

      Municipal Election Year – 2014
      Boot them out!

  18. Metromode, sept.22,2011

    “The Politics of Wind Power”

    “Ontario has good wind and sun in its southernmost point, Essex County,where wind turbines and solar panels can be found on several farms. Joe Gorski, a lifelong farmer who cultivates 3,000 acres in Harrow, south of Windsor near Lake Erie, and looks for innovative ways to farm, seized the opportunity to lease space for 12 wind turbines on his property to Harrow Wind Farm.”

    Article mentions Winton Dahlstom who helped to draft the Ontario 2009 Green Energy act and Kathleen Law of Michigan.

  19. Ella,
    Pass the information along to other groups as they may have pieces of information that will fit into this.

    Getting an offical U.S.Dept. of Energy document on how IWTs got into low wind areas is important. We could talk all we wanted to about this subject but not be believed.

    Now known for sure that there are people involved in getting IWTs installed in both Ontario and Michigan.

  20. MITECH News, Dec.19,2013

    “Snyder Refrains From Specifics On Michigan Energy Plan”

    Reports by the PSC and the Energy Office suggested that the state could up its policy to 30% renewables.

    Michigan is a poor wind state to begin with but this dosen’t seem to matter.

    This is going on right next to Ontario and involves both Republicans and Democrats which is what is needed to put this over.

  21. League of Conservation Voters/LCV
    Board includes:
    John H.Adams, Natural Resources Defense Council
    Brent Blackwelder, Friends of the Earth
    Carol Browner, Center for American Progress
    Tom Kiernan, American Wind Energy Association
    William Meadows,III, The Wilderness Society
    And others

    Ella,many of these ENGOs have interlocking boards. Often policy is made at the top and not on the local level.

  22. Ella, in reference to the MITECH news article.

    Wind On The Wires
    Board includes:
    Julie Voeck, NextEra
    Rebecca Stanfield, Natural Resources Defense Council
    Brian Lammers, Exelon
    Steve Frankel, Union Concerned Scientists
    Jason Minalga, Invenergy
    susan Sloan, AWEA

  23. Correction:
    Name is Steve Frenkel at Wind ON the Wires.

    So there are Ontario connections here as well.

  24. Ella,
    Union of Concerned Scientists, March 12, 2014
    “Renewables Could Meet a Third of Michigan’s Energy Needs”

    Advanced Energy Economy Institute
    Board includes Rogers and Carnahan with ties to the wind industry.
    This organization was involved in the 2012 Michigan renewables campaign.

  25. WINDPOWER, Feb.20,2014

    “Wind Power Keeps Michigan utilities On Track To Meet RPS Goal”
    Report suggests 15% by 2020 and 30% by 2035 RPS.

    Follow the links in this article.
    Bill Clinton supported The Michigan 25% by 2025 which was defeated by Michigan voters in Nov., 2012.

    Time the governor and Michigan eco-nuts learned that Ontarians can’t afford to supply Michigan with free electricity while at the same time many Ontarians now have to choose between electricty and food.

  26. Ella,
    Great Michigan is an umbrella organization sponsored by Michigan LCV Education Fund.
    One of it’s goals is to “Increase Michigan’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Standards”

    Having a list like this makes it easier to sort things out.

    Appears there is already enough information to prove that some of the NGOs are in bed with the wind interests.

  27. Ella,
    Michigan Land Use Institute, Traverse City MI
    Advisory Council includes:
    Stanley ‘Skip’ Pruss, Founder 5 Lakes Energy LLC
    Howard Learner, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Chicago

    EnergyBiz, March/April 2009

    “Obama’s Brain Trust”
    Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law And Policy Center
    Kevin Knobloch, UCS

  28. Ella,
    Michigan Great Lakes Council
    Council members:
    Stanley “Skip” Pruss, Chair.
    Members appointed by the governor:
    Thomas L. Hickner, Bay county Executive
    John G. Russell, Pres. & CEO CMS Energy Corp.
    Joseph L. Welch, Pres. & CEO TIC Holdings Corp.

    Welch is founder of ITC Holdings which now has the Thumb Loop transmission lines.

  29. Corections:
    Should be, Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council
    Joseph L.Welch, Pres. & CEO ITC Holdings Corp.

    Lots of money involved in Michigan wind industry.

  30. Note:
    From the ITC company website that in April, 2003 this 1.2 mile 230,000 volt interconnection TOWER was taken down by GALE-FORCE winds. Tower was near Sarnia, ON

    But Ontario never has/had storms like this that can wipe out transmission lines and towers?

  31. Ella,
    Georgetown Climate Center, Oct.10,2012
    Scroll down to:
    Michigan section:
    The MEDC wind supply chain/public-private partnership with the assistance of NextEnergy & Kinetik Partners

    “The Center will cater to the …”, Detroit News, Sept.,2009

    Article about wind turbine testing Zug Island,Delray,MI which is just across the Detroit River from Windsor,ON

  32. Ella,
    Good Energy Decision’s Panel, March 4, 2013 in the Mich. Thumb Area:
    Attending representives from:
    Direct energy
    Counci-Michigan Saves
    Public Sector Consultants
    Hemlock Semiconductor
    Clean Water Action
    Sierra Club Mich.

    Direct Energy LP was founded in Toronto in 1986 and now headquartered in Houston, TX. In 2000 Direct Energy was aquired by Centrica plc, Windsor,U.K.
    Badar Khan, CEO & Pres. of Direct Energy

  33. Ella,
    Stephan Schmidheiny, founder of World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Geneva, Switzerland.
    In 1990 he was appointed chief advisor for business and industry to the Secretary General, who was Maurice Strong, of the UN conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) also known as the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.
    He also became a member of the boards of directors of leading companies such as UBS AG. See above post on UBS AG

  34. From the Clean Energy Trust above:
    Marathon Capital, LLC, Bannockburn, IL
    Investment Banking
    Richard T. Brandt, II, CEO > Kerry Addler, Sky Power/Interwind, Toronto

    Interwind/Skypower, Toronto, founded 2003
    Board includes:
    Kerry Adler, CEO
    Matthew Come
    Richard Brandt, II, Marathon Capital, LLC

    Just for general information.

  35. Milken Institute, Santa Monica,CA
    Team includes:
    Alain Dudoit, Fmr. Canadian Ambassador (Ret.2008)
    Richard L.Sandor, Chicago Climate Exchange

    California Canadian Business Association
    Alain Dudoit
    Also principal advisor of the exclusive QG 100, Montreal.

    QG100 so exclusive they don’t publish who runs this organization and who the members are?

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