Councillor explains the rationale behind wind turbine fight

staublelBy Mary Riley, My Kawartha
(MANVERS TWP) When Ward 16 Councillor Heather Stauble wanted to talk wind turbines with Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli last month, she wasn’t about to be blown off. While attending the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) conference on Feb. 25, she and deputants from Cavan-Monaghan in Peterborough seized the opportunity to discuss wind energy projects with the minister.

At all such conferences, she noted in an interview on Tuesday (March 11), there “are lots of ministers and deputy ministers, and you get your two to five minutes” to network. Coun. Stauble said she previously met with the minister last November and was promised another meeting. “Instead, in December, the Province approved Sumac Ridge.” Read article

4 thoughts on “Councillor explains the rationale behind wind turbine fight

  1. All that is needed is to read the comment pages to discover that most people have no idea of who or what is behind these IWT projects.

    These projects serve the best financial interests of those who own these projects and not the interests of local people affected by these IWTs

  2. That comment by “Len” in the paper’s version is offensive and people like him/her are the reasons that Wind Developers and Government people get away with criminal acts against honest Ontarians

    Separate ourselves like Ontarians,Canadians,Americans,Christians. Quebecers all dead corporate citisens a great mind control agendas set up with truly no rights other than what your masters de baters want you to act like.
    Divid and conquer. Winners take all. If we only put ourselves as who we really are suppose to be than we can end this wind control game. I say only if but that is a mouth full as we are so tune into their program.

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