Dufferin County residents blindsided, again

Barbara Ashbee

Barbara Ashbee

Orangeville Banner, Barb Ashbee
After years of educating and making headway turning this stinking wind turbine ship around, Dufferin County residents get blindsided once again. What happened on Thursday night was a blow to democracy.

After being bullied for years by the wind industry and provincial government, our last bastion of hope has been with the strength shown by our municipal leaders who have been left out of the process and steamrolled just as the innocent residents have. The recent vote before Dufferin County Council on whether to enter into an agreement to lease the rail corridor to Dufferin Wind was a no brainer.

After years of unmitigated damage causing sick and displaced families, pets and livestock, there has been a magnificent fight waging across the entire province against the bullying provincial government/wind industry partnership. Dufferin County Council had an opportunity to take a stand against this abusive process by refusing to enter into an agreement with Dufferin Wind and forcing them to expropriate. Read article

10 thoughts on “Dufferin County residents blindsided, again

  1. County level is not the place to take a fight…………one township can hold 50% of the vote and the other townships never have a chance……only at the local level should this fight be waged…of course that’s what the wind developers like……………

  2. How do you spell – corruption?

    ‘[excerpt] Dufferin County Council had an opportunity to take a stand against this abusive process by refusing to enter into an agreement with Dufferin Wind and forcing them to expropriate.’

    But, they could do nothing – a gun was held to their head;
    ………not to mention the money.
    So – who wrote the deal up, and, who got the money?

    …..so many questions?

  3. Have the mayor and deputy mayor ever been directly asked if they or any family members would benefit financially from anything connected to this deal?

  4. I think this “conflict of interest” within Councils across Ontario is so rampant that it would take a hundred Ombudsman’s to even scratch the surface………ask tough questions this year during the election campaigns……………….that’s the only time the people get to right the many wrongs that have taken place in the last 3 1/2 years!

  5. Ombudsman? Maybe some of this should be looked at by law enforcement. At what point does conflict of interest become self-dealing is often a fine point in the law.

  6. This Dufferin fight is sapping a lot of energy…For the record, there is no one on County Council with even a remote pecuniary interest.

  7. NT – Nobody accused anyone of having an interest.

    It is the frustrating imbalance of power and heavy handed vote by the Mayor of Orangeville who was one of the last in line to vote that is a slap in the face.
    He saw that the rural members were all voting no and listened to many of them express their reasons and he still voted yes.

    This is an unfair and unjust setup of voting power. The town residents will not be affected by the turbines, transmission line or the transformer station.

    The wind company has been destroying peoples property and breaking promises made to municipalities. Their behavior in real life differs greatly from the garbage they get printed in the paper.

    There is no excuse for what happened. And if there is NT, lay it on us.

    There was an in camera meeting before the vote took place. The Town of Orangeville Deputy Mayor was one of the first to vote and as the voting continued he stood up and loudly protested because someone was voting differently than I guess they said they would. He stormed out of the room in anger. Really…so what was that all about?

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