McNaughton speaks out on electricity costs, wind turbines

monteBy Jacob Robinson, The Londoner
Whether it’s the cost of electricity and propane or the building of wind turbines in his riding, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton is hearing about it from constituents. “I think that’s the thing people are facing more than anything else – rising costs and life being unaffordable right now,” McNaughton said March 14 from his Strathroy office following a week in the area. “It affects the people locally who are running businesses, or the senior on a fixed income, or the mom and dad that have two young kids at home. Electricity bills are just too expensive.”

Those costs for Ontario residents and business owners are in fact the highest in North America – a major issue the provincial Conservatives are focusing on heading towards a possible spring election. The party is promising three steps to lower costs – two parts directly dealing with companies like NextEra, the group responsible for current and proposed wind turbine projects in the Adelaide-Metcalfe and Bornish areas, among others.

The first is abolishing Ontario’s Green Energy Act, ending all subsidies to wind and solar companies in the process. Read article

6 thoughts on “McNaughton speaks out on electricity costs, wind turbines

  1. I think he means ending all subsidies to NEW wind and solar. Any wind farm that has a FIT contract now will be ‘grandfathered’ in. Monte’s support for the anti-turbine fight is pure political opportunism. They never really get into the details of how that will work, do they?

    They talk about ending all subsidies to business, but Hudak wants to give a subsidy to business to cut their electrical costs. Who’s going to make up the difference for that?

    Oh- right – the taxpayers who get all those new jobs created by subsidized electrical rates. Of course, if they bring back their ‘right to work’ program, those new jobs won’t pay enough to cover current electricity prices, never mind subsidizing your employer.

    Somebody, sooner or later, is going to have to pay the bill for that 10% discount that the Libs are trying to con us with. It’s not a discount – it’s delayed billing – with interest. Nobody’s talking about how that will be resolved.

    Nobody is talking about conservation – you know – REDUCE – the FIRST of the three Rs – because there’s no money in conservation, and ALL the parties are about money.
    Libs, PCs Dippers and Greenies – same BS – 4 different piles. Isn’t it great to live in a ‘democracy’ and have all this choice.

    • If you, as an individual, reduce your energy usage you
      would probably see a marginal reduction in your electricity
      bill. Province wide if everyone reduced consumption by 20%
      the energy co’s i.e. Hydro One, would see a corresponding
      revenue reduction of 20%. Now Hydro One would be incapable
      of cutting their overhead costs by 20% and they sure as hell
      would not lay off employees, meaning that the 20% loss of
      revenue would have to be made up by an immediate 20%
      increase in rates. Conservation is a ruse.

    • The conservatives are nothing at all like Libs, NDP, Greens (or independents). Not even close.
      We’ve reduced our energy use big time already and all the Libs. did was hit us with higher delivery charges and the myriad other items the lying Libs have invented. Like madasabat says, conservation is a ruse.
      Hudak won’t give business a break on the backs of consumers. Not happening. Nor will he introduce ‘right to work’ legislation, although personally, I think he should, as it’s the right thing to do. It would not lower wages by a dime. Toyota and Honda are non-union shops and pay better than union shops, with far more benefits and better work environment, with all on the same side, taking huge pride in their workmanship. Hence better built vehicles.
      Unions should be banned from all political advertising, or this province and country will soon be toast. Union bosses are as corrupt as the Lib. bastards they’re in bed with. Union members with brains vote Conservative. At least all the ones I know do. They’re good workers too. It seems to go hand in hand, PC voters and honest hard workers.
      And by the way Bob, the idiot Justin Trudeau does not have long hair. I also got razzed for my long hair as a youth, as you said you did, just so you know.
      You need to stop listening to leftist fools Bob. Go to Timmies (PCs) website and read all the White papers etc. to learn about their ideas/proposals. They’re actually the only party that have solid ideas and plans to get Ontario back on top. They are our one and only hope to save Ontario at the moment. The others don’t even pretend to be on our side. They want to continue the green farce and totally destroy Ontario for many generations to come. To say they’re all the same is the farthest thing from the truth.They couldn’t be more different, especially on green energy/climate change BS.
      I do wish you the best in your campaign though Bob, as I believe your heart is in the right place. I think you’re a good person.

  2. Monte McNaughton makes reference to 3000 wind turbines (originally 1000) is not correct. Of the 6736 as posted by the Wind Industry there is 591 scheduled for Lambton and Middlesex (363 Lambton and 228 Middlesex comes to 591) and his riding doesen’t include all of each County. Monte is a little loose with the facts and then add to his point he spits out a number like 3000. I know we’re supposed to say that’s okay for him to say that because he’s a politician.
    We can say all we want about wind turbines but the real culprit here is Hydro One/OPG. These organizations are a cancer in the economy of Ontario and even a bigger cancer in the Liberal Party. What needs to be asked is what is the strategy that Sandra Pupatello and Bernard Lord going to employ to arrest this cancer. They take over their posts on April I.
    The OPG at the end of 2012 had 62% of the staff earning over $100,000 a year and 448 executives/ Vice Presidents (titles given to themselves ) earning over 200,000. Remember this was to the end of 2012….going on 15 months. Just think what has happened since then. And then to add to this the Auditor General said they awarded themselves outrageous pensions.
    If and when Andrea Horvath calls an election, Kathleen will have more time for running, and Tim Hudak takes over it will be interesting to see what he does.
    Here’s what I see.The Green Energy Act will be scrapped. A moratorium will be put in place as for new wind turbines. The 6736 wind turbines that are scheduled will become reality by the end of 2015 as Tim won’t cancel existing contracts. Only the McGuinty bunch does things like that. Then 4 years from now around 2018,assuming he takes over yet this year, he’ll call an election and get reelected.
    Taking into consideration that all the push back and complaining about wind turbines will have subsided there will be a major announcement in 2019.Premier Hudak will tell everyone that the moratorium on offshore wind turbines will be lifted. The first batch will be going up in Lake Erie to utilize the transmission lines that are still there when thev closed down Nanticoke. Just my prediction.

  3. Nothing short of a “tax revolt” will do any good in today’s massive clown show called Provincial politics!…………our children and their children’s future has been literally wiped out by the actions of all political parties at Queen’s Park and WE seniors will be blamed for their misery for decades to come unless WE do something about it!!!!!!!

  4. This is what Tim Hudak has been reading.
    “The Court of Appeal, in confirming the motions judge`s decision… Governments may alter the policies that underlie a program (FIT), and may even alter or cancel such programs, in a manner that may be fully lawful”

    Maybe the rest of us should read it too.

    It’s not Tim Hudak who did this. It was the Liberal government. Maybe they will get nervous before the next election and do some more of it. Wouldn’t that be something. They have already done it once.

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