Soaring energy prices making Ontario look dim for manufacturers

next terror protest 009Adam Radwanski, The Globe and Mail
For businesses in Brockville, the attempt to lure them over the border wasn’t new. But the pitch was. Earlier this winter, manufacturers in the Eastern Ontario community received a letter reminding them that their province’s industrial electricity rates were projected to rise by 33 per cent over the next five years, and 55 per cent by 2032.

“As a hedge against these increases,” it suggested, “setting up an operation just across the border in St. Lawrence County, New York, may be a competitive strategy you should consider.” Such overtures, if not in written form then made more casually, are becoming increasingly common in Ontario. While they may not find immediate takers, they are emblematic of the mounting economic threat from an energy-cost trajectory that – following a series of questionable policy decisions – the province now seems powerless to do much about. Read article

15 thoughts on “Soaring energy prices making Ontario look dim for manufacturers

  1. There’s a cancer in the Ontario economy and it’s easy to put a finger on it. It’s a Hydro One/.OPG.
    Sandra Pupatello and Bernard Lord become the chair person’s of these organizations come April 1. My question do they have what it takes to arrest and cure the cancer. At the OPG 62% of the employees make over a 100,000 a year. And to add insult to injury 448 people there are making over 200,000 a year. The Auditor General said these facts were at the end of 2012. You can be sure that there’s been an increase in the last 15 months.

    • Pupatello/Lord – political cronyism. Fred Flintstone
      and Barney Rubble would be more effective.

      • madasabat……”Fred Flintstone” and “Barney Rubble” didn’t have any electricity to be concerned about did they?? No nuclear, no hydro, no coal, no solar panels & no industrial wind “farms”!

  2. Isn’t that the plan to get rid of manufacturing and replace it with the new green economy?
    And Mr. Radwanski is just waking up now?

    • Exactly Barbara………….Radwanker has always been a green promoter and I guess realizes finally that anyone who writes a positive word about this renewable idiocy won’t be believed any more,………. then Voila!…an about face to save his career!…………Too late Rad!

  3. Re – J. Foreman – at office, so my
    reply posting doesn’t work.
    Fred & Barney…new people with fresh ideas.

    • Speaking of people with fresh ideas …

      How’s the former local wind pusher reconciling his new distaste for escalating hydro bills?

      There’s that word “schadenfreude” again.

  4. New address for:
    “First Feed-In Law Proposed in Michigan”, Sept.24, 2007

    Allows for profitable development in less windy areas such as found in the interior of Michigan.
    Laws were made to fit the situation. Otherwise there would be no profit in IWTs in low wind areas.
    Note the prices offered to developers and compare these prices offered in Ontario less than two years later.
    Pass laws to make things work.

  5. First, the old Hydro had to be broken up to make it legal to buy electricity from private sources.
    Second, laws needed to be enacted to make IWTs profitable for developers and investors.
    Both of these were accomplished.

  6. Then, anyone attempting to stand in their way – was assassinated.

    Today in the Ontario Legislative Assembly,
    Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment, responded to MPP Laurie Scott demanding that wind turbine contracts be terminated because this would be “in the public interest.”

    As Minister Bradley began to respond, one of his colleagues shouted,
    “Go easy on her, Jim. She’s missing an organ.”

  7. By the time this IWT affair is over, there will be a few politicians missing something.

    About time QP wakes up and understands that rural Ontarians know who the big boys are that are backing them.

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