What you’re not being told about wind turbines

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SIX NATIONS – Six Nations Economic Development (SNED) was before Band Council once again last week to give an update on the two wind turbine projects that Six Nations Elected Council is planning to sign agreements with.

SNED are planning on constructing two wind turbine projects: Gunn’s Hill and Port Ryerse Wind Projects and held two community engagement sessions back in January and February which had a low turnout. According to Six Nations Community Planner, Amy Lickers, 27 community members turned out to both sessions suggesting community members either do not support the project or that they do not know how this project effects them. Despite this, SNED representatives told Council, the community is supportive of the wind projects and that, ‘we should take advantage of the economy.’

District Councillor Bob Johnson told SNED that he was concerned with the low community response. According to SNED, the Gunn’s Hill project will be operated by a company called ProWind and would see 10 wind turbines constructed in Norwich and Oxford County. Despite low community turnout, SNED recommended to Band Council that they, ‘develop a definitive agreement with ProWind and that Chief and Council pass the motion.’ For those Councillors present, 8 were for this motion while 3 were opposed. Read article

3 thoughts on “What you’re not being told about wind turbines

  1. Like I said before allot of Canadians will not turn out for issues – they frankly can’t be bothered!! – hence look at this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people want to wake up before it is too late!!!

  2. Six Nations Economic Development SNED lie to band council and people
    clan mothers have spoken the Great Law against this dangerous energy.

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