Laurie Scott asks the Minister of Energy to cancel FIT

27 thoughts on “Laurie Scott asks the Minister of Energy to cancel FIT

  1. Thank you Laurie! Obviously the Liberal administration headed by Kathleen Wynne have made decisions based on ignorance, lies, and deception, and it is obviously time that an Election be held to eliminate the kind of threat and dictatorship that serves nobody but their own! How can anyone trust such common LIARS?

  2. See post below from FP. Other jurisdictions have managed to alter FIT type contracts with wind companies. Only Ont with, its joined at the hip Liberal government/wind developers cronyism, is it impossible to end these ruinous contracts. Minister Chiarelli is not telling the truth. He has the power to act, but is too beholden to wind companies to do so.

  3. I have emailed the minister of energy numerous times he has not replied to one of my emails!!! – but he has passed my info the MNR – II would NOT trust any of these people!!! – and when the representative from the MNR kept stating the honourable minister etc. – lets face it there is NO honour among thieves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Mister Speaker? They do not have the power to cancel contracts? Well maybe they cannot but who the hell signed these contracts? The Lib party did so. Again was yours or mine signature on those contracts,nope! So, We the people can delete these contracts as we did not sign a contract nor even if they got my vote my name was not on that contract or others.
    All contracts can be broken,it should be the liberal party that should pay for broken contracts as they are running the fraud.And for this party not using the precautionary principle we should be suing there ugly as s es!
    This Queens Park is a big joke.just listen to that gibberish that left brain talk.
    And you have a mister speaker man dressed in some sort of costume and wearing some sort of black robe. gee why all that black?
    And they all talk to this mister speaker,like a bunch of clowns and we all fall for this sh it.we allow these clowns do do us harm,give up our rights,give them authority over us,give them power and we loose these bas tarts to harm us,beat us,force us to move,steal our energy.allow rich corporations to ditch free energy devices to keep us enslaved$,install smart meters on our homes to make us sick and spy on our daily lives.this list can go on and on.
    But for the most of us we just bend over with consent and take it. A little protest here and there is not going to do it,nor playing there courts, a game that they own and they know all the cards in our hands.
    My question is where did they get jurisdiction? were is there proof? And is that proof signed by the creator? or God? Who owns this mother earth? Queen? The Vatican? Who? Do they have a receipt for payment from the creator? Did ii cost$ the creator to make earth?
    I think I will put my own crown on and as far as owners ship ,well we cannot own anything,belongs and returns to earth except your spirit.And I will keep that.

  5. People need to frame Chiarelli’s remarks for the next election and simply ask: “Who runs Ont, the duly elected government and executive cabinet, or a lobby of foreign owned wind developers”

  6. Yes here in Ontario we live in a democratic dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vote them out next election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the NDP are no better!!

  7. Toronto Hydro even asked people to eat raw food for Christmas. Got to make sure there was enough electricity to supply Michigan eco-nuts.

  8. Wow That was awesome ,I truly admire Laurie’s enthusiasm and dedication to speak for the people. To me it looked like the minister of energy was on the verge of peeing himself. Thats what happens when you get nervous and your backs against the wall and you get caught in a lie.

  9. Lawrie, Thank you for standing up in Parliament and speaking the truth. The Minster of Energy is not speaking the truth. In West Grey, NextEra conducted a 400 page environmental study and didn’t even mention ONCE our endangered fish species called the REDSIDE DACE. I’ve seen this fish just metres from the proposed wind turbines and NO ONE CARES, not the MOE, not the MNR. How do we let everyone know what is happening to our endangered species due to this ridiculous policy?

    • Hi Susan!! may I suggest emailing and or calling Ezra Levant at Sun News!! -I have emailed him on this so called wind turbines energy (I call it cancer in the sky!!) – the more people contact him lets hope he can get the word out!! – I also would contact the Premiers’ office and the energy ministers; office!! – not that I think it is a waste of time but!!- I keep hounding them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Lyn, West Grey has a protest parade coming up this Saturday March 29th and our media team has invited the Sun Times among others to come out. I have fired off so many emails, 100’s on a daily basis. I’ve also visited Wynne’s Facebook “Fan” page many times per day. Can you think of a way to get the message out to Toronto people? Thanks! Susan

    • Hi Susan!! I have just emailed a friend of mine who happened to be in the thick of the turbine situation in Selkirk Ontario!! – regarding getting the word out to the Toronto people!!!!!! – will keep you posted!

      • Lyn, Thank you! I just emailed Ezra and Molly Hayes at the Hamilton Spec. We’ll see. Thanks for you suggestions. I’d love the Toronto people (I lived there myself for 10 years) to know about what the MNR is doing (or not doing) to protect our endangered species: trees, fish and birds.

      • Hi Susan! funny you should ask what the MNR is doing or not!! – I have emailed them! and have rec’d info back from them!!- to be honest! it sounds like they are sitting on the fence kinda!! – I wanted to know who gave the AOK to take down a eagles’ nest in Selkirk Ontario ?? – my question to date still has not been answered! – the MNR contacted me after I emailed the Minister of Energy several times!!

      • Hi Susan!! Elaine also suggests to contact the Sun News! – also to contact Toby Barrett, Randy Hiller, Lisa Thompson and Lisa McLeod !!!!!!!!-

      • Lyn, Thanks! I think I will do just what you said right now. Great ideas.

      • Please keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lyn

  11. Hahahahahahahahaha – strictly Liberal propaganda; but,
    it doesn’t mention Putin – coming to save us;
    therefore, should we be concerned?

    How will climate change affect Ontario? In Ontario we can expect average temperatures to rise by three to eight degrees Celsius over the next century. That increase may seem small, but it will cause big changes in our lives and communities – changes that are already starting to happen. Climate change will affect our lakes, rivers, forests and wildlife and the natural systems they are part of. Read more

    p.s. Liberal budget: monumental mistakes should be ignored and considered nonsense;
    Ontario is bankrupt, and, California knows it.

    • FreeThinker…… Apparently, if the above comes true, that will open new, and as yet inaccessible, shipping lanes through the Arctic as well as create an “all-year” shipping opportunity through the Great Lakes and the Welland Canal. So what if half of the American “Eastern Seaboard” is under water. Obama and Gore will be happy to see their dire predictions come to fruition and prove once and for all their “expertise” to be far above that of all the “Global Warming Deniers”!

    • Free Thinker I couldn’t agree with you more!! – I just wonder where all of this is going to end for Ontario!!!!!!!!!!!! – as I said before Ms. Wynne is too busy hula hooping around Ontario to get off of her Good Ship Lolly Pop to run this Province properly !!!!!!!!! – the people out there are showing a real concern for these wind turbines!! they don’t like them in their communities and it most certainly is not helping the hydro rates!! – and that is the question of the century in which I have email the Minister of Energy numerous times and to date he has not replied !!!!!!!

  12. To improve the situation in Ontario?

    Simple — bulldoze down every wind turbine and Solar Panel except where there is no alternative source of electrical power.
    Next shutter or shut down every attempt at Bio-fuels (wood pellets, waste recovery) except where you can prove that you are a profit making venture or the operation is funded only by venure capital with normal market risks.
    Close down wood pellet manufacture for power generation.
    Return the shuttered coal powered electrical generation plants to operation — with coal as the fuel — and upgrade pollution control techniques.
    Fire or retire every Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Environment employee that drove or caused the current switch over to Alternative/Green fuels — replacing them with practical conservation minded people.
    Curtail or halt every small river-run project — except where there is no alternative or a high priority need.
    Halt the push for electrical cars for the well off.
    Return system design to the engineers and planners with electrical system knowledge.
    Shut down the Trillium Foundation grants to Politically Motivated Environmental Lobby groups (Sierra, WWF, ED) — which is just about all of them.
    Require that all Minsters of Environment and Energy have at least a full BSc in a scientific background — preferably physics or some form of electrical engineering — not biology.
    Limit an climate change action to practical mitigation and projects that can be justified in some additional manner — like limiting building on river flood plains and maintaining safe electrical transmission corridors etc.
    Cease building of Natural Gas electrical generation plants except where no other practical option exists. (This should halt the upward spiking of energy costs such as occurred this winter.)
    Cancel all FIT programs.
    Add additional Nuclear Generation with proven technology.

    That would be a good start. I can think of more…

    It would save money, increase capacity cheaply and have little negative environmental impact — it would likely be a significant positive impact.


    • You’ve made some good points there WillR.

      People continue to build homes on flood plains and unstable slopes, then when the inevitable happens, they cry “climate change” rather than “what was I thinking”.

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