Protest NextEra in West Grey

next terror protest 004“We, at West Grey, would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, March 29th at 1:30 p.m. for a protest.

We will gather at the Durham Town Hall (185 George St.) and hit the streets.

We want to draw attention to our review hearing on April 1st before the ERT. Expect the media to be there.

Please join us if you are able. We need people and signs. Nextera is devastating us. Hope we can help you too.”

15 thoughts on “Protest NextEra in West Grey

  1. Way to go West Grey! Grey Highland residents stand behind you and hopefully you will see many of us there on the 29th!

  2. Why won’t the wynne liberals and the wind turbine companies tell us what heavy metal and toxic chemicals are in the cement they use for the turbine bases. They are putting 6.5 million tons of toxic cement in the ground over our drinking water aquifers and then they will leave it there to leach into the drinking water for future generation Why are the voters in Toronto letting this happen?

    • It amazes me that folks who live in Toronto and cottage or vacation/leisure in rural ontario are not speaking out. It is their ‘play ground’ that is being destroyed by the turbines. I really think they just need outreach and education and then, for their own sake, and that of their children, they will speak out.

    • The Hoover Dam was made from over 4 million cubic yards of concrete and the Colorado River below it supplies drinking water to thousands of people. Sorry, but I’m not so sure that $25K will be well spent on this one.

      • Then just read Roy McMurtry’s report on the negative health impacts that was just released. Also, they use to put asbestos everywhere, But once we learned that it kills us we stopped. Be terrible if all we did was point out that ‘because it has been used in all the schools for years’…that is a justification to continue to use it.

  3. Folks, Concrete is made out of Portland cement (ground up limestone – powder) sand, gravel and water. Concrete is used everywhere and has been around for thousands of years. It is never going to be a big issue to solve the wind turbine problem.

    The most important issue to concentrate on is the municipal governments getting in the fight against.

    The most important issue to concentrate on is the municipal governments getting in the fight against.(Intentionally repeated)

    The other issues are money, high cost of electricity, political scams. Health issues. Wildlife issues and environmental issues of all types.

    Thank you for all of your efforts with this battle.

    Dr. Robert McMurtry Former Dean of Medicine (Western University) adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines

  4. There are over 50 toxic heavy metals in the turbine base cement.
    Four of these greatly exceed the regulations stipulated by this liberal government.
    If there is no problem with these chemicals leaching into our drinking water then why don’t the turbine companies list all these toxic chemicals on there websites?
    Why doesn’t the Wynne Liberal government tell all the people of Ontario what toxic chemicals they are putting in the ground over our drinking water source aquifers.
    Don’t you think we should have a CONVERSTATION about that!
    If there is no problem then let’s bring it out in the open and let the people decide if they want thousands of toxic dump sites in the ground all over rural Ontario.
    What is this government trying to hide?

  5. By the time people in the GTA get educated about IWTs there will be some 6,700 of them installed in rual Ontario.

  6. It really is frightening because once they are in it is pretty much too late to do anything about it. If enough people open their minds to the realities of these turbines and how they are currently impacting and will continue to impact our future quality of life in Ontario…. then we may have a chance at changing this path. Let’s not make this our destiny.

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