North Perth May Regulate Turbine Noise At Night

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Noise nuisance regulations for wind turbines should be strengthened, according to a North Perth Councillor. Warren Howard made the comment after his Council supported “in principle” efforts to establish a so-called “Quiet Nights” by-law.

Howard is a member of a multi-municipal coalition that is investigating the matter. Howard states, “I think the lawyers have come up with a way that is legal for us to add to the regulations and it’s defensible in the courts.” Howard admits there is not much that can be done about wind turbine noise during the day because “we can’t ban them entirely”. He cautions the proposed establishment of a “Quiet Nights” by-law will not go much further until it has support from Councils across the Province.

North Perth is keenly watching the process due to a proposed local wind turbine project.


2 thoughts on “North Perth May Regulate Turbine Noise At Night

  1. what are the options for those living in industrial wind farms or who will end up living in such ghettos?

    Hudak has said he won’t rip up contracts. A lot more will be signed before he gets elected IF he gets elected (odds against).

    The charter rights challenge won’t get settled for many many years…if no one folds it will go all the way to the Supreme court. The decision comes down to a coin toss and if the appellants do win, what does that mean for all the others living in IWT ghettoland?

    A nighttime noise by-law isn’t the perfect solution. It will clamp down on offenders who are breaking the rules during daytime cuz the MOE is not enforcing the rules. it will bring some relief at nighttime. It will hurt pocketbooks and maybe enough of a deterrent to stop new IWTs from being built.

    Sorry, it’s not the perfect solution but it’s the best IMMEDIATE option available vs. the wait and see what will happen with the charter right’s challenge option.

    That said, not in anyway is this noise by-law initiative intended to take away support for the charter challenge. Thanks to those carrying on that initiative.

    Personally, I see no point voting for Hudak as I’m already surrounded by IWTs. BUT if municipalities pass the noise by-laws AND Hudak promises NOT to override them, then YES,
    for me that’s a good reason to support Hudak.

  2. 1. Encourage municipalities to pass Noise Bylaws.

    2. Support Tim Hudak.

    Because you have no choice!

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