Huron-Kinloss asks province to increase assessment value of industrial wind turbines

Huron KinlossLucknow Sentinel
Huron-Kinloss council wants the province to raise the assessment value of industrial wind turbines. At the council meeting on Mar. 17, the township endorsed a letter sent by the Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Group to the Ontario finance minister calling to increase the base assessment value of $40,000 per installed turbine.

“The generally recognized cost of the foundation and tower for a 1.5-megawatt wind turbine is $800,000. The base cost assessment should more closely reflect this reality,” the letter says.

Provincial regulations keep the assessed value of turbines artificially low, limiting the funds municipalities can collect in property taxes and giving industrial wind turbine operators the financial resources to offer “strings attached” vibrancy funds, it says. Read article

2 thoughts on “Huron-Kinloss asks province to increase assessment value of industrial wind turbines

  1. Here on Manitoulin our tax rate was lowered yet our own provincial assessed value has increased creating a higher tax bill. If Northland Power was paying a properly assessed value for their 24 wind turbine generators, their base area and land used for access roads it should lower everyones taxes in our township of NEMI by about half. They should be paying about another 1.5 million or so more. Alll wind turbine supporting infrastructure should be taxed at the industrial rate and not the farm rate of leased land.

  2. Municipalities may have their hands forced on WTG assessments by Queen’s Park but they can impose other charges. For example, Grey County has a $5105.28 development charge for a wind turbine worth $2.5 million posing numerous social and economic costs. Grey County’s development charge for a low impact weekend get-away cottage is obscene and MOAR ($5125.70)…and that’s on top of any municipal development charges.

    Are any mayors of those “not willing host” municipalities sitting on Grey County Council?
    What are they thinking?

    The scamming by the powers that be (TPTB) is hollowing out the economy and the bureaucrats at counties like Grey have to resort to this kind of extortion…what’s telling is that they extort the lowly serfs for way more …vs..the crony-capitalist-corporates’ wind turbines that pay $750,000 per year compliments of the state’s generous subsidies (both Federal(CPC) and Provincial (LIB)).

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